Star Trek Hunter
Episode 10: Interview With An Ethicist
Scene 2: The Procedure

The Procedure

Lt. Tauk was too weak to assent to the surgery verbally, but was able to communicate using a pad. "Will the treatment alter me genetically?" he wrote.

Dr. Boles was sitting next to the young ferengi. "No. We will install a number of machines into your lung to generate new tissue, remove damaged tissue and replace it with newly generated tissue. Some of the tissues will be artificial, but none of this material will alter you genetically."

Lt. Tauk wrote another question, "How much time will this give me?"

Boles ran his hand over his blue, hairless scalp, then squeezed the back of his own neck. "Assuming you survive the surgery and assuming it works, maybe one good year and maybe one or two not-so-good years after that. That would be the best I outcome I think we could reasonably expect. Still, there is a big difference between a few years and a few days."

Tauk started to write on his pad, then turned and noticed 2nd Lt. T'Lon, Ensign Tolon Reeves, along with both his investigators and all four members of the tactical squad - his entire staff. It took an enormous effort for him to sigh. He removed the breather from his mouth and tried to say something, tears in his eyes from the effort. He finally settled for nodding his head.

Dr. Tali Shae said, "Let the record show that Lieutenant Tauk has assented to the surgery."

Tauk was writing furiously into the pad, handed it to T'Lon. "Not fair, you bringing the entire staff here!"

Lt. T'Lon stepped forward, caressed Tauk's forehead. "I apologize, sir. But the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. I am simply doing my duty by our team."
Tauk managed a weak smile, entered another sentence into the pad and handed it back to T'Lon before the doctors ushered the ground operations team out of the small surgery: "I will get payback for this…"