Here we go again! Coming at you with a Gears of War/Mass Effect crossover. Please expect a lot of bloody and gory curbstomps to the face, thresher maws being devoured by rift worms. As well as Krogans, Turians, etc. being stepped on by Brumaks and all the other big, deadly uglies the Locust and Swarm have in store for the ME Universe. Locust will be producing their own tech as well as incorporating COG tech (Hammer of Dawn, Jackbot, vehicles), Swarm will be a big focus on the biological engineering of the locust (Juvie Krogans and Turians sounds cool!). I do not own any of the mentioned series, please enjoy this fic!

Chapter 1: A Nightmare Reborn...

Nexus Prime, new home of the Locust/Swarm

100 years after Sera exodus event…

On the observation deck of a cruiser, overlooking the new home planet of the Locust and by extension, the Swarm, sat a 10 foot tall figure, resting on a carved throne made out of bloodstone, a type of rock found back on Sera. Though the planet was now reduced to an uninhabitable husk of what it once was, now only used as one of the ten planets found to siphon imulsion from and carefully converted into a non-infected, energy source for starships, rift drives, Hammer of Dawn cannons, and other military needs. Standard Locust workers and Horde nobles amenities were powered by nuclear energy, produced in underground power plant facilities.

The figure soon paid attention to the bustling city, enraptured by the Locust Horde architecture that graced each design. Horde banners and symbols were proudly shown on each building.

The figure on the throne, was General Kryll, a product of genetic samples taken from the previous General Raam before his death at the hands of the Humans. Kryll wore full bodied osmium armor coated in crimson red, armed with a double-barreled Troika machine gun similar to Raam's and a serrated, osmium coated dagger. The great General has adopted the ability of calling upon his own personal nest of Kryll, a bat/piranha-like species that swarm together and rip into what prey they can find, though, are extremely vulnerable to sunlight.

As Kryll was stuck in thought, a drone hurried through a set of doors, bearing a data pad, kneeled in front of the General and read his report.

"General sir! We have received word that the newly inhabited colony of Nocturne has been fully established. The workers have been upping the tasks for the corpsers to complete, tunnel systems are being spread out through the planet similarly to old Sera's hollows system. The warden in charge of the Swarm's new hive has established a position in the Uzil Mountains, a Hive Beast was also recently created there." reported the drone with a slight hiss.

"Good, though I doubt that is all you are reporting?" spoke the General, eager to know more details on the Horde's new frontier planet. Nocturne was a very dark planet in the newly found Ssrak System, farthest from the sun, but closest when traveling from the Myrrah System. Though the lack of sunlight is evident, the Locust or Swarm never had any problems adapting to dark locations, due to living underground most of their lives back on Sera. Plans have been made to Colonize both the surface and underground of the planet to establish a foothold in the system.

"No, for there is a crucial variable that will slow down colonization. For a ship of unknown origin has made planet fall on Nocturne, a hundred meters in length, the giant artifact nearby had activated bringing the ship through means of unknown FTL, actions are already being taken to deal with the trespassers." stated the drone, Nocturne also was located near an alien artifact of unknown origin, being in the shape of a tuning fork. The scientists in the noble caste have discovered an element with a mass of zero making up it's core.

"I'll report this to the noble hierarchy, they'll want to hear this for themselves. A fleet shall be prepared and sent, though it'll take at least a day. Notify Admiral Uzil of the ongoing situation, that is all" finished Kryll, preparing a call to the council.

As the drone messenger left the room, a holographic display activated, giving a view of a group sitting around a table.

"General Kryll, we trust this is of most importance?" Spoke Hierarch Ryder, one of the five nobles in charge of the Horde and Swarms acting leadership. Locust Nobles look exactly like their human counterparts, though differ with pale skin and hair, along with a pair of either sulphur yellow or crimson eyes. They are relatives of the children who grew up on Sera, born from imulsion miners and part of the few that received immunity to imulsion sickness.

"Of course, my hierarchs. For important news has been received from the newly colonized world of Nocturne in the Ssrak System. For a ship of unknown design and origin has reached the planet, the ship itself being somewhere between a hundred meters in length." General Kryll said.

"Only a hundred meters? Must be a scouting party for its size. We'll have to hope the troops don't completely butcher the life forms on board. Would like to know more about this new species" Spoke Hierarch Brawn, eager to examine a new species.

"I'll put my trust in the Swarm, for they at least can replenish their units with new genetic material to modify" spoke Hierarch Maverick, an avid supporter in the use of Swarm genetic morphology to cull biological threats.

"We'll also get to see if our soldiers prove useful against an unknown threat…" replied Hierarch Magnus, a scholar of battlefield tactics and warfare.


"No comments on the report Hierarch Valencia?" Ryder spoke cool

"I'll be more interested in where this situation will take us, in this unforeseen future my fellow Hierarchs." Replied Hierarch Valencia, daughter of Kait Diaz, great-granddaughter to Queen Myrrah. Possessing the strongest mental link compared to any noble or Hierarch, just like her ancestors.

"Very well, this meeting is adjourned. General, I expect a report detailing engagement with the trespassers if you would kindly." Ryder ordered to the esteemed General.

"Of course"

"Splendid" Ryder ended with a cruel grin.

Nocturne, Ssrak System

6 hours after landing…

Multiple campsites are collectively seen stationed near a repurposed frigate, multiple mobile light towers have been emplaced for visibility. In those campsites, are groups of mercenaries relaxing, streaming the holovid waiting for bounties and mission updates, and participating in a makeshift shooting range. The mercenaries, all belonging to the Eclipse organization, a coalition of Asari, Human, Salarian, and the occasional Turian looking to make some big credits. Founded by a Asari commando, Jona Sedaris. Eclipse specialized in Biotic powers and stealth operations, though they also are popular in smuggling black market products, such as red sand.

"Hey Charlie! How goes our stock on YMIR and LOKI mechs?" called out an Asai merc, tinkering with her M-3 Predator.

"Their fine! Goddamn! that's like the fifth time you've asked that question. We currently have twenty-five LOKIs and three YMIRs, all looking at max efficiency, ammunition in check, yada yada!" replied the Human merc, marking down a report on his Omni-tool.

"Sorry asshole! Just wanted to make sure we have our security backup so we don't have to take turns on watch!" yelled the Asari merc, "I've been getting this feeling we're being watched, it's driving me crazy!"

"Well cool it! There's been nothing spotted on this godforsaken, shithole of a planet since we've landed. Better rest up, it's reaching nighttime, not like we can tell in this eternal darkness…"

Oh how very wrong they were…

Couple hundred meters away from Eclipse campsites…

On a shadowed dirt mound, laid a Locust sniper along with its Swarm equivalent. Both watching through their night vision scope-Longshots, eager to start popping heads soon. Behind them, awaited two squads of grenadiers eager to get up close and personal with the newly calibrated Gnasher Mk2. A horde of tickers and wretches controlled by a kantus priest adorning twin Gorgon auto pistols. And the final member, a brutal unit amongst the swarm infantry, a Scion warden. Wielding dual breaker maces to smash on his adversaries, signature helm with glowing crimson visors. Behind him sat a large cage containing a flock of leeches, creatures that swarm prey in a kryll-like fashion, able to corrupt machinery when attached.

"Cyclops! Lead your grenadier squads after the tickers, wretches, and leeches cause havoc amongst their numbers" Roared the Warden, turning his attention to the snipers, "you two! provide additional support, pick off any troublesome individuals.", and finally his covered head turned to the worm priest, "Priest, start directing the wretches and tickers to the campsites. I'll position the leeches to go after their machines.", the worm priest giving a simple nod and moving to give command chants to the ravenous critters, anticipating blood and flesh.

The Warden prepared a mental link to a nearby pack of snatchers, hoping to bring back some prisoners, maybe even some "recruits". Watching as bright, bioluminescent, orange lights a distance away, make their way towards the Warden's position.

Back at campsite…

The campsites started dying down in activities. Most of the mercenaries were already heading to sleep in their respective tents. A group of 10 were stationed along side the mechs, Incase a fast response team was needed if they were discovered. The one in charge of the group was the same mercenary in charge of mech inventory.

"This Red sand operation better be worth it. Hate to be camped here for nothing." Noted a Turian mercenary, his face covered with an eclipse tattoo. Hands holding onto a Phaeston assault rifle.

"If it doesn't work out, we can always get a couple of hit contracts to fill our accounts." Spoke an Asari, wielding a M-4 Shuriken.

As soon as Loki's were activated and sent to coordinated guard posts, the group made their way to an active campfire with a couple gun racks carrying a couple squads worth of weapons.

"I see some lucky bastard owns an Avalanche shotgun. Wouldn't mind giving that a try in the range!"

"Hey, is it me...or is there a couple of guns missing from the rack?" Spoke a Salarian mercenary.

"Your right! Some bastard must've taken back some to their tent and…" the mercenaries were silenced by a loud ticking sound. "Tick tick tick tick tick...ssssstiktik"

"What the fuck? Hey Hansen, shine a light over there"

The Human did as he was told, only for the group to discover a number of strange, hybrid mix, between a lizard and a mole. The creatures stood 2 and a half feet tall. One of the small creatures were chewing on a M-3 Predator before swallowing it whole. Another fixated on a M-15 Vindicator, eager to feast on its mineral compositions.

"Guess we know where they went. Fucking little shits!" Cried out a mercenary.

"The fuck are these things!? There's gotta be a horde of them making a meal of our guns!" Yelled another mercenary, drawing his assault rifle, ready to pop the small scavengers.

"Grraaaaa! Grrrrraaaa! Raaaa!" Came sounds from the dark. Alerting the mercenaries.

"Over there! I see movement, shine a light!"

As a flashlight shone in the sound's general direction, a swarm of masses burst through, charging towards the group at fast speeds.

"Take cover!" A mercenary yells out, diving to the ground.

A majority of the group follow lead, unfortunately, two members got peppered by the incoming flock. As the flock flew away, all that remained were a couple of corpses, missing most of their upper torso and entrails scattered on the earth.

"Sound the alarm! Call in the LOKIs! Return fire!" Called out an Asari, bursting shots at wherever the sound appeared in the darkness.

Soon enough, all the campsites were alerted to the electronic warnings coming from the alarm system. Mercenaries rushing out trying to find any guns or equipment to arm themselves with.

"Aaaaaahh someone get these fuckers off me!" Cried a mercenary, being on the receiving end of a vicious assault, by what appears to be a group of hunchback, monkey-Vorcha mix.

One of the creatures sunk its teeth into the man's neck, ripping out his throat and silencing him, leaving a pool of crimson blood. The creatures then focused their attention on the new scent of prey.

"Where the hell are those LOKIs and YMIRs!?"

"Their not responding! Send out an emergency message. There's too many!"

"It'll be too late! We're on our own for rig..*Crack*.." the mercenary was silenced, as a LOKI unit snapped his neck. The metallic body now hosting a fleshy growth, forced into its chassis, a pair of tentacles forming a claw on its left arm. Soon enough, more of these malformed units along with converted YMIR arrived.

"Groundwalkers!" Came a gravelly voice with a hiss at the end, shortly followed by the sounds of gunfire.

"Shit! Enemy contact, to the right. Return fire!" a mercenary called out, taking cover behind barriers.


"Captain Tavrik, we're getting reports of squads being snatched by large beasts. We're down to a third of our forces. YMIR and LOKI mechs have been turned against us and squads of hostiles are rushing our troops!" Noted a mercenary reading off his Omni-tool

"Keep firing, maintain discipline. Jordan behind you!" Cried the captain, watching the man with the Omni-tool get crushed beneath a crude mace with crystal attachments. The wielder, being an enormous behemoth, easily taller than a Krogan. Covered in crystalline growth, head covered in a menacing helmet with a glowing red visor.

"Bastard!" Cried Tavrik, firing his rifle at the

figure. Watching as the rounds simply pinged off it's torso. One shot made impact with the helmet, staggering the mighty behemoth for a moment before continuing. The towering figure then raised its twin maces and dashed with a great speed for its size. Tavrik only just managing to leap to the side at the cost of his gun. With no gun, he unsheathed his combat knife, ready to spill blood.

"Come on, you piece of shit. Want your prey? Gotta catch it!" Tavrik yelled, charging at his adversary. Right as his blade made contact against the crystalline skin of the giant, it stopped dead on the surface. Not even managing to put a gash or cut, much to the shock of the Turian captain, noticing how the blade was chipped.

Before he could even begin, a blunt force struck the back of his head, knocking him out cold. The culprit being a grenadier elite, using the butt of a Gnasher, wide grin on his face as he holstered the shotgun.

"Report!" Barked the Warden, repositioning his helmet, a few dents scarring it.

"Third of the enemy forces are captured, rest are wretch feed. We've sustained casualties of half the leech flock, half of the tickers and wretches are mincemeat, nine of those possessed enemy mechs are scrap, and we've lost three grenadiers." Spoke the grenadier.

"Pathetic vermin can't even put a dent in our ranks!" The Warden growled, "no matter, we have a good portion of their ranks captured by the snatchers. Just have to remove a couple of each species for the Hierarchs, the rest can help support the hive's number on this planet."

Turning around, the Warden notices the participating Kantus make his way towards him, a holographic emitter in hand.

"We have received word that the 3rd combat fleet has arrived led by Admiral Uzil, he deemed it worthy to bring his flagship, HSN Gorgon. Can't believe they're gonna bring one of our Old Ones to this rock." The Kantus spoke, briefly setting down the emitter for use.

The Warden was surprised, an actual ship from the trinity was coming to Nocturne. Only three have been made through the space age of the Locust's history. A single ship was easily 20 kilometers in length, armed to the teeth with 50 Hammer of Dawn cannons, 2 Twin-Linked Mass Driver Railguns, 500 Nemacyst Missile Pods, 1000 A.I. Controlled Turrets, 100 Boarding Pods, and an Experimental Hydra Energy Cannon. But it's most valuable feature was its purpose in transporting the Locust's most dangerous weapons. A Riftworm.

Riftworms are what the Locust hail as gods, the closest thing to their religion revolves around these mountain sized worms. Easily able to bring high levels of morale for Locust troops. And one was currently above Nocturne.

"Very well, in the meantime, I'll have the rest of the troops secure the alien ship."

Woooh that was quite the type up. Not gonna lie, it'll take a while for each chapter due to College and work. But I find this quite an enjoyable hobby. Hopefully I fish out another chapter soon, but I don't wanna bait you all with false promises. Thanks again for giving this a read. The start of my first released story. See y'all later.-High Lord Wolnir, Ruler of Carthus

Locust Codex:

Gnasher Mk2: The Gnasher Mark 2 shotgun is a recalibrated version of the original Gnasher shotgun. Now chambered for 20 gauge tungsten shells and features a heated cleaver bayonet attachment.

Lancer Mk3: This automatic rifle is the successor to the Lancer Mk1 and Lancer Mk2 (though either can be seen still used by Locust troops). It has retained the classical chainsaw bayonet for its multiple uses as both tool and close quarters weapon. It has an angular positioned magazine for easier reloads, linger barrel, light metal stock and larger holographic sights. A grenade launcher is now an optional replacement for the bayonet system.

Longshot: A high caliber, sniper rifle using .338 Rhino rounds. Favored by Locust marksman for its stopping power. Though the drawback is the lack of a magazine, requiring the user to load each bullet into the chamber.

Snub Pistol Mk2: .50 cal electro-kinetic handgun. Based off the original model, though now featuring small red dot sights. Along with a select burst fire.

M-80 Plasma Torrent: A heavy, plasma bolt spewing gun, that is most suitable for Grinders (Boomer variant). Capable of firing 250 bolts without a power pack. Grinders with power packs can fire up to 1500 bolts of burning plasma. Overheating is a caution.

T-40 Energy Defender: With the help of Noble caste scientists, hand-held energy weapons are now possible. The T-40 is a DE submachine gun with a powered, plasma bayonet.

Wretches: The cannon fodder of the Locust army. Capable of easily overwhelming enemies, though are quite easily disposed of. Kantus priests can control the direction of these vicious packs through their "chants".

Snatchers: The Swarm's means of capturing fresh "recruits" for conversion. Capable of climbing most surfaces, are armed with incendiary liquid spray attacks and a tail that can fire off piercing quills. They are born as Pouncers.

Swarm Warden: These are the juggernaut units of the Swarm. Armed with Dual Breaker Maces, protected with natural crystalline growth covering their body like a suit of armor. These units do not fear death, rushing at groups of enemies with great ferocity. If one is spotted, it is a telltale sign that a Swarm nest is being made

Frigates: the lightest ships in the entire Navy. Armed with 2x2 Light M-32 Coilguns, 2x2 Splinter Missiles, 4x2 Defense Turrets, and a small squadron of 10 Fighter Craft. The lightest, but fastest ship in the fleets, stronger in groups.

Cruisers: Provide a bulk number in the Navy, coming in at 1.5-2 kilometers in length. Armed with a single Railgun lining 80% of the ship, 8x2 Nemacyst Missile Pods, 4x8 defense turrets, and a small complement of 50 fighter craft or 100 Vulture class drones.

Carriers: Dreadnought-sized craft, the main role of ferrying compliments of troops and supplies to different destinations. Carriers lack any real means of offense, armed with only 8x2 Defense Turrets and 2x2 Nemacyst Missile Pods. Due to lack of offensive capabilities, Carriers rely on a huge compliment of Vulture Drones or Fighter craft. Cargo bay can hold up to 30,000 tons and can provide a total of 150,000 fully equipped troops in addition to crew members.

Dreadnoughts: These are the 2nd largest craft in the Locust Navy. Serving as the Vanguard of a fleet, a combination of terrifying firepower and thick armor. Little can stand in the way of this 5-6 kilometer ship. There are 2 classes of Dreadnoughts: the Reaver and the Tyrant. Reaver focuses on its arrange of Broadside weaponry, no less than 264 (132 on each side) mounted, each one as long as 30% the ships width. Reaver-class Dreadnoughts also carry a payload of highly reactive, Lightmass Missiles with the largest just barely hitting triple-digit kiloton range. The Tyrant-class is installed with upper scaled Hammer of Dawn energy cannons, with 3 facing the front, able to be shot separately or altogether. They carry 50x2 Nemacyst Missile Pods.

Trinity-class Super Dreadnought: The powerhouse of the Locust Navy and acting mobile fortress. Bringing fear to any world unfortunately being invaded. Spanning 20 kilometers in length and 3 km in width, armed to the teeth with 50 HoD Cannons, 2 Twin-linked Mass Driver , 1,500 Nemacyst Missile Pods, 1500 A.I. Controlled Defense Turrets, 250 Boarding Pods, and an Experimental Hydra Energy Cannon. The ship also carries a type of barrier shield technology. It's main purpose is to transport *Redacted*

(Yeah, I know I kinda mentioned it twice)