Mixture between DPOV and RPOV

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"Guardian Belikov Headmistress Kirova requested your presence immediately" Guardian Petrov alerted me, she sounded almost worried. Headmistress Kirova transferred St Basil's from St Vladimir's, Montana just over one year ago hearing that the Princess and her best friend had fled here. I wonder if this has something to do with them, we have had several meetings about the pair and have been trying to track them for the past year with close attempts but still failing, from what she has told me I will be leading a team of eight.

"Guardian Petrov, please call me Dimitri" she is probably the person I am closest to at St Basils, we have had shared many stories including family stories, past relationships. I Also recently found out that herself and Headmistress Kirova are exclusive, I am very happy for them both. Dhampir rarely get to date due to duties they often end.

"Well Dimitri, if you insist, then please call me Bertie" she smiled at me, we eventually reach Headmistress Kirova's office. I gave a hard couple knocks and waited to be allowed in.

"Enter" Came through the door, before we walked in I slipped my guardian mask on, as I entered I saw my team all standing on the border of the room 'Bertie' went and stood just behind her lover and I stood in the centre in front of the Headmistresses' desk.

"As you all are aware, we have been tracking the whereabouts of Princess Vasilisa Dragomir and Rosemarie Mazur, we have had a tip off that they are in Chinatown, St Petersburg. Here is your itinerary you will leave immediately" I thanked the Headmistress and left with my team in tow.

We landed in St Petersburg it was about a 4 hour plane trip from Ulyanovsk and the time currently 7:30pm, we had 2 Black, heavily tinted Lada Largus Vehicles waiting for us at the landing strip. Half of us in one and the others in the twin vehicle. We parked each parked on the opposite side of the house, one in the back street and one just further up from where they were staying.

We surrounded the area, I was standing just next to a tree hiding in the shadows, I was looking through a window which looked like the kitchen. A brunette girl was sitting askew toward the window, I could only just the outline of her face and her in a ponytail. I watched as the blonde girl lowered her mouth onto the Brunette's neck. I assume the brunette is Rosemarie Mazur and the Blonde to be the Princess. I looked away a little shocked, slightly feeing dense, of course, how else could she survive it's not like she had access to feeders.

As I looked back up Rosemarie had put lifted her hand to her neck and offered Princess Vasilisa napkin as she had blood around her mouth. Rosemarie stood up and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, took a couple gulps and made her way back to the window, she was looking around and then her eyes met mine. She turned back to the Princess and Disappeared. I spoke into the radio telling everyone to be alert.