Several years have passed since Cosmo bite the dust while saving the universe…

Tails was pest…

Chris Thorndyke went back to earth and Sonic and his friends defeated Eggman…

Sonic even converted as a famous bounty hunter…

And opened his first ever themed restaurant…

Wave the Swallow used to work here as a cashier along with Tails who was the cook…


Sonic planned to make Wave the dish of a new concept of restaurant called BFB (Babylon Fried Babylonian, just like KFC)

Tails saved her just in time but the two had to hide from Mephiles (who works for Sonic) and Chaotix Detective Agency who took Tails and Wave for kidnappers…


"Here we are… Soleanna… Some rest… At least…"


"not yet Tails! Look !"

Some Soleanna Guards (warned by Chaotix Detective Agency) cornered Tails and Wave just as Princess Elise went shopping along with her maids…

Princess Elise

"what's going on over there ?"

Captain of Guards


Those people are guilty of kidnapping children, impersonating them and harassing a rabbit mother…"


"We're innocent!"


"yes, this is a huge misunderstanding…

Actually, we were escaping Mephiles the Dark who resurrected and tried to kill us… "

Princess Elise

"Mephiles ?

How interesting…

Guards, let them go…"

Captain of Guards

"But Princess…"

Princess Elise

"There's no "But Princess"

Let them go !"

Captain of Guards

"Yes your majesty…"