Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to my Outer Worlds/ Gate JSDF crossover. The Outer Worlds is a very good game containing, good RPG elements, gun mechanics, dialogue options and an interesting story. This story will be an AU for the Outer Worlds side, containing some small elements from other series.

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Chapter 1: Welcome to Halcyon!

The Halcyon System. A frontier of unlimited potential and cause for future investments. A place that offers new lives and homes to those wishing for a new experience. Founded by interstellar expeditions and years of calculating courses, it is now a den for corporate businesses and production of a multitude of products.

Life on Halcyon can be hell depending on where you lived, with Raptidons and Mantisaurs roaming for prey to devour, marauders eager to kill, maim or cannibalize other people, working daily shifts for certain businesses. Life in the frontiers of space was a hard, but definitely a forgiving place, well except Monarch or Terra 1 as it was called before board members left.

Living in the frontier had its positives. From adventuring the wildernesses of Monarch or Terra 2, stargazing and seeing the planets up close in the nighttime skies, meeting unique characters and the occasional (if rare) moon man who will try to sell you fancy soaps. This was but an average day in the Halcyon System.

Onboard a Gunship, at the helm of the ship, stood a man in reinforced leather armor with a duster. On the duster was the word RobCo in bulky letters stitched on the article of clothing. He currently had a pair of T&L Auto-Mag pistols holstered to his sides, a shock baton attached to his belt for close quarters. By his sides were a pair of hovering mechanical spheres with antennas poking out.

Eyebots as they were called. Robots that served as both messengers and scouts, armed with only small stun guns and light laser blasters. They can also serve as personal sentries and guards.

"ED-E replay mission instructions from House." Spoke the man, analyzing the cosmos.

"Playing message: "Simon, this is Robert House, your mission is to overlook the setting and construction of the Monsoon Teleportation Module. It's been getting harder over the years sending freighters to the Halcyon System, but with this, we can easily send personnel and supplies faster. But my secondary objective for you, is to overlook this gateway that has appeared. We've had troubles with barbarians that came from this 'Gate', they're definitely Human, and they are also extremely hostile. Thanks to population boosts from the freed Hope colonist, we have 12,500 troops and an assortment of mechanized infantry ready to move forward into the gateway. It is located on Monarch or Terra 1 to the locals, either way I would like anything you can find, from wildlife samples to resources, good luck. House out."

Right, the Hope, a colony ship that was left stranded a couple thousand light years from any planet. After initial findings, The Board was fine with leaving thousands of colonists to their fate. This action did not go without consequences, for after finding out about the Boards deeds, House raised hell amongst the companies responsible for the abandonment of the colony ship. Most, if not all companies were experiencing a hostile takeover, Auntie Cleo's became MedTec Synthogen Industries, the Sublight Salvage & Shipping became RobCo Scrap and Haul Corporation, Universal Defense Logistics became Helios Defense Task Force, the rest were put on tight leashes with Spacer's Choice being the only one on a loose leash, with Robert House stating, "As long as they don't slave away workers and keep their damn mascot away from me!". Either way, nobody wanted to mess with the Moon Man (god bless Martin Callahan). House used up a proportional amount of resources in digging up dirt on each corporation industry, threatening them to hand over control, leaving House as the apex on the market.

After initial takeover, House with the help of Phineas V. Welles, who was promised with resources along with sizable funds for a bigger expansion to his lab in return for complete cooperation, freed the remaining colonists using Welles's chemical formula to prevent explosive cell death. Though there were problems in dealing with giant roaches and rats that inhabited the lower decks, but overall the Hope was restored as a station that now orbits around Monarch alongside the newly built TranStar Talos 2 station, offering an offworld settlement and place of trade, relieving the death world with plenty of supplies and profit. House offered a shipment of ship parts, supplies, and highly new skip ships to the Groundbreaker station. In return, the Groundbreaker was under House's authority, and a proportional size of the mardets be required to serve in the upcoming expedition into the gateway. Overall, House ruled supreme in the system, his word was law. Though he was strict and mostly a businessman, he did know how to have friends.

Simon Riley, a dark haired youth with chocolate brown eyes that shone with need of adventure, great-grandson to Nathan Riley, otherwise known as Courier six, was one of House's most trusted agents and mutually accepted friend. After Six saved Nevada from the brutality of the Legion and peacefully protected the nation's independence from the NCR (though they still were allowed to keep the embassy on the Strip), he was gifted a spot in House's business and inner circle. The Courier proceeded to marry Rose Cassidy, having four kids, he died in his bed at the Lucky 38 surrounded by friends, family and other acquaintances, he has been credited to rediscovering the Big Mountain Research Facility and getting support from its residents, speaking sense to Father Elijha to return back to the Brotherhood, saving Zion National Park from Legion control, and peacefully stopping a nuclear threat while fighting off ghoulified legion and NCR remnants with a rival courier bearing an old world flag and a loyal eyebot.

House proceeded to take control over most of the Midwest. Terraforming the land using found GECKs, turning the lands fertile once again, allowing a new beginning. Of course, House kept his word when talked to the Courier, following his big plans on sending colony ships to find untainted and untapped worlds that can become new bastions for humanity. Earth's moon, Luna, played host to multiple large settlements on its surface along with a couple stations orbiting it. After the Halcyon colony ships were sent out to colonize the System, House started drafting improvements with the Skip Drive, with help from BMT's residential brains, they created the Skip Mk2 Drive, capable of reaching the Halcyon System from Earth in a week.

"Yes Man, how long until we reach the designated landing pad by the gate?"

"Approximately in 15 minutes sir! Why don't you talk with the crew in the meanwhile." The AI responded, it's screen avatar keeping the same friendly smile.

"Will do, keep the ship on course and send out broadcasts of our arrival" said Simon, leaving the bridge.

On board the gunship, in the crew quarters

Walking up to the main lounge, sounds of conversations and chatter were heard, upon Simon entering the room, the noise died down to a silence. All passenger members took a seat or stood in position. Simon took this opportunity as a chance to debrief.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, we'll be making landfall soon, orders received as well, a gateway appeared a month back, releasing a horde of Barbarians that make the marauders look civilized, and mythological creatures. Our objective is setting up the Teleportation system we've been holding in the cargo bay, with a secondary to explore the other side of this gate and bring back samples. Any questions?"

"Yeah, what are our roles in this endeavor? I'm guessing weren't picked randomly." Spoke Morgan Yu, a TranStar Head Researcher and Fellow director of the TranStar Corporation alongside his brother, Alex Yu.

Both were major players in the ever expanding, Spaceborn business frontier. TranStar and RobCo being on agreeing ends and a mutual relationship with each other. The Yu brothers were found by House after exploring the rest of the devastated Earth, both boys were highly skilled in computer hacking and technological engineering.

"Morgan's right. I suppose a Super mutant, a Head executive researcher, an eyebot, a sniper, a BOS Knight, and me, were assigned for a reason." Spoke the residential gunslinger, Sam Cutter, a slim, bob cut blonde with an extremely deadeye accuracy.

"Simon sweety must have his reasons children, after all, he knows me and Leo make a great team addition!" Spoke Lily, residential Super mutant and everyone's grandma figure, also wielding a Makeshift, vertibird blade sword that is affectionately named Leo.

"As long as there's game or targets to hunt, I'm down for this exotic adventure!" Cheerfully replied Nicholas Raine, ex-sniper for the NCR's 1st Recon. A man out for trophies and new experiences, also an upbeat type of guy. He sported a sharp goatee and suave hairstyle that was covered by his old beret.

"I personally don't care, as long as I can still make daily reports to the Brotherhood, consider me active, someone also has to watch Simon's ass for trouble." Spoke Haiden Niers, standing Brotherhood of Steel representative and acquaintance to Simon, both being raised together as friends. Sporting combed blond hair and a stony face almost deprived of expression.

"What's wrong with me bringing ED-E?! He's a family Heirloom and a wonderful companion!" Argues Simon.

"If you don't mind having a flying toaster oven flying around you, with a risk of one day exploding. Then no, he is wonderful" Sam said.

"Ok, just cause he's really old, doesn't mean he's inefficient. Look at Lily! She's over what? A hundred or more! Also Morgan's operator bots look more like toasters"

"Fuck you, I'll have you know they serve more roles than that Sputnik imposter." Morgan casually said.

"Lily is also a Genetically engineered, behemoth of pure muscle that can rip a man in two. Still confident in Sparky?" Sam finished.

"He can do recon… but enough of that! We also have our establishments to discuss. Gratefully, the great King Yu has kindly offered us residential suites in his castle, the Talos 2 space station." Simon finished with a mocking bow. Morgan rolling his eyes at the gesture.

"Yeah, while Alex is busy overseeing Talos 1, I'll be overseeing the second, teams of researchers are already assigned there for special projects and researches, the station is an exact replica, though the Psychotronics lab has been replaced with wildlife holding areas for the native life in Halcyon. I do believe my team has made breakthroughs in some projects regarding the Raptidon species." Morgan stated, reading off his personal Transcribe communicator.

"*Beeep* sir! We have made it to the site, initiating landing procedures!" Yes Man broadcasted.

"You heard him lads! Get all your necessary equipment and report outside. We have a journey to begin!" Simon barked out, pulling off a Marksman rifle with camo paint from a display case, with the engraving reading [All American].

Monarch, Gate facility/research site...

Within moments, everyone was gathered outside, armed to the teeth with their favored weapons of choice and packs full of supplies.

Taking a lift ride down the landing pad, the group was greeted by the sight of a Helios Task Force trooper. Armed with a Deadeye rifle and suited in recon armor, he walked up to them.

"Greetings folks! You must be the delivery team coming in with that brand new teleporter, right?"

"Affirmative, the name is Simon and the group following is my crew. The Teleportation device is ready for set up, cargo doors are open. But right now, I need to see this gate that appeared." Simon ordered

"of course sir! Let me bring you to General Victor, he'll be able to bring you up to date on the gate and the 'friends' we've been greeting from it" the soldier said.

"Great! If you wou…."


Simon was interrupted by the sound of an alarm going off.

"Oh shit, another attack is on its way! Please everyone, follow me!" Urged the soldier, readying up his rifle.

" This complex is surrounded by concrete walls reaching 50 feet in height, those bastards would also have to walk through the maze section. We established catwalks to them off at a high ground advantage. AA turrets and whatever mechanical sentries not busy are tasked with the winged beasts they bring, they look like slimmer aerial cousins of the rapts." Informed the soldier, keeping a steady pace towards the headquarters building, with Simon and crew in tow.

Gunshots and yelling can be heard. Screams of men and roaring of beasts drowned the complex into a frenzy. With squads of Helios soldiers moving up on the catwalks to whatever hostile target they can find, mechanicals trotting on their legs to secure parameters with engineers catching up to establish barricades and defenses. The occasional pair of combat drones hovering overhead towards hostile forces. Some can be seen tracking enemy aerial units, clipping them from the sky with heavy machine gun or plasma fire.

After a few more turns and security checkpoints, the group arrived at a three story high building surrounded by squads of armed troops and elite mechanicals stationed on both the roof and front, ready to rip loose bolts of plasma or gunfire into whatever hostile made it past. And with that, the group hurried past the set of reinforced doors, making a meeting with the acting General.

On the Invader's side…

Things were not going well with Tribe Leader Titus Marsuvius. It's been a few months since the Beastmaster Tribe has first set foot beyond the gate. Hoping to find wealth, slaves and land to conquer and pillage, maybe a couple of battles to be won. But after initial arrival, plans have been going to absolute shit. Once on the other side, they've encountered dangerous, brutal beasts, some looking like overgrown leaf cutter bugs with hard shells surpassing their own armor. Reptilian hounds that vary in size, some reaching a height beyond a Vesuvius swamp lion, the beasts being able to spit acid was another danger besides it's terrifying maw. Whatever beast they killed required a group of men to take down, sometimes resulting in the death of an entire group of warriors.

The atmosphere of the world was really dreadful as well. All around, it smelled of ash and burning rotten eggs, making it hard to breathe and burning the lungs of some warriors. It truly brought a degrading fall to morale, with warriors fearful to continue moving forward. All seemed the same until they encountered groups of madmen and their deadly magic, spewing forth bolts of fire and magic that melted or pierced armor. With a number of casualties, the Beastmaster tribe successfully slayed the men. Taking with them a number of goods.

It all stopped when they found a village of sorts. Suspended over a large body of water, supported by iron pillars. As soon as they tried barging through the metal gate, a loud noise could be heard, only what can presumably be a warning for the village's defenders. Wyverns were sent to scout and attack from the sky over the village, but as soon as they reached the other side, loud bangs and explosions were heard, similar to the madmen's magic. And it was soon silent.

It took nearly an hour but the metal doors were finally nearing the breaking point, warriors readying their swords, bows, spears, and shields. With one last ram, the metal doors finally broke down, letting the men charge through. Oh how badly that went.

More of the same magic was encountered. Fire incinerating men to bones and ash, heads exploding, men being slashed by defenders using magical blades that caused wounds to burn and metal golems trotting around, smashing fellow tribesmen. This with all the other experiences combined, caused the rest of the survivors to retreat back to the gate, leaving wounded and dead behind, as well as the spoils of their exploration.

'Damn it! Not only once or twice, but three times we have tried! And we can't even push past these defenders.' Thought Titus, watching a group of shields march forward only to be mowed down.

'Those damn Imperials are still waiting for their gate to open up. Damn that demigod for suggesting this one.'

The continuous cracks and bangs brought Titus's attention from his thoughts. Continuing to watch as men tried to push past barriers and defenses, only to fall from the defenders and their magical weaponry, protected by foreign armor that even swords refused to cut. So with a heavy heart and shamed consciousness, Titus ordered a retreat.

"Retreat, back to the gate! Everyone fall back!"

With that the dam of thoughts broke through the minds of the tribal warriors. Panic broke amongst the ranks as they charged to reach the gate, but all of a sudden, multiple pods of iron fell from the sky, cracking open to reveal racks of metal constructs with blue glowing orbs. Each one was coated blue and white, with the occasional being a black coat and red shining orb that promised death and pain. With a single hiss, each rack shifted out, releasing each individual construct from its confines.

"Charge charge onward! They're but more of the cowardly magic constructs." Roared Titus rallying his fellow tribesmen towards the gate. Adrenaline overwhelming his state of mind, dulling down his fear and replacing it with a will to charge head on. Not sensing the imminent danger.

The constructs began moving forward, beams of energy were being fired from the black ones, while the blue and white ones sent bolts of lightning at downed warriors. In the end it was only Titus and a group of five behind him.

'Where did this all go wrong?' Titus thought, his vision going black as bolts of electricity sent him unconscious.

Back with Simon's group…

"Oh come on, We practically missed the entire fight!" Exclaimed Simon, kicking a barbarian's corpse, "well hopefully we'll get more chances across the gate, by the way when and how did Talos 2 send in the operators?"

"That would've been my doing, called in a requisition for a couple units of police operators, along with a couple of blackbox military operators. Figured we could've used back up incase things went south." Morgan replied, flipping out his transcribe, "figure I'll call in some transport for any surviving prisoners, maybe gets some information on what we're dealing with across this gate. Your welcome by the way."

"Hmph, welcome my ass. Well I guess we can begin mobilization across the gate. The General sure seemed ready with what he's sending" Simon said, remembering the conversation between him and the hard edged man.

15 minutes earlier…

Making their way to a guarded room. The soldier gave brief details, explaining to the guards before leaving. The group was allowed access within the War room, and were greeted with staff members broadcasting orders and battle information to troops, mechanical assistants bringing up files and data pads, and guards keeping watch.

In the center of the room, sat a holographic table with multiple screens above. A man in a full leather coat with ballistic vest, stood over the table, leaving a cold aura around him. He had a rough face with a burn covering a quarter beneath the cheek, along with a scar leading from his neck down.

"Well quite the cheery chap ain't he, let's go greet ourselves before the fights over shall we!" Simon said, making his way towards the General. "You must be General Victor, names Simon Riley, pleasure to meet you sir!"

Simon extended his hand for a shake, which the General kindly shook.

"Friendly and well mannered, don't know if your trying to be a kiss ass or just simply not afraid like these dogs I lead. Either way it's good to have you here, though I suppose Mister House sent you here on a package delivery. Am I right?", The General replied.

"Correct you are! Robert send his personal regards to lack of supplies being sent and troops. Thankfully, he sent us to deliver you a newly developed Teleportation system to speed things up, everything coming straight from Earth" Simon noted, handing the General a data pad listing all of the cargo on board.

"House has deemed it fit to also send in some additional firepower, with you guys still using A-8 Tiger heavy tanks, we've brought along 2 of the new Type 32 Nekomata tanks and an additional 2 battlewalker mechs. One being a L5 Riesig and the other a T-39 Bogatyr, both are major power houses for ground wars."

"I assume there are files of blueprints on these vehicles?", General Victor questioned, scrolling through the pad.

"Correct. This is but a taste, more vehicles and weapon blueprints are stored on that data pad, and with the use of fabricators, we can pump out parts for vehicles and have them assembled easily with the help of Morgan's engineer operators.", Said Simon

"Morgan Yu? Co-director of TranStar Industries? You must have quite the crew, guess he'll be leading future projects and operations for the eggheads up there right?", asked the General inquired.

"Correct general, that would be me, Morgan Yu, Co-director of TranStar and brother of Alex Yu. I'll be the official one in charge of all future projects and operations on board Talos 2, of course we'll also provide the scientific information needed for anything beyond the gate.", Morgan announced, popping up over Simon's shoulder.

"Glad to hear the eggheads are finally being reeled in up there, now that we have authority on board. But enough of that for now, we still have the issue of this gate to discuss. I've already lost a group of scientists and a couple engineers trying to research and secure the damn thing. What I want to know is whether to blow the damn thing up or not.", Stated General Victor.

"That's another reason we're here sir. House sent us as support for future endeavors across the gate, as well as overlooking and sending reports back to House for updates", said Simon.

The General proceeded to tap a few buttons before images and recordings were viewed on display across the holotable, presumably taken by a drone. They revealed an environment filled with vegetation, swamplands that can damper tank treads. The drone's view finally landed on a gate similar to the one in the complex, featuring the same Grecco-Roman aesthetics, it was situated on a wide area of land in the middle of the swamplands. Tribes of barbarians can be seen gathering in force, horses and the reptilian creatures reminiscent of dragons in tow. The video was dated a week back.

"These are the lands on the other side, quite the difference compared to our environment. If we do plan on taking control of the other side, I suggest setting base around their side of the gate and expanding outward. Three walls boxing us in, maybe cut down a portion of the vegetation for more room, and add in a couple of guard towers with automatic turret mounts.", said General Victor, using the holotable to set up a model of the ideal base.

"Of course, I do plan on using those battle walkers for shock and awe tactics for those damn degenerates, we have 12,500 men and women ready to cross. We are the defenders of Halcyon and it's blade, we're ready to raise hell against these bastards for thinking they had an inkling of a chance to fuck with us!" Boomed the general, catching the attention of all staff members.

"Glad to hear that sir! You ready to kick some skulls?", asked Simon, getting his rifle ready.

"You've got that right! Meeting dismissed!"

Present times…

Simon and most of his crew were currently riding in a BTR-4 Romanov, one of the APC designs brought from Earth. Lily and ED-E residing outside with the ground troops, content with following on foot or in ED-E's case, hovering. Alongside them were four more of the older AMV-2 Groundhog model APCs, each carrying a compliment of six soldiers. In front of the group, stood a group composed of the two battle walkers and an assortment of tanks following from behind. With a single order given from the General, the complement of troops and vehicles moved forward, marching towards a new world to explore and settle in. Going through the tunnel was like walking into a cavern, surrounded by pitch darkness, with the only light visible on the other side. This is the story of the Halcyon System and their adventures in another world.

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Hope you enjoyed this chapter of my newly developing story and so far the cross elements include Outer Worlds, Gate JSDF, Prey (2017), Fallout and Battlefield 2142. College is still gonna damper the amount of chapters I pump out though and I tend to revise paragraph structures to clean up a bit (Currently writing a new chapter). Please leave a review, feedback is always appreciated.

-Highlord Wolnir