Arc 2; Ep 2; Land of the Fairies

-January 20, 2025-

After receiving the email from Agil who is Andrew in the real world. I have been given hope that I can help Kirito get Asuna back from being trapped inside a different game. However in my thoughts I believe Asuna being trapped in ALfheim Online wasn't just random at all, so I had my dad plan a meeting with the CEO of Rct Progress who also happens to be Asuna's father. I doubt he knows where she really is, but possibly someone in his company is pulling the strings. Now me along with Kotone, and Selena, we will go and face our next challenge.

-Innocence Opening-

"Wait really?! You are gonna try out ALO?!" Adam asks his older brother making sure he wasn't kidding on trying out the game Adam has been wanting his brother to try and it being safe.

"Yea I will, I just need some tips on some things that might be different from SAO." Jeff tells him with the two girls sitting by him on the couch

"Well… from what I can tell you what is different from SAO, from ALO there is this hardcore skill system." Adam says starting off how different the two games are

"What do you mean hardcore?" Selena asks him curiously

"Well I mean it's not level based, it's all skill based. You have to use your skills again and again to strengthen them up, plus combat depends on your real life physical abilities." Adam tells her

"Wow that is hardcore." Kotone says surprised and amazed

"There aren't any of those what you call Sword Skills, although it is like Sword Art Online but it is placed with magic." Adam says "Plus in the game you can actually fly."

"Whoa, now I heard everything!" Jeff says amazed

"I can tell you how to fly, problem is we need to meet somewhere that I can reach." Adam tells them

"Well maybe you can tell us how to make it work, you have played longer than anyone else we would know of." Selena tells him

"Hmm… yea good point. Bro stand up and face your back to me." Adam tells his bro which Jeff stands and turns his back to Adam, and he places his hand on Jeff's back. "So you feel where my hand is placed on your back?" Jeff nods "So from right there you can control your wings using the virtual muscles."

"Virtual muscles…" Jeff says understanding what to do to fly in game

"It might be difficult to do on your first try but practice makes perfect." Adam tells him. "Hey if you even need any other advice then you can find me in the Undine territory. Although you might want to be careful if you enter the territory not being an Undine…"

"Why is that?" Selena asks

"If you go into another race's land you would be vulnerable since you can't defend yourself. It's part of the game, you can't attack in their territory but they can attack you." Adam explains to them with a big warning

"Hey I'm curious, is there a race that is good with Treasure hunting?" Kotone asks curiously of there being a race for treasure hunting.

"Treasure hunting? I think… the Spriggan race is that kind, not much of a fighting kind, but good with illusions and such." Adam says Kotone was excited with that

"Then we better get started with that and get ourselves ready." Jeff says and the three go upstairs and they go into the game room that Jeff's parents set up for both regular and VR gaming, there are currently four beds in case if friends came over and they wanted to try VR gaming and Jeff held his NerveGear as the girls set up on their devices. "We need your help again, I have to keep my promise." They insert the game into the cartridge, plug their headgear in and put them on as they lay on the bed ready for another time to go into a VRMMO and go through a new mission.

"Link Start!" All three of them shouted and and brought into the calibration testing, then the words 'Welcome to ALfheim Online!' appeared and an announcer started speaking

"Welcome to ALfheim Online." It said and a keyboard appeared for each of them. "Please enter your gender and the name you wished to be identified as." Jeff thought he could use a different name, but instead he typed in his online name 'Sakore' and picked Male as his gender. Then the selection for the fairy races appeared. "There are nine races to choose from, please select the race you wish to play as." He looked through a few of them and saw the Imp race and picked it. "You have selected Imp, your character's appearance will be decided at random. Do you wish to continue?"

"Might as well." Jeff says pushing the accept button and everything turns white around him as he is inside a cave.

-January 20, 2025 Imp Territory-

"So this is the Imp race territory. Gotta say this is amazing. In a dark cave being a territory, I'd better get used to this new environment" Sakore said to himself as his character looks almost close to himself having dark violet hair and purple eyes, his skin is normal color. "Although I wonder what race Selena's gonna pick."

"Maybe you can look behind you." A familiar voice spoke behind him and he turned around to see her with the violet hair in a ponytail, purple eyes, and milky white skin. "I wanted to go with a different race, but the Imp race caught my eye."

"Well at least you are honest Lucy, although with the gear we got... we should upgrade what we have." Sakore says seeing them in beginners gear

"Wait, we should test something first!" Lucy tells him and he realizes what she meant and they try opening the menu by using their right hand like back in SAO, then try their left hands which works and they checked the settings and see the Logout button is there. "Oh good, I was scared because I've gotten used to that."

"Let's check our status." He says and they checked and noticed their stats being higher than they expected. "Wait a minute, these stats are from…"

"SAO… but how? This isn't SAO… is it?" Lucy asks confused to why their stats are incredibly high

"Let's go to someplace private so no one suspects that we are cheating." Sakore tells her and they leave the cave and they get some distance into a forest between Imp and Salamander Territory.

"Wait what about the AI you were given? Maybe it can help us out!" Lucy reminds him and he goes into his items and noticed everything was marked 'Unknown Item' he stared at his inventory then he panicked

"Oh crap! Please be here!" Sakore scrolls through his items until he gets to an item labeled 'MHCP002' he taps on it and the purple crystal appears and he taps on it and it glows blinding them. Once the bright glow subsides they see a girl in a lilac dress, having short lavender hair going to the base of the neck and her bust being the same size as Lucy's. The girl slowly lands on the ground and yawns.

"Mmm, that was such a good nap." She says stretching her arms out like she had been woken up. She then opens her eyes being a red-violet, and sees the two. "Well good morning!"

"Hey, so you are the AI program for SAO right?" Sakore asks her

"Yup, I am! Mental Health Counselling Program, Prototype 2! Call me Strea!" she says cheerfully

"Strea, huh… well currently we aren't in SAO, the game we are in is called ALfheim Online." Sakore tells her

"Let me take a look." Strea says closing her eyes and scanning the area around them. "It seems that this whole thing is copied from the Sword Art Online servers, even while I was inactive I can basically tell the similarities."

"That seems understandable, however we also noticed that our stats were like back in SAO. Can you see why that is?" Sakore tells her

"Hmm, odd but I can take a look at your data." Strea says closing her eyes again. "... It looks like you are right, both of your character data is exactly like in SAO. It's almost identical, whatever skills you both had over were transferred over and merged."

"Wow, so everything we got from SAO was brought into here. It almost seemed like we`re cheating however." Lucy says "Although what about our items?"

"From what I can tell they can't seem to be connected here, you might wanna hurry and delete them before the Error detection program finds out." Strea tells them and Sakore was hesitant about doing it because the stuff he obtained back in SAO will now be gone forever and unusable. The two delete their inventory stash completely.

"Well that does it, however we don't know if Philia will know to do the same." Sakore says when suddenly

"Look out!" A voice from above got their attention and that was a girl and she fell on Sakore. "Ow this hurts, first after I work on my character now suddenly some kind of glitch happens and brings me somewhere unknown."

"Uh hey can you get off him?" Lucy asks her and she looks at her then down at Sakore who looked dizzy from being landed on.

"Whoa! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to, Sakore!" She tells him blushing a bit

"Ow, geez Philia you had to drop on me suddenly?" Sakore asks her still trying to recover from what happened.

"Not my fault alright…" she tells him, and she gets the explanation of her stats being transferred over. She deleted her items also, her hair was the same style only black now, and her skin is also tanish.

"Now that we are gathered together, but what I don`t get is how does the system register you?" Sakore asks Strea

"Well in a way I could be something called a Navigation Pixie." She tells them, then all of a sudden a flash of light blinded them and she suddenly is small with a lavender dress and wings. "This is my look as a Pixie!"

"Whoa!" The two girls were amazed by her sudden change and Lucy pokes her.

"Ah hey no, that's annoying!" She says trying to stop Lucy from poking her.

"So I was wondering if you have any Admin Credentials, because I knew of another AI like you back in SAO." Sakore tells her

"Sorry, but I don't have any." Strea tells them with a sad expression. "However I'll be able to give you any info needed to!"

"You are a cheerful girl." Sakore tells her, and Strea giggles happily then detects something off to the west. "Something wrong?"

"I detect about seven players from the west coming this way." Strea says with a serious expression

"I wonder if they saw me fall from the sky." Philia said as they get ready to fight

"Player Killing is fine unlike SAO, it also seems like the nine races can go into war against another race or make alliances in this game." Sakore assumes and they see the seven flying downward to them seeing them all in red gear.

"Hey look at this, it's just a couple of noobs. All the scouting to find a couple of noobies." One guy tells his teammates

"And this guy has a few chicks with him, hey how about we gang up on this guy and take out the girls next!" another one says

"Yea let's do that!" a third one says as only four of them get on the ground surrounding Sakore.

"Wow, that is so uncool of you guys just going up against one guy with only a few of you." Sakore taunts them while drawing out his sword. "Might as well get this over with."

"You think you are so tough huh dude?! You'll regret facing us!" the first guy says as he charges at him about to stab with his lance and Sakore zoomed past him with incredible speed and one-hits the guy making him burst in flames.

"Who's next?" Sakore asks the other guys which were scared of his speed as Sakore made another move taking out the second guy, as the two girls sliced the two guys while they were distracted and making them burst in flames.

"What in the hell?! What is with them, how did they finish them off?!" one of the three guys still floating asks in shock.

"Let's return to base, we better not want to get into any trouble." the second guy says and the three fly off to the west area.

"Well looks like they won't bother us for a while." Sakore says. "How about we head north to the Undine Territory? I know going there is suicide but I think I'd like to see my brother there."

"He did say he is an Undine." Lucy says and the trio go back in the caves as Sakore and Lucy buy new gear and Philia gains gear slightly similar to her regular gear in SAO, Sakore gets his equipment to where he wears a dark violet shirt, wears a purple, red, and gold trim vest with no sleeves and having a breast pocket for Strea to stay in, dark violet pants with red trims, and violet boots with gold trims. Lucy has a dark purple leotard, having detached sleeves, she wears the same vest Sakore has along with an amethyst breastplate, she gets a waist cape that is violet and gold trims, she also has boots along with thigh-high socks with diamond designs at the top. Sakore's sword is the Silver sword with a grey and black hilt, and Lucy got the same weapon strapped to her waist, and Philia's new dagger weapon is similar to a short sword. "I like our new equipment."

"This is the best they got, so I guess we should also practice flying while we are at it." Sakore suggests in which they agree heading to the north exit and remembering what his brother told him about the muscles on the back. Trying after a couple of times they were able to get the hang of flying now. "Wow amazing! Now I understand why my brother really recommends this game to me!"

"The feel of flying around is so amazing! I want to be able to do this for a long time!" Lucy says excitedly

"Problem is you can't fly forever so you will have to rest your wings from time to time." Strea tells her and Lucy lands next to them.

"Can't always enjoy the moment." Philia says with a sigh "Anyway shall we make our way to Undine Territory and see what your brother can tell us?"

"Yea, let's head over to the capital right now and quickly." Sakore says as the three bring out their wings and make their way to the Undine Capital. The place was surrounded by water, there is a large shiny white castle and blue roofs and the town was medieval style. They landed at the entrance and of course they were getting stares from the Undine players around. "They don't seem really friendly at the moment."

"Let's just not provoke them in any way." Lucy says as they go further in the town, until they encountered some guys who seem to be in charge

"What the heck are two Imps and a Spriggan doing together in our Territory?" The guy asks the three.

"I bet these ones are ganging up and getting info to outsmart us boss." the guy to the side said

"I agree, let's take them out while they are here!" the second guy says

"We aren't here to pick a fight!" Lucy tells them

"Whatever you say girly, but I'm gonna take you out one way or another." the leader guy says about to draw out his weapon.

"Stop!" a male player runs up and gets between the two groups, the male has bright blue hair that is slightly messy, blue eyes, he wears a white and light blue trim coat, white pants, he also has white boots with blue trims. strapped to his waist he has a sword. "You don't need to worry about this one!" It was odd seeing a player defend Sakore and his friends

"Move out of the way Frost! I don't want you getting in the way!" the main guy tells him

"You don't understand, I'm telling you to lower your weapon because you don't need to worry about what they will do!" the guy called Frost tells him

"What makes you so sure we can trust two Imps and a Spriggan?" one guy asks

"You won't need to worry about my brother doing anything to us." Frost replies and Sakore realizes the guy who arrived is actually Adam, while the three guys look at each other unsure of that being true.

"How can you be completely sure he is your actual brother?" the second guy asks Frost

"Even if you don't completely trust him, as long as he and his friends are with me then it is no problem." Frost tells them and they stare at him for a moment then halted their actions

"Very well then, however if either of them make a wrong move then you know what happens." the guy tells Frost and the three of them leave Sakore and his friends alone. Sakore looks down at Frost with a smirk

"So you went with an Ice style name huh?" Sakore asks him and Frost turns to him.

"Well, in a way I like the cold. The Undine race is amazing with using water and light magic, plus they are best with Underwater fights. Also I am Frost in this world so don't forget it." He tells his older brother

"Alright I get it, but what about Maddie? I thought she would give Virtual Reality a try." Sakore says

"I thought the same but she held it off wanting to try." Frost tells him "Anyway, how about I show you around?" Frost showed his brother and his friends around the capital. They stopped by an inn since it was getting late in the real world. "Well now that you got started, need anything you need to know."

"Well for starters… how do we get to the World Tree?" Sakore asks and Frost was actually taken back from the question until it took him a moment to realize what they were planning from the start.

"Oh… that's right… it's her, isn't it?" Frost asks now knowing why his big brother wanted to start playing Alfheim Online.

"I'm sorry little bro, but everyday I just can't yet... and doing nothing is another day of her being trapped inside here…" Sakore says and Frost shook his head

"No, you're right bro… I can understand how you feel." Frost says looking down with a sad expression

"I'm sorry little bro…" Sakore tells him.

"Well currently there is a nearby tunnel that leads to the main city where the World Tree is, however some of our elite warriors of the Undines are guarding that path and they don't allow other races to pass by let alone the low level members." Frost explains to them looking at the direction of the World Tree. "I doubt he will take kindly towards you, he could possibly wipe you out."

"Who knows, I'm a survivor of the death game so you shouldn't worry about what I can do bro." Sakore tells him. "But first off it's getting late so we'll probably log off for the day." The three of them rent a hotel room and log off the game.

"Well that was an interesting experience." Selena says removing her headgear.

"Yea, so when do you think we can continue to the next part?" Kotone asked, as Jeff gets up from the bed he is on.

"Tomorrow, I'm also gonna ask Kirito where he is at currently." Jeff tells them. "And, I've asked my dad to check on the company for a purpose."

"You mean Rct Progress has something to do with the 300 SAO Players still unable to awake?" Selena asked and he replied with a nod.

"There is no way Asuna was brought into that game by accident." Jeff says and looks up at the sky wondering what is happening with Asuna right now.

The mission has begun, now Jeff and friends have gotten themselves ready for anything for the future. Jeff also is worried about what happens next, he is going to face some powerful fighters in ALO. What will happen to them? Find out next time.

Next Time; Battle to the World Tree