Sword Art Online; the Adventures of Sakore

Arc 1; Ep1: The World of Swords

Current date November 6, 2022. Today was the day of the official opening. A young boy who is 16 years of age was waiting for this day, as he sees a sibling of his out his window go to one of the cars and his mother enter the driver's seat and drove away to somewhere, as his computer is on talking about MMO talk for a first full dive game. He looked at the box that had the equipment ready for his beginning. He opened it up and grabbed the device for it to get working, the NerveGear. A headgear device able to go full dive into a VRMMO game called Sword Art Online. He was excited to be able to go into another level of gaming. He plugs it into his computer, inputs game into the cartridge and puts the NerveGear on his head and he starts it up and lays onto his bed and looked at the clock on the visor now changing to 1:00 and he smiles excited for this game.

"Link Start!" he shouts and dives into a simulation to calibrate everything and he starts creating his character to how he wants and puts in the name 'Sakore' as his alternate name for inside the game once he finished the words 'Welcome to Sword Art Online' showed and he appears inside the Town of Beginnings also the 1st Floor of the castle of Aincraid. His character has black hair and bright green eyes, with starting gear on with a dark blue shirt. He looks at his hands and then the sky with a grin "hello world, I'm here!" he notices more players logging in also with the same gear though being different colors as his except the girls have skirts on their person as guys have pants, he decides to go look around the market area wandering around seeing the shops and all the people now already starting to form groups and parties and Sakore wondered who to partner up with until he sees a guy running pass by him who he sees with a blue shirt and black hair. He then took a moment realizing that person must be a Beta-tester to the game and hurries to catch up to the person who already sees him talking with a guy in a white shirt and has long red hair reaching slightly to the back who also has a headband on.

"Oh please, I'm begging ya! Look my name's Klein, good to meet ya." The red haired guy tells the black haired guy who seemed to be asked on the basics of the game.

"Alright I'm Kirito. Oh? You also interested in wanting to learn?" The guy called Kirito asks Sakore who was watching from around the corner

"Oh sorry, I saw you pass by and thinking you might be a beta tester. I hate asking this but could I get some pointers on how to fight?" He asks "I would really appreciate it."

"Sure, Klein also asked for the basics. How about we go to an open field area I can explain on how to get started." He tells them

"Alright, oh my name is Sakore. Great to meet you both!" He tells them seeing Kirito has a one-handed sword like he does and Klein has a dagger, the trio head to the west fields and they get to a spot with some boars and as they get started Klein gets knocked and hit in the crotch by a boar and he curls up in pain "Oh that smarts…" Sakore has one eye closed after seeing the strike

"Seriously, you know you can't feel any pain…" Kirito reminds Klein and he realizes Kirito is right

"Huh? Oh yeah you're right, sorry habit." Klein gets back up with his HP at Yellow

"Remember what I said? The first move is the most important." Kirito explains to him as Klein groans

"Yeah. That's easy for you to say… but it won't stand still…" he says annoyed

"If you do your initial motion right, and active a sword skill at the right time." Kirito explains as Sakore picks up a rock and takes his stance

"So like this?" He asks as the rock glows a yellow color and throws it hitting the boar on the rear end of it getting it's attention

"Yea you got it, the system pretty much guarantees you'll always hit your target." Kirito says as he draws out his sword making Klein wonder how Sakore did it so easily "here's an easier way to look at it." The boar charges and both Kirito and Sakore moves away as it turns to Kirito and he stops it with his sword "right after you start your move, wait for a little bit. When you feel the skill start to activate. Drive it home!"

"Drive it home?" Klein asks not getting it then it clicks and he takes his stance as his weapons starts glowing starting up a Sword Skill. Kirito smiles and let's his grip go and kicks the boar causing it to go right at Klein. He does a battle cry and strikes the boar causing it's HP to deplete and burst into pieces also pulling up a screen for Exp, Col, and items dropped. Klein yells out in excitement of his accomplishments.

"Congratulations." Kirito compliments him and they high-five "That was nice." he schelthes his sword back into the holster "but that boar's about as weak as slimes in other games are."

"Holy crap you gotta be kidding! I thought that thing was a mid level boss!" Klein tells him

"I would highly doubt that possibility…" Sakore says as they see some boars spawn over on a different hill. Klein tests out doing the sword skill getting the others attention with his amazement.

"Addictive isn't it?" Kirito asks him

"I'll say!" Klein says excited and tests on swinging a bit "so these skills, there's a ton of them like blacksmithing and stuff, right?" Klein continues practicing his swinging and thrusting with Kirito giving him a confirmed answer

"I heard the game has an unlimited number of them. All except for magic." Kirito explains to him

"An RPG without magic? That's a bold decision man!" Klein says doing a sword skill move after finishing his sentence and he was still excited to continue doing more

"So, what do you think? It's kinda fun moving your body as you fight huh?" Kirito asks and Klein turns to him with a grin on his face

"Aw hells yea!" He replies

"You both ready to move on?" Kirito asks them

"You bet! I am eager to get myself ready!" Sakore replies and the trio continue doing some warmups and get leveled up against the wild boars. after a while they are on a hill looking at an amazing view

"When I look around, I can't believe it… we're inside a game bro!" Klein says "Whoever made it is a genius. This thing's amazing makes me glad I was born when I was you know?"

"It's not that big a deal." Kirito tells him

"Cut me some slack, it's my first Full Dive!" Klein replies annoyed

"Never used a NerveGear before today huh?" Kirito asks "This your first time ever?"

"Uh-huh, as soon as I got the money together I rushed out and bought all the hardware to play SAO. Stood in line and scored one of the ten thousand hard copies. Guess you could say I was lucky." Klein tells him

"For me, my dad got me the set as an early present. He knows how much I loved games, so he decided to get me SAO for my first new experience at gaming. Possibly something I would never thought I'd get the chance to play such a game." Sakore explains "However, you Kirito are way luckier to beta-test it! Only like one thousand got to do that!"

"Yea, guess I was lucky." Kirito says rubbing his neck

"Hey, mind if I ask how far you got in the beta?" Klein asks him

"Ah, 2 months and I couldn't get further than Floor 8. But now I can get there within a month easy!" he replies

"Sounds to me you are really into this." Klein says

"Yea, you could say that." Kirito replies drawing out his sword and holding it up looking at it. "During the beta-test, SAO was the only thing on my mind. Day and Night. In this world a single blade can take you wherever you want to go. and even though it's a virtual world I feel more alive here than I ever did in the real world…" he smirks enjoying this and puts his sword back "anyway, you both want to do some more hunting?"

"You know it! But the thing is…" Klein says as his stomach growls "I'm really hungry… I have to log out."

"To bad the food you eat here only satisfies your hunger virtually." Kirito says

"Yeah for reals, that's why I ordered a pizza for 5:30!" Klein tells him

"Wow, you're so prepared." Kirito says surprised

"You know it! Besides the game can wait till I get my pizza on!" Klein says

"I guess…" Kirito says slightly disappointed

"Well I can stay on for longer, my family can come up and tell me when dinner is ready." Sakore explains "Besides, you guys are basically the first friends I made on the first day. It makes me kinda happy in a way." Kirito was unsure about it but both Klein and Sakore made a promise to pay Kirito back for helping them get started. As Kirito and Sakore were about to leave, Klein opened his menu and realized something was off which got their attention

"Where'd the Logout button go?" Klein asks confused

"It should be there." Kirito replies

"... Nope it's not there." Klein tells him

"It should be at the bottom of the Main Menu." Kirito says opening his menu log and going to where there should be a Logout button, however there wasn't one on his. Sakore got worried and opened his menu getting the same result as the other two.

"See? Not there…" Klein says now getting suspicious about this

"Your right it's not…" Kirito replies confused

"On the first day of release from the beta… is there already some bugs here? That's not something you see everyday..." Sakore says worried how is family will react if he couldn't leave the game

"Why don't you just contact the Game Master?" Kirito asks

"Yeah I did that, but he's not picking up." Klein tells him. "do you know if there is another way to logout of this thing?" Kirito thinks on the answer and comes with a grim answer

"No, whenever a player wants to logout of SAO the only way they can do it is by going through the menu." Kirito tells him which is now setting to scare them greatly

"That can't be right! There's gotta be some other way out! Return! Logout! Escape!" Klein tries different methods, but nothing happens.

"Told you so, and there was no emergency logout in the manual either." Kirito says

"So that means we are stuck here until someone comes by and fixes the bug or possibly remove the NerveGear off of us?" Sakore asks worried

"Yeah, it would be the most likely suggestions…" Kirito tells him

"Oh, I live alone…" Klein tells them

"My parents are probably getting home and I have two siblings… they'll probably check up on me when dinner is ready." Sakore explains "But, though is seriously weird right now. This bug is gonna cause problems..."

"This just isn't a bug, it will cause some problems for the game. I wonder if the developers even know what's happening, they could just shut down the server and log everyone out. But why haven't they made an announcement?" Kirito was lost in thought while the other two were scared.

Just then the bell in the town rung possibly signalling something and caused a forced transport into the Town of Beginnings, as the three arrived in town they could see tons of players being brought there also which seems like all the players in the game. The bell stopped ringing and everyone was confused until someone pointed out something in the sky flickering.

"Now what?" Kirito asks and suddenly the whole town was surrounded in a sphere and red ooze was dripping from the barrier and starts to form into something

"What the hell is that thing?" Klein asks, once it finished forming itself it shaped into the Game Master.

"Attention Players, I welcome you to my world." The Game Master tells them

"What's he mean by that?" Kirito asks confused

"My name is Akihiko Kayaba, and as of this moment, I am in control of this world." He says and Sakore and all the other players know that name, as the developer of SAO. What could he want at this moment? "I'm sure most of you have already noticed an item missing from your Main Menus. The Logout button." he then opens a menu "let me assure you, this is not a defect in the game. I repeat this is not a defect. This is how Sword Art Online was meant to be."

"He's… kidding right?" Klein asks and Kirito wasn't sure

"You cannot log yourselves out of SAO. And no one from the outside will be able to shutdown or remove the NerveGear from your head, if anyone attempts to do so a transmitter inside the NerveGear will discharge a microwave signal into your skull destroying your brain, and ending your life." He explains which starts scaring people

"Kirito, please tell me that he is just kidding on that right?" Sakore asks him with a sweat dropping expression

"He's not the transmitter signals in the headgear are just like microwaves… if the safety's disabled it could fry your brain…" Kirito tells him

"Couldn't someone cut the power or…" Klein asks

"That won't work, the NerveGears got an internal battery." Kirito replies and Sakore was deeply frightened

"Despite my warning, the families and friends of some of the players have attempted removing the NerveGear… an unfortunate decision to say the least. As a result, the game now has two hundred and thirteen less players than when it began. They've been both deleted from both Aincraid and the real world." Kayaba explains

"Two hundred and thirteen?!" Kirito asks in disbelief of so many lives been erased

"That can't be… that's impossible…" Sakore says

"As you can see, international media outlets have round the clock coverage of everything… including the deaths." He shows some stuff that has happened and the problems currently happening. "At this point, it's safe to assume the likelihood of a NerveGear being removed is minimal at best. I hope this brings you a little comfort as you try to clear the game." This causes Kirito to grit in anger "It's important to remember the following, there is no longer anyway to revive someone within the game. If your HP drops to 0, your avatar will be deleted from the system forever... And the NerveGear will simotainestly destroy your brain." This causes Sakore to imagine, if his HP dropped to 0 then he will be killed, but deep within he would continue fighting and face the dangers ahead of him like they were now real. "There is only one way to escape now, you must clear the game. Right now you are gathered at Floor 1, the lowest level of Aincraid, if you can get through the dungeon and beat the boss you may advance to the next Floor. Defeat the boss at Floor 100, and you will clear the game."

"We can't clear all 100 Floors… That's freakin' impossible. Even the Beta Testers never made it that high!" Klein yells out

"Last but not least, I placed a little present in the item storage of every player. Please, have a look." Kayaba tells them and Sakore opens his menu and taking out a mirror

"What is this for...?" Sakore asks confused when suddenly all the players were surrounded by a bright flash of light. Once the light died down everyone seemed fine but something big did change them.

"You two alright?" Klein asks them and they turn to see someone different

"Yea, wait… who are you?" Kirito asks

"I'm me, who are you?" Klein asks and Sakore looks at the mirror again and he saw that his avatar changed to his real self with slight light black hair and blue eyes, and seemed to be slightly taller than Kirito whose hair became shorter than his avatar, and Klein's didn't have the long hair but short and spiky.

"Hold on a second…" Sakore says suddenly realizing what happened

"Is that you?!" The three of them ask at the same

"There's a high density signal device inside the NerveGear rig… it can see what my face looks like… but how does it know my height and body type?" Kirito says

"I think it was with the calibration test from the NerveGear… it had us touch our body all over remember?" Sakore reminds him

"Oh yea, your right. That's where it got our physical data." Kirito says

"But… why… why would anyone do this to us?" Sakore asks and Kirito points to Kayaba

"I think he's about to tell us." Kirito tells him

"Right now, you are probably wondering why "Why would Akihiko Kayaba, developer of Sword Art Online and NerveGear do this?" Ultimately my goal was a simple one, the reason I created Sword Art Online was to control the fate of a world of my design." He explains

"Kayaba…" Kirito says with anger

"As you can see, I have achieved my goal." He says "This marks the end of the Tutorial and the official launch of Sword Art Online. Players, I wish you the best of luck." he finishes as the robed figure now disintegrates disappearing and the sphere disappearing

This is the story of how I, Sakore began in this game, a life and death game called Sword Art Online. In all honesty I was truly frightened by Kayaba's words of us not being able to logout, but now we have to climb all the way up Aincraid to the 100th Floor and defeat the Final Boss. My name is Sakore in the Virtual world… and this is my story of going through Sword Art Online. - Sakore

-Crossing Fields Opening-

And thus begins the story of how Sakore will traverse through Aincraid, a story told about a guy who works himself long enough to survive this Death game, who will he meet through his journey? Will he be able to conquer along with the others inside the death game? Will they progress up the next Floor? Find out on the next Chapter!

Next Time; Beater