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This character won't appear in the story or hell, he won't even appear in anything relating to this story, even the possible omake!, just using them as an example.


Series: Fire Emblem Awakening

Class: Archer

First appearance in the story: Singularity Orleans, The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' War: Orleans: The Holy Maiden Savior

Stats: ?

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Noble Phantasm: ?

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Chapter 1, Part 1: History Changer

-A hoarse voice spoke 'Cold air filled the outside world, with clouds blocking the moon, which stopped the light on shining on and when the cloud is cleared off, the moon was red... as an omen of fate and destruction is soon to happen' then the voice went silent as if it wasn't there at all-

I was sitting in a Café, listening to my headphones while typing an essay for university, it was stressing since it's for my midterm Computer Science class, luckily I got my music, they really help set the mood for me. I stood up, took off my headphones and put it around my neck and walked toward the counter where the barista is standing to order another vanilla frappe.

What? you expected me to order a coffee or something since I am in a Café? Sorry but no, I hate coffee, but getting that out of the way, I finished ordering and went to my table, I sit and continued typing on my laptop, and put on my headphones, when a new song came on.

Huh? it's broKen NIGHT by Aimer... you know when certain songs that focus on goals or something relating to oneself? I ask myself, what is my purpose in my life? what does make me happy? or better said... fulfilled?

Sure I am studying for something that I like doing, but it doesn't feel... accomplishing, I don't feel happy... I don't have a goal in mind... you see characters like Shirou Emiya, who wishes to be a Hero of Justice, but he has a distorted personality due to what happened to him, but he still has something he wishes to fulfill, no matter how impossible it is, then you see other Masters and Servants in the Fate series, who have different goals in mind that they wish to fulfill, no matter how cruel, noble or selfish it may be.

but there is one person that is more or less like me, who I wish not be compared to, which is Kirei Kotomine, he is considered powerful, full of talent, he has everything people could what... but he lacked a sense of purpose, of course, I have my sense of self, unlike him and Shirou. But... everything I do, I feel empty, no satisfaction, anything! I may feel something for one or two minutes, but it goes away easily, but that may be the depression speaking (which I don't believe I have it, but the doctors say otherwise)

Oh yeah, I started monologuing... I should change the song, or I go on and on about my life.

I put my hand in my pocket and pulled my phone out and quickly changed the song to something happy and lively, after switching the song. I look at my right hand, letting my thought go off, thinking about what can make my life interesting, but I sigh "oh if only my life can work as a story or fanfiction..."

Oh, I would regret saying that in the future

"A VANILLA FRAPPE FOR THERION, A VANILLA FRAPPE FOR THERION!" the barista shouted my name and shook off my thought, and I swiftly stood up and went toward the barista, so I can pay my order.

After grabbing my frappe, I resumed typing while listening to my music. When I began to stretch my body, I checked my phone and realized it was late, so I grabbed my stuff and put it in my duffel bag, and left.

I was exiting the Café and going to my dorm, so I can sleep, but I saw that the moon was red, huh... I haven't seen that when I was young, I realized something... seeing a red moon means a certain omen? I don't remember what it means... I suddenly felt someone was watching me. So I tilted my head a bit and slowly without making it obvious that I was looking behind me, so the person doesn't get suspicious, but I didn't see anyone...

Even if no one was nearby, I felt something bad was going to happen, and knowing my luck, it might be possible, and... I just jinxed myself.

I increased my pace without making it obvious, but I still felt paranoid and the presence was growing, to the point I was having a bit of difficulty in stopping sweating in my forehead, even if the air is cold... thankfully my hair covers it up. I hastily turn around to see my surroundings, but in the end, I saw nothing, and I realized it was just my paranoia.

I took deep breaths to calm myself down. After calming down, I just decided to head to the dorm and left my guard down. I took a shortcut through the park but noticed that it was empty, I felt my paranoia coming up, but I smother it since I don't wish to be so jumpy.

But suddenly I let a sharp gasp and grunts out, and I felt a sharp pain in my lower back, and I sensed a person behind me and saw that it was a homeless man and he suddenly yelled, and I soon realized that his breath smelled like alcohol, which confirms my theory "GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY AND STUFF!" the old drunk bastard shouted

I felt blood slowly pooling in my mouth, then I also felt the blood in my back. I scoffed in anger... 'Am I going to die to some drunk bastard?!' "he... hehe... HAHAHAHHAHAH!" I burst maniacally laughing, which caused the old drunk man to shriek in fear, 'I am going to die without finding my goal in mind?! DUE TO THIS JOKE OF A PERSON?!' I am considered nice, to most people, hell most think that I am innocent or naive due to how I act, but... this? no... like I told you, I am no Shirou, nor Kotomine (even if I tend to be sadistic, but it only when I joking around), I have a sense of self, I am selfish, I am like any human being, even if I am at the edge of the said line... I scoff at the idea of death, I don't fear death either, I accept it, but instead of feeling fear, I feel rage at the person who in some way killed me for some petty reason!

The drunk man fell to his bottom due to my maniacal laughter, and I turned around, which caused the bastard to shriek yet again. I am feeling tired of his screaming, so I calmly walked to the old man, who was crawling away in fear. I grabbed him by the collar and put his face in mine. The bastard paled rapidly and screamed as he saw my eyes, which seem dull... no emotion in it, basically dead... heh? in the end, I broke due to the fear of death? no... it was because I didn't find my happiness that will have made me feel satisfied, but whatever... I sound edgy as hell, but I guess that how I feel.

I unconcernedly took the knife behind my lower back and pulled it, which caused me to grunt in pain multiple times. I managed to pull it out and began to bleed even more, well... I am going to die, either way since it looks like it punctured my arteries. So I put the knife in the bastard's throat and he commenced to cry and beg me to let him live.

'He is begging...? HE IS BEGGING FOR HIS LIFE WHEN HE JUST TOOK MINE?!' I slowly pressed the knife to his throat, which a bit of blood started to appear, I smirked and I felt amusement and excitement at his fear, but I instantly stopped myself 'What the hell am I doing...? I am not like this...' I sigh and let the bastard go and he collapsed on his back and he hastily stood up and ran away.

I looked at his retreating back, disappearing in the distance. I felt... tired and empty... I guess I am losing a lot of blood then... I calmly took out my phone before coughing violently, a huge amount of blood that came out of my mouth fell to the floor. Huh...? I quickly typed a message to everybody I know 'I am sorry guys, but... I am dying, I won't be able to survive even if I called 911... I am sorry... and farewell' I send the message to everybody... except for two-person, my best friends, Cynthia and Leon...

I sadly sigh, I am sorry Cynthia... I quickly called her, I heard ringing and I decided to walk toward a tree that seems comfortable to take a nap, then I heard a click and a voice that sound soft "H-hello, Therion? it is late... are you okay?" Heh, I will miss that voice "Look... Cynthia" huh? my voice sounds very hoarse "Therion...? why... why do you sound bad?" oh, how innocent, we are the same age, and she is someone who managed to be innocent "Heh... I gue-" I coughed violently again "THERION! ARE YOU OKAY?!" Cynthia shouted, "Don't... worry, I just feel tired... very tired" I spoke weakly "T-Therion? are you... planning on leaving me?" Huh, she realized what is happening, she is really perceptive "Yeah... I am S-sorry for leaving you" I heard... sobs...? "C-Cynthia...? are... are you weeping...?" I heard Cynthia choke "Of course, you idiot! I am losing my best friend! NO! THE PERSON I WAS IN LOVE WITH!" I was... shocked by hearing that, but... my body feels too tired to able to react approvingly "Heh? I feel f-foolish for not realizing that... I am sorry... Cynthia" I reached to the tree and lay next to it "If I had the chance, Cynthia I c-could have a-accepted your confession..." Cynthia sobs "Oh... Oh, Therion..." "Hey... don't worry... I will always be with you, no matter what" Cynthia keeps sobbing "Hey... C-Cynthia...?" Cynthia sobs, but spoke after a while "Y-yes Therion?" "Could... y-you do me two favor?" Cynthia was silent "Of course, Therion" I slowly smiled and chucked a bit, which caused me to wheeze "First... could you t-tell Leon th...that I am sorry for going away and not saying goodbye... and, m-my sec...second favor i...is that could... y... you sing m...me that song again?" Cynthia was silent again "sure Therion... sure" I smiled "Thanks..."

I hear Cynthia singing Ophelia, which is from Aimer... its Cynthia's favorite song and even one of mine, we managed to find the lyrics in English and Cynthia managed to memorize it. I begin to hear her singing to me

Right now, I wish

all kinds of sorrow cleared away

So I could have a dream

about future in this darken earth

I smiled and I started to feel my eyes getting heavy, but I hold on while she sings since this will be last time I will listen to her voice, she makes the song in English sound like the original.

I chase a fallen white bird

into a deep dark forest

But it disappears

into the shadow of willow trees' groves,

engulf in green grass color

The light of spring sun

almost gone into thin air

I can smell

the fragrance of flower I've been chased for

I wander all alone

through the shadow of seasons

walk on barefoot labyrinth

I feel my eyes closing, breathing getting heavy, heartbeat getting slower and blood splattered on the ground... I realized that I couldn't listen to every part of the song "I... I am sorry Cynthia... farewell..." I mumbled softly, though I believe she heard me and I stared at the stars while closing my eyes and taking my last breath, then... darkness filled my vision.


I've been vaguely hiding,


I've been searching for forever

All of them united

into the wreath of

hyacinth orchids I plucked

An indigo of melancholy

Cynthia continued singing, even if Therion isn't listening to her anymore. She eventually reaches the final part of the song

The melody of awaken forest

only reverberates

the faint beat of my heart

which about to vanish away

Cynthia stopped singing, then there was silence, no breathing on the other side, nothing... "G-good" Cynthia chokes "Goodbye... Therion, I will miss you" and she reluctantly ended the call.

After a moment of silence, which nothing happened... suddenly blue, red and purple butterflies appear that seem to have patterns on them and a figure appeared behind the tree where Therion's body was, the figure slowly walks toward Therion's body and crouch in front of Therion and spoke "Intriguing, you seem to be capable of keeping me entertained, let see what I can do for you" The figure put his left hand on Therion's chest 'I know Magus doesn't exist in this universe, but how interesting that you have thirty high-quality magic circuits" The figure frowned 'but it looks like that you wouldn't be able to handle even two of them... it must be that since this universe doesn't have magic, the air lacks prana and that causes your body not being used having mana'

The figure puts his right hand on his chin in thought and snaps his finger when he realizes what he can do. He focuses on his left hand then he started to concentrate a bit, but finally he managed to create a magic core and activated one magic circuit in Therion. He felt heat coming from Therion, and a pulse coming from Therion's heart.

I felt darkness around me, I see this is what death feels like... it feels... peaceful. But I felt something, I feel like my soul is being restored to the best condition, only for a moment, then I felt heat that seems unbearable, which caused me to scream in agony as if I am being consumed in the flame of Hell.

I open my eyes in dread, I was shivering as if something enters in me and I went in a panic attack, but I only saw gloom, until my vision was restored and saw someone crouching in front of me, which caused me to scream in surprise. The figure chuckles at my reaction.

"I like you kid, you seem to be capable of keeping me distracted," The figure said, but I carefully observe him. I saw how he looks, who appeared to be an old man between fifty to sixty years old, who seems to have white hair and red... wait, red eyes? it must be eye contact... and seem to have a presence that seems scream gentleman, but his smile screams another thing, which I felt was mischievous and amusement, that may cause much pain to someone who is receiving the said smile, and... that appears to be me...

"Greetings lad, you might not know who I am" his smile suddenly looks a bit... malicious for me... "I will gladly introduce myself, but I would like to see you try on guessing who I am, so here are the hints" I tilted my head confusion, wondering what the hell this old man was talking about "I am known as the Wizard Marshall, Old Man of the Jewels, and Kaleidoscope!" at the first nickname, I didn't yet realize who he was, but the second nickname made me feel something crawl in my back and it wasn't where I receive my stab wound, and I started to pale, but then came his third nickname, which caused me to pale tenfold, which made me look like how I was in my previous state of death.

I let out a whisper, not because I was scared, but out of disbelief and a bit paranoia "Zelretch...?" I wasn't going to like what soon to happen and the figure suddenly cheered "you got it in one go, I am impressed that you managed to figure me out! good thing that you are going to keep me entertained" I suddenly stop myself from shaking and remember what happened to me 'wait...' I looked Zelretch in the eyes, who merely raised his eyebrows "What... do you want with me? and how on earth am I alive?" I spoke slowly

Zelretch chuckles then downright laugh, which increased my paranoia "Why you ask? I just want you to keep me distracted, and I just merely created a magic core in your body, that I will leave you a note that will explain what it does and activated one of your magic circuits, which let me tell you, it is a high-quality one, and I thought it wasn't possible to the lack of prana in this universe, but I am happy that I don't have to look multiple universes to find someone interesting"

I sit there in shock, slowly ingesting the information Zelretch gave me "So you just resurrected me...?" then Zelretch retorted "Naw, you pretty much are dead" I just stared at him as if nothing bad was happening, and I answer him with something that would be used to answer this moment "what?" Zelretch laughs at my reaction "lad, let me tell you something, I only restored your soul, but your body? it is slowly dying in a snail pace and there is nothing to save it" I look at my lap and I felt... nothing? yeah, nothing "so you just resurrected me to laugh at my reaction or something?"

Zelretch shook his head "Nope, I was thinking of sending you to save Humanity itself!" I blankly stared at him due to what he said, is he joking? "nope, I am not joking" Fuck... he can read my mind "I cannot read your mind, your face explain itself" I have a blank face! how can you read me! "either way, I am actually desperate in looking for someone to help the Master of Chaldea, who will save Humanity" wait... is he talking Fate Grand/Order? "I see you realize what I am talking about, you may be thinking what can you do since you know that the Master of Chaldea managed to save Humanity itself, but I saw one timeline, there was a great being that even I cannot defeat" I looked at him in shock "Oh, I can harm it, even kill it, but the issue lies in the fact it wouldn't allow me to enter it domain since it knows I can kill it, so he put a field that even the most powerful Caster can't break it and it's only by sacrificing their life that they will be able to destroy it, and it surrounding will weaken and harm me, even... kill me, but you... I feel like you can defeat it"

I look at my lap again and felt a weight on my back, Zelretch spoke to cheer me up "but don't worry, the great being isn't going to appear until it is finished resting and regaining it power, which will be a long time" I sigh tiredly "so what? what can I do to even harm it?" Zelretch simply chuckles at my question "I managed to get a couple of items that will help you, here it is" Zelretch put his hand on his pocket pulled out... gems...? "wait..." I realized what those gems are "I see you realized where these gems came from, these come from the same world, which... what was the game called again? ah yes, Brave Frontier!" "I blinked in surprise "Wait... it does exist?!" Zelretch look at me in disappointment "lad, you fail to realize my whole capacity in using Kaleidoscope, anything that exists here? it can have its own universe itself"

I quickly shooked my head "Okay... so you are going to give me those gems, to what? Summon? wouldn't Gaia reject it?" I asked since Gaia seem to be capable of rejecting any foreign beings, but I heard Zelretch chuckle "Oh you don't have to worry about that, I did my research in Randall and managed to learn much interesting information about that universe, and I found that certain detail that helps me in completing my theory that made me believe that Gaia cannot intervene" I nodded "Either way, this is the first gift" Zelretch handed me twenty-five gems "Wait... is it really rare getting these gems? how did you manage to get this many?"

- Flashback Beginning-

Zelretch was walking around the Imperial Capital of Randall, who was looking for the library that contains the information that will help his theory of Gaia and this world "Hmm... the technology is a bit lacking, but unusual, unlike my world... but the way everything is maintained is interesting...

When he was walking, he came upon a black messy shoulder-length haired male with stubbles, who seems to be wearing a black coat with fur at the edge and underneath it is black and red leather armor, he seems to have something in his pocket if watched closely, it appears to be a set of dancing short blades, and he seems to have in his back, a beautiful katana that doesn't seem to have been worn out.

He seems to be smiling at Zelretch "May I help you sir?" the black-haired male asked with a knowing smile "Why yes, I am looking for the library that will help confirm one of my theories, but sadly I can't find it..." Zelretch said while smiling too "I see... very well, come with me, I will show you the way" the black-haired male passed him, but before slipping a couple of gems while looking at his eyes and then he suddenly winked at Zelretch 'I see now... you know why I came for... how fun! I should come here more often' the black-haired male lead Zelretch to the library and explain a bit the area...

-Flashback ending-

"Oh don't worry about that, a summoner gave it to me as thanks for helping them, but... now that I realize it... he looks similar to you... meh, it might be someone who just looks random" Zelretch shrug "O-oh okay"

Zelretch snaps his finger "Now your second gift!" Zelretch opened his hand and suddenly a card appeared "what I am going to give you is a Saber Class Card, do you know what it does?" I nodded "good then, but let me warn you, you won't be able to use it since you lack the prana for it and have a lack of activated magic circuits, even if you have a magic core, but I am going to help you identify Saber's True Name or better said downright reveal you his name" Zelretch said and I looked at him "he is from a game that you might know, I believe its called Final Fantasy and his name is Auron, I must say that it is an interesting name" I blinked in surprise then I switch in confusion "Wait what...? is he not fictional? he doesn't even exist in the world's history..." I spoke, "Well, I pull some tricks and went to his world and recorded his deeds, which allowed me to put him in a Class Card, I also put something in the Class Card, which you can use as a catalyst to summon him as a Servant, and it won't disappear if you use it!"

Zelretch quickly gave me the Class Card and it disappeared in my hand, which caused me to jump in surprise"Don't worry about it, you can summon it again, so don't get scared and think you lost it, but... I will leave your third gift when I sent your soul to Chaldea" Zelretch ominously said and I stared at him warily.

"What do you mean sent my soul?" I asked stiffly, that sound dangerous as hell, I feel like my soul will just evaporate if I go with the procedure "Again, I am disappointed at you for not realizing my full control with the Kaleidoscope, but yes, I will be sending you to the beginning, where you will be selected as a Master and help the Master of Chaldea in saving Humanity" Zelretch seriously spoke, which caused me to freeze since most of the time he tends to be cheerful, mostly bored but cheerful either way, hell the community tends to call him the Troll Wizard, basically the modern Merlin, so I took a deep breath

"I guess I do it... I don't have much of a choice in the matter really" I mumbled, what is even the point? but I guess... I should try even if I fail since there are people who don't have the opportunity to live or fulfilling their dreams... and who knows? I might find it satisfying, even though I will suffer multiple types of pain that can cause one to go insane.

"Great, let's get to it! I will be watching you perform and I hope you don't die early" Zelretch smirked and he proceeds to focus on Therion, who started to shine and Therion simply closes his eyes in acceptance of what was going to happen. He continued to shine until he transforms into a ball of light, and he was sent to the sky and disappeared into the darkness. Zelretch laughs in amusement "You better entertain me, lad and good luck!"



Ugh... this headache is freaking hell, where am I...? I slowly opened my eyes and blinked a few times to get used to the shadow, I felt a bit disoriented, and the room feels a bit... small, I noticed that I was laying on the floor, so I stood up, but I clutched my head in pain.

'Tch... what the hell did Zelretch do?' I slowly looked around and realized where I was 'Why am I in the storage closet? did Zelretch somehow fail? no way...'

I tiredly sigh while still clutching my head, but I look down and found a box that said my name on it 'why is there a box in the middle of the room?' I bent down and grab it 'ugh, why is it heavy?' I took off the top and found a note, I grab it and it read:

'Hello Therion, you may be wondering why I left this note, the answer is that this is related to your third gift, this box contains items that you originally owned in your previous universe. You might find familiars items, but I also left items that you might not recognize but will help you in the future, and I also left something that might help you feel better, which is located in your room. Since I felt being nice, I will explain a bit about the body you are occupying, he is your alternative self of this universe, who is a civilian that doesn't know that magic exists or better said magecraft, and he just accepted this job of being a janitor for Chaldea since he needed the money, but let me tell you this, his life is pretty bad~ like really bad for a civilian~. For example, when he was born, his parents immediately died in a car accident, because that happens, he was taken by his grandmother and grandfather of his mother side, who took off with the inheritance that was supposed to be his and was left in an orphanage, just by hearing all that, you get what I mean, he also didn't have many friends, due to him taking many part-time jobs, so unlike you, he wasn't that successful, but that will quickly change! since you are here! and you may be wondering if people will notice that you are acting weird, you don't have to worry about that since he was anti-social, like truly anti-social, boring and a weirdo (A/N: Ha, that's coming from Zelretch himself!). But getting that out of the way, I left a note that leads you to your room and the code to enter, I left another note that explains some of the items that you have received. Nonetheless, this note is getting too excessively long, so I will stop here and continue in the next note.'


Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, The Kaleidoscope

Okay... that was... a pretty long note, either way, that note actually help a bit to explain the situation and... wait... did he said 'alternative self'? holy fuck... did I killed this version of me?! well... he isn't going to have to suffer later on a mental breakdown due to the situation... he is resting in peace, and he doesn't have to suffer all this unlike me...

I put the note back in the box and closed it, so I can take it to my room, so people don't ask why I am in the storage closet at... 1:34 AM? why was this version of me doing in this room at this hour? I shooked my head and opened the door.

I slowly poke my head out to see if anybody is nearby, when I saw the coast clear, I promptly left. I observed Chaldea a bit when walking toward my room, even with light turn off.

I thought this was going to be an experience, seeing the technology that permitted people to transport to multiple historic moments and seeing famous and historical figures throughout time... even if they tended to be inaccurate, but hey what can you do, when you are in the Nasuverse, nonetheless, that made me feel a bit excited since how one in my world explain something like that? I should tell Cyn-

I stopped and forgot that I won't be able to meet Cynthia again... I grimly shook and frowned. I better get going before anyone catches me walking here. I look at the note that said my room number and saw that I was close by, I increased my pace, but suddenly I bumped into something and fell to the floor, while luckily my box didn't spill its contents, but I heard a yelp. I opened my eyes and blinked a bit as I realized that I am fucked, you may be asking why I am saying that, well... you may say that I found the person who wouldn't hesitate to fire someone she doesn't like... if that clue didn't help at all, here is another hint, she has white hair, and golden eyes... yep, that person is Olga Marie.

I gave her a dour look at her while inside I was screaming and cursing and then she looked at me, blinked and then glared "You commoner! watch where you going! what were you even doing at this hour..." she looks at me suspiciously, so I swiftly answered her question as smooth as possible, even if she just insulted me because of my social status...

"I am sorry Director Olga Marie, I was simply distracted due to being tired since I was finishing organizing everything in the storage closet for tomorrow" She kept glaring at me, then she huffs and stood up "Good, you better be working well since I don't want my staff to be in terrible condition and I spent a lot of money for Chaldea"

I stared at her and chuckled, she suddenly started stuttering "w-why are you laughing at me! you know I can fire you!" I shook my head and gave her a small smile "I am sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, it just that you look... cute" Olga stammer in surprise and blushed, 'Shit... did I say that out loud? fortunately, nobody is nearby, or she will be ripping me a new one' " wh-what?!" she is turning to a tomato "again, I am sorry for saying that, I am really exhausted, so I didn't think..." when I was playing FGO, I felt sad for her, due to what happened to her in the game and her past... she is also really insecure about herself that made me remember about Cy-, I should stop that... just... forget about her, I not going to see her ever again.

Olga managed to calm herself and was going to reprimand me, but she noticed my faraway stare and saw that I was going through something "I- I see that you are part of the Cleaning Staff, you should be asleep in this hour, you won't be able to work properly, but... now that I think about it, I never saw you before" Shit, was this version of me an intruder or something "Oh? you didn't notice my resume" I decided to say and do something to tease her and threw in a bit of Spanish accent "Oh, how disheartening, but if this is our first meeting then..." I stood up and took her hand and kissed it "mi señorita Marie" I said while smirking. Okay, I normally don't flirt or even tease, wait... is this the first time I flirted with someone...? Yikes, whatever... but a chance to mess with Olga Marie? no way I am missing that!

"Wwh-what?" oh she is still blushing, how cute, but better finish this, or someone will stumble upon us "but alas mi señorita, I will have to go since I need to be in my top shape to accomplish your ideal state for Chaldea" I walked away while silently sighing as I survive this ordeal... I know she is serious and very prideful, but underneath that shell is a very insecure, and caring person, textbook definition of a tsundere, but she was just affected by being a Magus and the expectation and responsibility that fell to her, so I just tried to calm her since I want to save her, but... I don't know how... since It's possible to save her in the explosion or as she is a spirit in Fuyuki, where she suffered a fate worse than death. the thing is... I am powerless, I am weak, I am... worthless... I don't see how Zelretch think I can accomplish all this.

I noticed that I have reached to my room, I quickly put the code and entered, when the door was about to be closed, I saw someone putting their feet in the door, so it doesn't close off, which caused me to be surprised, but as I see who it was, I felt something crawling in my back, and it isn't my non-existent knife wound, I soon realized that it was... Olga! Again!

Yep! that's right! we are stopping here! I consider this too long for a chapter, so I decided to separate it into two parts, I know it might not be the best thing ever, but I am happy since you guys are taking your time to read this! I was considering putting this in the crossover category since this may count as a X-over crossover but I said... "fuck that shit, I will do this my way!" but also yes! the one who you guys saw in the flashback is Therion, but not the main one, but the Brave Frontier version! you know how it is, Parallel Universes and everything... the reason he knows that Zelretch will be coming is a secret, but I may as well give a hint... the hint is... "Announcement or News"... actually... I think I may have given the answer...

But remember what I said! their will not be a lot of mention of Brave Frontier plot or lore or any other series, their might be the occasional flashback or mention of characters or location, but nonetheless I just wanted to add Class Cards, Servants and other characters (Of course, their backstory will appear) to the story... I was being... unique, but remember! Follow, Favorite and Review! also tell me if I made an error or used misinformed information, so I can correct myself and improve! see you later!