Note: Sorry if it seems awkward, I wrote this short intentionally like that.

(We open to a black screen. The sound of a button being pressed on a boom box is heard. The screen becomes colorful as a rap instrumental CD begins to play.)

Chux: (beatboxing) "Boom-kchh! Boom-boom WIKIWIKIWIKIWIKI!"

(Chux continues to beatbox and does a few breakdancing moves. Camera pans to Kabob, wearing 90's garb.)

Kabob: "(rapping)

Yo', hey,

Whazzup man!

I'm the dude who's

known as Ren!

Ya knock me down,

I'll come back up



The definition of


Deep and brooding,

You Rebels be


So awkward and


Is the A/C high?

Cause I'm literally


And, you watch yo'


I got a bad rep,

Impale you like my


No foolin'!

A-Break it down


(Chux continues to beatbox as Kabob says the chorus.)

Kabob: "I'm Kabob,

I'm awesome,

Im ultra shredded ,

Yeah I'm awesome,

Word up!"

(Camera cuts to long clips of Kabob

and Chux wearing gangsta clothing on the streets. Chux dribbles a

basketball, then makes a shot.)

Kabob: "And this is me beatboxing, also!"

(The short ends with Kabob doing random beat boxing, and Chux dancing, much to the chagrin of Phasma. It is revealed that they

are making a video, as indicated by the crudely drawn street backgrounds.)

Phasma: "Why are men such imbeciles?"