The Story So Far…

Year 1

Episode 1: Flash Forward

Episode 1 is a single scene taken from Year 3 of Star Trek Hunter. It is identical to Episode 20, Scene 7 (Survival: The Ghost) but told from Justice Irons' point of view instead of Commander Kenneth Dolphin's point of view.


Episode 2: The Colony of New Hope

This is the actual beginning of the Star Trek Hunter timeline. On Lt. Dolphin's first day on the U.S.S. Hunter he is given command of the ship while the executive staff are involved in a trial – the trial of Governor Emory Ivonovic of the Colony of New Hope. The trial becomes a bloodbath and the executive crew have to be rescued by the Hunter's Ground Operations Department – but only after the Ground Ops team is rescued by the Hunter's Flight Operations Department…


Episode 3: Breakfast Serial

A married couple aboard the U.S.S. Challenger become the 8th family to fall victim to a powerful telepathic serial killer. While the U.S.S. Hunter's crew are enjoying shore leave on Ocean and their ship is undergoing repairs and upgrades at Starbase 11, the Ground Operations Department investigates the serial killer. Things get personal when the Hunter's crew is targeted by the serial killer…


Episode 4: Run to Earth

The U.S.S. Hunter retreats to Earth to escape the reach of the serial killer, now identified as the "Breakfast Killer #2" or "BK2". While on the run, the Hunter is attacked by a cardassian war ship and barely escapes. One very popular crew member is lost in this battle.


Episode 5: The Fires of Pon Farr

The U.S.S. Hunter's Director of Flight Operations, Lt. Dolphin becomes ensnared as a young vulcan officer, Ensign T'Lon goes through a particularly difficult Pon Farr. Finally arrived at Earth, various members of the Hunter's crew complete assignments around the globe and on the Moon to prepare the Hunter for the hunt to capture the serial killer known as BK2.


Episode 6: BK2

Investigator Lynhart Shran, a civilian investigator attached to the U.S.S. Hunter has developed the plan to capture the serial killer known as BK2. With help from the powerful telepath Malloriah Uhr and the ongoing Pon Farr involving Lt. Dolphin and Ensign T'Lon, Shran puts his plan in motion, causing chaos on the Deep Space 9 space station.


Episode 7: The Great Mushroom

Justice Minerva Irons and the U.S.S. Hunter are assigned a case involving clairvoyance and intellectual property rights. But things get much more complicated when it turns out the clairvoyance is the result of a giant mushroom… and then there is a civil war among the nausicaans… Meanwhile, former Gov


Episode 8: The Bolian Web

The crew of the U.S.S. Hunter have to solve the riddle of a supervirus before it gets loose and decimates the Bolian people. Along the way, they discover who is behind the weaponized virus… the Director of Star Fleet Medical…


Episode 9: The Libarary

The U.S.S. Hunter travels to an amazing ancient secret library… only there to discover they must seek out a far, far more ancient and more secret library. And the fate of all life in the Alpha Quadrant hangs in the balance…


Episode 10: Interview With An Ethicist

The U.S.S. Hunter's Director of Flight Operations, Dr. Kenny Dolphin, is on a special assignment to appear on a podcast - interviewed by none other than Governor Emory Ivonovic. Meanwhile The U.S.S. Hunter discovers they must find the Federation's most dangerous enemy and bring them back to the Alpha Quadrant - or all life in the Alpha Quadrant is doomed…