This is VVGirl here and I am going to give you a quick update!

I am currently in a very creative mood right now, have been for a while and it ain't leaving anytime soon. However I have important exams coming up that will determine my future, so I won't be able to express my creativity through writing for a while.


I will be making notes on my ideas and plan flesh out my stories. Once my exams are over I'll write up my ideas and plan on here on and Wattpad (I have a KHRxBNHA there).

For Harry No Longer Exist (I should really change that cringy title, but I don't know what else to call it) I will be improvising a lot of things as I have no access to the movies or books. So I apologise in advance.

I am also a bit forgetful, I may have ADD or ADHD (something that makes my mum laugh as she denies this, I know she is a nurse but I have scarily accurate symptoms) and maybe short term memory lost. So spam me messages or reviews if I have been absent to a considerable while.

That is all I can think of saying rn, so I will see you all again soon!