Chapter 4: Hoop-Along Route 3

"Um...Hoopa?" Oliver spoke up.


"So...the Gym Challenge has started."

"Well, obviously!"

"So why are we here instead of heading out to Route 3?"

The four human Pokemon and disguised mythical were all sitting in Motostoke's Battle Café. Evan was happily munching on a Belgian bun, Heather was forced to bury her face into a slice of fruitcake in order to eat it, and Jo originally tried to levitate his crumpets into his mouth, but was now just eating them with his hands.

"Half of the journey is what you do along the way!" Hoopa argued. "We can afford to enjoy ourselves. Or do you want me to take back that triple chocolate muffin?"

"No, thank you." He admitted defeat as he ate more of it.

"Y'know, Eon..." Evan spoke up between mouthfuls. "When you evolve, you'll have a spoon 24/7. Then you can eat pudding whenever you want."

"You mean desserts?" The Abra inquired.

"Sure." The Impidimp shrugged.

"We can actually evolve?" Oliver perked up again.

"Of course. That's how Pokemon work." Hoopa said.

"An Arceusend at this point." Heather spoke up.

"What's it like?" The Corsola prodded.

"No clue. Never happened to me." Hoopa shrugged. "Thinking on it, I probably should have asked Solgaleo, Lunala or an Urshifu about that..."

"You know the other Legendaries?" Jo immediately took interest.

"Oh yeah. Legendaries and Mythicals keep in touch." Hoopa shrugged as if it was no big deal, and then proceeded to continue eating sprinkled donuts. "Mmm~! These doughnuts are great! Jelly filled are my favourite! Nothing beats a jelly filled donut!"

"Can we go back to the fact you Legendaries and Mythicals all know each other?" Heather spoke up.

"Ehhhh, in all honesty, I don't know them all THAT well." Hoopa mumbled, eating another ring. "All the trio's are always off somewhere, Zygarde is literally all over the place... but uh...Diancie's kind of a slut."

At that comment Evan burst into laughter, Oliver spat out in shock, Heather's jaw dropped, and Jo completely tensed up, causing other members of the café to look over at their table in confusion.

"Wha-ha-hat!?" Evan wheezed. "The 'Princess Crystal' a-!? Hah! I'm weak...!"

"Well, have you seen her?"

"In a book, maybe." Jo coughed.

"She's always showing off how beautiful her crystals are." Hoopa grumbled. "So prim and proper too..."

"Sounds like someone's jealous." Heather commented.

"You can't prove that." The Mythical defended herself as she ate her last doughnut.

"Do other Legendary and Mythical Pokemon do stuff like this?" Oliver went further.

"Nope! This is my unique experiment." She nodded. "I'm practically a scientist!"

"Good for you." Jo commented, sipping some coffee. He was trying to stay awake.

"Anyway. Now that we've got sweets in our stomachs, let's get moving on to the first Gym!" Hoopa said, picking up Oliver and Heather.

"W-Wait for me...!" Evan was still catching his breath as he followed, whilst Jo tried to hover behind them, still drinking coffee.

"Alright! I've got it all set out." Hoopa nodded confidently as they walked through the streets towards the main gear to the upper level. "We'll train up on Routes 3, 4, and Mine number 1, then we'll take on the Grass gym!"

"None of us are super effective against Grass-Types." Oliver pointed out.

"Well, Heather is, technically. She just doesn't know any Poison moves." Jo pointed out.

"Maybe we could pick up a Poison TM?" Evan thought aloud. "I mean it would fit her toxic personality."

"I'm gonna ignore that comment since you might be LITERALLY FEEDING off of it." The Budew spoke up.

"No Poison TM's in Motostoke." Oliver told them.

"That's just what a new team member is for!" Hoopa beamed.

"Yeeeeeeaaaaaah how many people are you gunning for, actually?" Heather sceptically asked.

"A good number." Hoopa shrugged. "Trainers have a lot more Pokemon then 6 to make up for weaknesses, right?"

"Actually most Trainers stick to a team of 6 favourites." Oliver said.

"Really?" Hoopa frowned. "Well, I want to have all Types! Hopefully."

"That's a few." Jo phrased it lightly as they all boarded the gear and rode it to the higher level.

"It's all part of the experiment. Yeah." The Mythical nodded to herself.

"I reckon everybody else is already heading down Route 3." The Corsola said as they began passing the upper levels Pokemon Centre.

"No problem! We'll take it at our own pace and wow everybody!" Hoopa optimistically said. "Alright, let's get a move-oh?" There was a bumping sound, as well as someone falling down.

"What's up?" Evan asked as they looked past Hoopa's legs.

The person who had bumped into Hoopa was a young girl. She had unhealthy, pale white skin and short, unruly black hair that fell messily to her shoulders. She wore a loose, grey hoodie that was too large for her, same for the loosely fitting black trousers and plain black slippers. The most prominent thing though, were her large eyes, which were wide and unfocused.

"A girl?" Heather stated.

"I guess she rode up the other gear." Evan shrugged, whilst pulling at his big ears for emphasis. "I heard it spin."

"She's so tiny!" Hoopa marvelled.

At the Mythical's voice, the girl quickly stood up and ran forward, once again bumping into Hoopa's legs, but this time she wrapped her covered arms around her legs and clung on tightly.

"Wow, she's friendly." Hoopa marvelled.

"A bit too friendly..." Oliver noted.

"Hmm..." Jo had now taken interest. He looked at the girl and tentatively poked her in the side, which elicited a rather drastic flinch and a tightened grip on Hoopa's legs.

"Jo!" Heather berated him.

"What? I'm trying to work out what the problem is." The Abra defended himself.

"Something's obviously up." Hoopa said as she picked up the girl, who stared off into the distance.

Jo experimentally slapped the ground with his tail, which caused the girl to once again flinch and have her head dart around wildly. "She's blind."

"No shit." The Budew grumbled.

"Maybe she got lost?" Hoopa suggested as the girl clung onto her tight.

"Mmm..." Evan walked over to the ledge and peered through the fencing. "Ah! Down there!" The rest of the group walked over and peered. "See that guy down there?"

The man in question was dressed in typical farmer getup of overalls and a red checkered shirt, with a strong build and untamed black hair, looking around frantically.

"That must be her dad. A farmer if I've ever seen one." Oliver said.

"We should go return her." Hoopa nodded.

"NO!" The girl suddenly yelled, grabbing at Hoopa's shirt. "No!"

"That's not a good sign." Oliver mumbled.

"He's coming up to this gear!" Evan relayed.

"Quick! Let's go down to the waterway!" Hoopa said as she began sprinting off.

"Hoopa!?" Heather gasped as all of her Pokemon had to follow after her, some still struggling.

The group went down a flight of metal stairs as the sound of a gear turning groaned, and the mere noise caused the girl to begin squeezing out tears.

"Back here." They all huddled behind a large group of crates.

"This is not good at all..." Evan hissed.

"We have to be sure, otherwise this could be kidnapping." Jo said. "Check her arms."

"R-Right." Hoopa actually sounded hesitant, and grabbed one of the girls sleeves, but she immediately cried and pulled her arm back. "Hey, hey, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you. But I need to check to see if you're okay." The girl seemed resistant.

"This won't work." Jo muttered.

"Hmmm..." Hoopa thought for a moment, before taking off one of her hoops from beneath her hat and reaching into it, pulling out a Poke Doll. "Here, can this be a peace offering?" She handed it to the girl, who once more flinched, but when she felt it, she hugged it softly.

"It's fluffy..." She stated.

"I'll be careful..." Hoop assured her as she gently lifted up one of the girls sleeves...

To reveal multiple scars.

"Fuck." Evan said what they were all thinking.

"We've got to go to the police!" Heather gasped.

"Bad idea." Jo stopped her.


"Don't you see? The way she's dressed, the way she's acting? It's clear this man knows how to cover up child abuse." The Abra solemnly said. "I imagine there have been police investigations before and he's got a number of explanations up his sleeve. That and the fact we're at a disadvantage; he could accuse us of kidnapping if he spots us, and I think he has more word over a trainer nobody's ever heard of."

"Then what are we supposed to do?" Oliver asked.

"I could kill him."

The four of them looked at Hoopa, who had an uncharacteristically dark look on her face. "I could tear him apart with a Hyperspace Hole. Or electrocute him with a Thunderbolt. Or break his skull with Brick Break." The girl's whimpering showed she didn't like these ideas. "Or-"

"Hoopa!" Evan yelled.

"H-Huh!?" The Mythical seemed to snap out of her thoughts and saw that the girl was on the verge of tears. "Ah! S-Sorry! That does sound a bit much, heh heh..."

"I just..." Everyone fell silent as the girl spoke. "I don't want to go back...please..."

Just then, there was the sound of footsteps coming down the metal staircase.

"Someone's coming!" Heather whispered.

"Do you think it's him?" Oliver whispered.

"Please...!" The girl panicked silently, clutching onto Hoopa.

"...Desperate times call for desperate measures." Hoopa enlarged her hoop and created a portal. "Everybody in!" The team quickly complied and jumped into the portal.

They then came out in the alley on the complete other side of Motostoke.

"So Hoopa's rings really can teleport anywhere." Jo took interest as they all passed through.

"Sincerely hope nobody saw that." Oliver admitted.

"I'm a Mythical, I have a knack for not being seen." Hoopa boasted as her ring returned to her horn under her hat.

"We're somewhere else..." The girl seemed to notice. "...Thank you..."

"No problem at all. We're just glad you're safe." Hoopa assured her. "Are you alright?"

"...Mm-hm." She nodded ever so slightly as she curled into Hoopa's hold, still clutching the doll.

"Things just go complicated." Oliver said.

"I certainly didn't picture running into an abused child on my Pokemon journey." Heather said.

"More then that." Jo spoke. "He's probably going to file for a missing child report. And seeing as she's blind, people will think she got lost or taken advantage of rather then ran away."

"For Arceus' sake, she's a little girl!" Heather blurted out. "How can this happen!?"

"A multitude of reasons." Jo shrugged. "Perhaps her blindness makes him view her as lesser. Perhaps it's the fact she is female. Perhaps her mother died giving birth and he blames her. Perhaps-"

"Jo. Shut up." Heather seethed.

"You're the one who asked." He grumbled. "No respect for the elderly."

"I have an idea." Hoopa said.

She looked at the four. The four looked at her.

"...NO." Heather denied.

"An idea?" The girl spoke up.

"She's a child, Hoopa!" Heather yelled.

"A one week old Pokemon can become as strong as a ten year old with enough training. And care." Hoopa stated seriously. "I'm not making this decision lightly. Our options are limited, and she's in a very precarious situation. Perhaps this is a way for her to gain some much needed strength and confidence."

"Who are you talking to?" The girl warily asked.

"My Pokemon. My team." Hoopa told her.

"Don't ignore me!" Heather cried.

"That's Heather, my Budew. She' a bit sharp, but she's got a soft spot." Hoopa gently stroked the girls head, as she still recoiled slightly from the touch. "And there's Evan the Impidimp, Oliver the Corsola, and Jo the Abra. We're off on a Gym Challenge."

"Gym Challenge?" The girl echoed.

"How can she not know about the Gym Challenge?" Oliver whispered.

"Lack of knowledge and exposure, I suppose." Jo whispered back. "It must be some kind of Victini's luck she even managed to get away from him."

"We're all going on a journey together." Hoopa told her. "If you want, you can come with us. We'll all take care of you. Isn't that right, everybody?"

"Yep!" "I-...yes." "Right." "Absolutely." They all nodded.

"And you can be a big help too." Hoopa told her. "We'll all work together. Is that alright with you?"

Things were silent for a moment. But then she began crying.

"...Did I do something wrong?" Hoopa asked the Pokemon with genuine confusion.

"Yes...!" The girl sobbed. "I-I want to come with you...! Please...!"

"Okay." Hoopa said as she rubbed her head. "Do you want to tell me your name?"

"M-Myra...Robinson..." She whimpered.

"Well then, Myra. You're part of our team now. We'll be here for you from now on." Hoopa assured her, before taking off one of her hoops. "I'm going to help you with something, alright? Is that okay?"

"...Yes." She nodded.

"Good girl. Okay, hold still." Much more gently then usual, she lowered her hoop until she had gone all the way through.

A little Noibat now sat in her lap.

"There you go." Hoopa said as she picked the bat up. "You did really well."

Myra blinked with her not working eyes. "...I feel funny." She shook her now large head. She waved her legs. She flapped her wings. "Wh-What happened? Why do I feel weird!?"

"Hoopa, look what you've done!" Heather cried.

"Who's that!?" Myra instantly became panicked. "Who else is here!?"

"Heyheyhey, it's okay. Everything's okay." Hoopa said as she held the Noibat, who was hyperventilating. "You're a Noibat now."

"A Noibat?" She echoed.

"Yes. A Pokemon." Hoopa explained. "Which is why you can understand what all my other Pokemon are saying."

"Nice to meet you." Evan spoke up, which made Myra flinch.

"I'm...a Pokemon?" She asked.

"Yep. Part of the team." The Mythical said. "And I'm Hoopa, who will be responsible for you."

"Hoopa..." Myra spoke the name softly. "...It feels weird, Hoopa. But a good kind of weird. Like-ah!" She suddenly jumped.

"What's wrong?" Hoopa asked.

"Th-Things!" She cried frantically, flapping her wings. "Things were...there! Um...! Uh...!"

"Can you guys hear that?" Evan said.

The rest of the Pokemon concentrated to hear a ringing sound.

"Is that...sonic waves?" Oliver guessed.

"She's using echolocation." Jo instantly become marvelled.

"I...can see you." Myra's eyes widened in shock. "I can see you!"

"I guess it worked out for her..." Oliver would've shrugged if he could.

"This is wrong." Heather grumbled.

"Sure you're not jealous she can echolocate and fly?" Evan smirked. Heather did not respond.

"Come on, everyone." Hoopa said as she stood up with Myra in her arms. "Let's take our new member to the Pokemon Centre."

"No no!" She instantly became erratic again. "Please don't take me there! He will-!"

"It's alright. We'll protect you." Hoopa said. "Besides, he can't recognise you now. We just need to get you checked up."

"But...but..." She still seemed hesitant, but they were already heading out and towards the red roofed building.

"Welco-oh, it's you from yesterday." Joy recognised the group. "I would've thought you'd be off on Route 3 by now."

"Yeah, sorry, but can you take a look at my Noibat?" Hoopa said. "I just got her, but it seems like she's gone through some rough things. I just want to make sure she's okay."

"Ah." Joy nodded understandingly. "Alright then."

"Nooooo." Myra argued as she clung onto Hoopa tightly.

"She's a bit delicate." Hoopa explained.

"I understand. In that case, you can come in with me, if that will help." Joy offered.

"Thank you." Hoopa nodded as she carried Myra down the hall.

The other four followed and watched through the glass as Joy checked over Myra with the help of Indeedee, the Noibat flinching at every touch.

"Is this right?" Heather spoke, which made the other three look at her.

"Would you have preferred the other option?" Jo questioned.

"Of course not!" She snapped. "But we don't know if she's okay with all this. If this is what she wants, or if it's just what's been forced upon her."

"Maybe that's not for us to decide." Evan said as he folded his arms. "This is a chance for her to find her own way in life. Her previous experience was nothing but pain, so an entirely new one could help her gain a new lease on life. Figuring things out for yourself is the best way to go about things."

He then noticed all three were staring at him. "What? I can be profound too!"

"And we're done." Joy said.

"Good girl." Indeedee praised the little Noibat.

"Your Noibat has some scars on her wings and under her fur." Joy told her. "Thankfully they shouldn't impede her ability to fly, but her constant flinching indicates she's had some kind of abuse early in her life. It's not uncommon for a Pokemon to abandon their Egg in the wild, which is most likely where this came from. If you're thinking of using her for battle, please ease her into it, and help her gain come confidence."

"I understand." Hoopa nodded. "Thank you, Nurse Joy."

"I can fly?" Was what Myra took from the conversation.

"Sorry to keep you guys waiting!" Hoopa said as she walked out with Myra. "Right, we've stalled long enough, let's get moving to Route 3!"

"Finally!" Heather sighed as they began walking.

"We're going?" Myra asked.

"Yep! Your journey starts here!" Hoopa told her.

"...Okay." She nodded.

"Here we are!"

Galar's Route 3 lay spread out before them, Galar Mine Number 1 far off in the distance along with the power plant, and inbetween was long, sandy paths with greenery scattered almost erratically along the rocky earth. Many Trainers were already battling each other or catching wild Pokemon.

"I guess this is where it really begins, huh?" Heather sighed.

"How is this going to work, Hoopa?" Oliver asked.

" is kinda boring." Hoopa admitted.

"Oh, then WHY-!?" Evan covered Heather's mouth.

"Besides, humans like doing their own thing, right?" Hoopa said. "So you guys can train by battling wild Pokemon, and I'll supervise. If I wanna have an official battle, I'll call you all over. That sound alright?"

"Fine by me." Evan agreed.

"If I remember correctly, there are mostly Vulpix's, Zigzagoon's and Rookidee, along with some rare ones." Oliver recalled. "So, um...Heather should go for the Mudbray, I could try the Fighting Types, and Evan...uh..."

"If I can Bite it I'll fight it." The Impidimp said.

"I'll stay here with Myra and Jo, then." Hoopa told them, indicating to the Abra who, despite fighting valiantly, could not stay awake. "Okay, gang, let's get training!"

The group split with Hoopa remaining whilst the three split up across the expanse. Evan immediately began his glamorous journey by Biting down on a passing Rookidee, who screeched Poke-profanities.

Oliver on the other hand floated around, now having a better hold on levitating his body, and stared at the various groups of Poekomn mingling about. There was a large group of Trubbish all talking together, apparently taking comfort in their own scents. Quickly turning away from that conversation he found several Klink all talking to one other about their respective partners, some grievances, even though they were stuck together, but surprisingly the pairs didn't mind. Guess you had to get used to it since you were stuck together.

"Pokemon have surprisingly normal conversations." Oliver took note, before spotting a lone Tyrogue shadowboxing, a rare sight. And seeing as how the Baby Pokemon only knew Normal Moves...he began floating towards it.

Hoopa meanwhile was sitting with Myra, Jo still sleeping next to her. But at some point he had started levitating steadily, which meant he was learning something even whilst unconscious. The Noibat meanwhile was constantly sending out waves from her large ears to 'take in' everything around her.

"It's so wide." She suddenly said, absentmindedly.

"That's the world for you." Hoopa nodded, when Myra gained a frown. "What's wrong?"

"I don't like them fighting." She pointed a wing in the general direction of Evan, who had now picked a fight with a Skwovet, and Oliver, who was now battling a Tyrogue. Heather was wandering.

"You don't have to worry about it." Hoopa told her. "Pokemon are born really tough. Even if we're knocked out, we can get right back up again."

"Mmmm…" Myra didn't seem convinced.

"Say," Hoopa thought quickly. "Why don't we work on you being able to fly?"

"I really can?" She asked incredulously.

"Of course. Would you like to?"

She seemed uncertain about it again.

"Come on, we'll get you started." The Mythical stood up. "I float myself, but I bet we can get the gist of it. You just gotta flap your wings!"

"My wings? Um..." The girl stretched her limbs out tentatively.

"Come ooooon just give it a go." Hoopa coaxed.

Myra still seemed hesitant, but began slowly began waving her wings.

"You can do it, faster, faster!" Hoopa cheered.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Myra strained as she flapped her wings faster, and managed to begin hovering off the ground. "I can't feel the ground!" She then fell back down.

"But you hovered for a second!" Hoopa marvelled.

"It feels weird..." Myra admitted.

"It will also become your best strength." Hoopa said. "Let's keep practising, okay?"

"Alright..." She agreed.

"Gah!" The Tyrogue that Oliver had been fighting picked itself up after fainting. "No fair! I couldn't hit you at all! You must've cheated somehow!"

"I'm a Ghost-Type." Oliver defended himself. He certainly was a Baby Pokemon, because he was acting very bratty. "You really don't know how Types work?"

"Types?" The Tyrogue questioned.

'That answers that.' Oliver thought.

"Whatever! This is stupid! I'm not playing anymore!" He then stomped off in a huff.

"He considered that playing?" The Corsola wondered aloud.

Evan meanwhile had just sent the Skwovet scampering off and brushed the dust off his hands. "That's that. Huh...I guess I can use Fake Tears now." Learning new moves was certainly strange. It was like suddenly having an epiphany about how to do this or that, like using that feeling in your body in a unique way, or in this case, scrunching up his face and crying on command.

"Finally things are beginning to get into full swing..." He groaned out as he stretched his spaghetti limbs. "So long as I'm a good little Poke, things can only go up from here. Hopefully."

Heather on the other hand was sitting beneath a Berry Tree, relaxing as best she could. No way she was going to go and pick a fight with some random Pokemon just because Hoopa asked her. This was supposed to be HER journey, so she'll do what SHE wants to do. It only took 3 Routes for the Mythical to finally let her off on her own...

"Excuse me?"

The Budew was startled by the unfamiliar girly voice, and looked up to see a Cherubi in the tree looking down at her.

"Whatcha doing down there?" The Cherubi asked.

"Resting." Heather replied dryly.

"Oh..." The Cherubi mumbled. "I thought you might've been lost from your mummy, but you're a bit older then that, huh?"

"If you thought I was young because I'm a 'Baby Pokemon', then you're wrong." Budew huffed.

"It's just that usually you would be a Roselia by now." The Cherubi said.

"Huh? Budew evolve from strong friendship with their Trainers, which I certainly don't have." She denied.

"Well my mummy told me that some Pokemon evolve when they're really happy or grateful." The Cherubi argued. "But I guess you're not very happy at all."

"Hey!" She took offence. "I'm in a very bad position right now, y'know! I used to have hands! With apposable thumbs!"

"Grumpy." The Cherubi pouted.

"Ahhh, you wouldn't understand anyway." She grumbled.

"Well, I don't have any arms." Cherubi said. "I'm a Grass-Type, in a place with a lot of dangerous Pokemon for me, and my only safe place is this tree which humans shake a lot."

"Our situations are a bit more different then that." Heather sighed.

"I think you're lucky." The Cherubi said. "You're going on a journey, with a Trainer who actually feeds you. I'd like that. I'm scared that I'm gonna get caught by someone who only uses me for battles and nothing else. I think everybody's scared of that. Maybe you don't think you're in the best position, but it could be a lot worse. If you start looking at it more positively, you'll get arms in no time!"

Heather paused for a moment. "...How old are you, kid?"

"3 days."

'I'm being talked down to by a literal baby.' The Budew sighed in her head. "I'll keep that in mind. Thanks."

"Oh! You're welcome!" The berry beamed.

"Right then...I'm...gonna go fight a Mudbray." She admitted.

"So, how did everybody get on?" Hoopa asked as the group were now travelling.

"Good." Yeah, good." "Alright." The first three answered.

"Myra's going to practice flying a bit more whilst we're heading to Turffield." Hoopa explained as the little bat flapped her wings at a steady pace to get a feel for it. "Thankfully, Mine 1 will be perfect! It's nice and crowded for her echolocation, and the cave roof will be a good goal to reach."

"Are you alright with that, Myra?" Heather checked.

"Mm-hm." The Noibat nodded shyly, still not used to the rest of the group.

'I've been hard at work as well you know.' A voice echoed in their heads, causing Myra to shriek and inadvertently let out a Supersonic.

"Arceus, Eon! A bit of warning next time!" Evan yelped as he covered his large ears.

"Sorry!" Myra squeaked as she buried her head in her fur in shame.

'No, no, my bad.' The still sleeping Abra floating behind them conveyed. 'I'm finally getting the hang of these psychic capabilities. Subconsciousness is a wonderful thing for me it turns out. Still wish I didn't have to sleep so much, though.'

"We're all getting used to our new bodies." Oliver pointed out. "We might actually be ready for this Gym Battle."

"Might be? Of course we are!" Evan slapped Oliver's shell as if patting his back. "We're gonna ace this thing, right, Hoopa?...Hoopa?"

"Ehehehee…" Hoopa had a weird look on her face. "Butter drenched scallops..."

"She's more absentminded then usual." Heather mumbled.

"Don't tell me Myra's Supersonic confused her." Oliver said.

"Huh?" The Noibat innocently tilted her head.

'Even if she's a Mythical, she's still a Pokemon, so it's possible...' Jo theorised.

"But Celebi, I don't want to fly in the paddling pool...I'd rather fly! Wheeeeee!" She then began sprinting forward carrying Myra.

"Hoopa! Come back!" Evan cried as the four other members gave chase towards the cave entrance.

At the same time, a figure looked on from afar with a groan.

"Honestly, Hoopa..." They whispered.

Myra Robinson by Yukistorm04

And here we are with another chapter heading into Galar Mine 1. Though obviously most of this chapter was introducing our newest member; Myra the Noibat.

Now, a bit of background with this choice. Despite only having a handful of submissions so far, MOST of those submissions had an abusive father backstory, which was a tad bit worrying. Guys, this is Pokemon, escapism in a sense. The T rating is there because I want to use creative Pokemon swear puns not because this is going to be a dark story. Just writing this chapter hurt my heart a bit.

But Myra was chosen over the others for several reasons; her unique age (on the opposite end of Jo), having a disability that ties into her Pokemon form (her blindness), Having a very long detailed form, and the submitter's contribution helping to get this back up and running again.

I might still choose the others, depends, but in the meantime, we're still going, onward to Turffield through Mine 1!

(Also, thank you ScalchopWarrior for the constructive feedback. Hope this was a bit better.)