Blurb: What happens in Highbury while Mr. Knightley celebrates Christmas in Donwell? To the tune of the Christmas carol, "O Little Town of Bethlehem."



O little town of Highbury,

How quiet you must seem

When down the road at near Donwell

A party gathers steam.

Yet in thy dark streets soundeth

The evidence of mirth.

With song and dance, and games of chance

You fĂȘte the Savior's birth.


At Donwell is a party

For Knightley's closest peers.

But not all in Highbury

May travel in that sphere.

Yet Donwell holds no patents

On feasts or jollity,

So Highbury may celebrate

Without Mr. Knightley.


O blessed folk of Highbury,

You revel as you may!

Raise your voice and raise your glass

To one who's born this day.

I hear your measured laughter

Which great glad tidings tell.

Your inner joy is bursting forth

On this English Noel.


I try to write a Jane Austen Christmas carol every year so if you liked this, take a peek at my other works. Or leave a comment. Or give this a favorite. Or don't limit yourself and do some combination of those three.