This world is strange.

I've only been living in this world for 5 years since my rebirth and I could already tell that it was a strange one.

The source of the strangeness were the entertainment.

The kid books were bland with no creativity and would bluntly tell the moral with no story to make kids understand and learn emotionally.

The cartoons weren't even animated, like a animatic but it is presented blandly and the voice actors weren't even trying to sound engaging.

Normal books were mostly non-fiction books with a few old classics like Shakespeare and Charles Dickins.

Movies were nothing more than documentaries with them old timey movies sometimes showing.

And the TV shows mostly consisted of game shows and reality TV. Anytime a drama or fictional show pops up their either really bad or are cancelled due to low views.

The only saving grace was the Music, though I can think of thousands of better songs from my old world.

I think I should do this world a favour and bring a whole new world of entertainment that will bring a new Era of joy and imagination.

Lucky for them I was quite a ambitious person in my old life with a whole lot of time on my hands.

Look out world! For Diana Violet is going to cover you in a rainbow of fandoms!