Jac comes into Henrik's office, one day. Technically, she's not meant to be starting her shift for a while yet, but she needs to catch Henrik first and ask him about that new policy the hospital is considering implementing, because it sounds completely ridiculous.

All thoughts of that stop, though, when she walks in only to find Henrik asleep on the floor.

On one hand, she thinks she should wake him. He really can't afford to be sleeping on the job, and seriously, the floor? That can't be any fun and it definitely can't be comfortable.

On the other hand, though, he looks almost blissfully tranquil in a way Jac doesn't think she's ever seen him look before. It makes it seem all the more like he's carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders the rest of the time.

Hesitantly, she takes off her coat. Henrik stirs, muttering something about how he's "sorry" and "just exhausted at the moment, I hope you understand."

Jac sighs, folding her coat, before kneeling down. Henrik's definitely not in any state to drive right now, so she bites back a comment asking him to go home, and decides to just let him get as much sleep as he can instead.

"Don't tell a soul about this. And when I next see you, I want you properly rested and this coat returned to me." She lifts his head the slightest bit and slips the folded coat underneath as a makeshift pillow. "Now, go back to sleep."

Henrik does, almost immediately, and Jac wonders when he last got a proper night's rest.