31 Days of Christmas

Prompts by x-multifandom-trash-x on tumblr. I'll be uploading four more tomorrow to catch up!

Day One: Decorating

"Up. Up. Over. The other over. For fuck's sake, let me do it."

"I got it, woman!" Dom stood on a six-foot ladder in front of their enormous Christmas tree. Letty, as bossy as ever, was standing at the base, directing him on where to place a gold bauble. "You ain't gettin up here anyway."

He was right, and Letty knew it. She was eight-and-a-half months pregnant and had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for the past week. Not to mention, her equilibrium had been completely off as of late.

Letty threw her hands up and bent as best she could to retrieve another ornament: a silver star with baby Brian's picture in the center.

"You ready for another?" She asked, rubbing her lower back.


Her left arm stretched and she stood on her tiptoes to hand it to him. She watched as he placed it too close to the previous one and huffed.

"You are not helping me decorate the baby's nursery."

Dom chuckled, relaxed and unoffended. "You say that now, but when you need help building that diaper table, you'll be singin' a different tune."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Yeah, yeah." He mocked, pivoting to look down at her. The lights from the tree made her skin skin, and the crackling flames in the fireplace danced in her eyes. "You look gorgeous."

"Flattery is what got us here." Letty replied and pointed to her stomach.

Dom waggled his brows and gave her a wink. "Alright. Where's the star?"

Letty rummaged through a box before lifting it up with a triumphant, "Ha!"

She handed it over to her husband and sat on the edge of the couch, rubbing the side of her stomach. Dom worked diligently on the final decoration before making his way down the ladder.

"All done." He said.

"Good," Letty replied, "because I'm pretty sure my water just broke."

"What?" Dom asked in disbelief, hands in front of him in shock. "Come on! Let's go! Wait, I gotta get the go-bag! Why didn't you say anything?"

"Because we had to finish decorating." Letty in a tone that read: duh as she watched Dom run around like a chicken without its head.

"We're gonna have a Christmas baby!" Dom yelled as he found his car keys and pulled the go-bag onto his shoulder.

Letty shook her head and took his hand.

On the way out of the front door, she mentioned, "I think we need more garland along the banister."

Dom could only roll his eyes.