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All his vaults, money, pawns, gone. All gone. Years of perfectly made plans, flying out the window as quick as the damned Death Eaters fleeing. Not that Voldemort is good, not that the Death Eaters are quick. His pawns were just slow. Weak. Well at least they're easy to manipulate.

He wanted to scream. He is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore god damn it, Chief Warlock and Head of Wizengamot, the defeater of Dark Lord Grindelwald, the almighty Light Lord! This wasn't supposed to happen, how dare someone vandalize his name, the name of the Light Lord, the soon-to-be ruler of the world? This wasn't how it was supposed to go.

And yet here he is, staring at the parchment clutched tightly in his hands, a letter sent from Gringotts, telling him that a Lord had taken over his accounts? Blasphemy!

It would seem that some little twerp is intent on ruining his reputation hm… well. That won't happen, no, not in a million years. With his blind pawn on his side, he shall move o'little Hadrian Asmodeus Revon in front of himself… the White King. Yes, that would work. Voldemort would never be able to check him that way.

Standing up from his throne, he called for Fawkes, only to find the phoenix missing. Grumbling angrily, he pushed his papers aside and grabbed the Potter Ring that had been nestled in a small wooden chest ever since he had successfully pulled off the attack on the Potters.

Everything is going to be back in his control, soon enough.

Soon enough.

Grabbing a handful of floo powder, he stepped into his grand fireplace.


As Albus-too-many-names-Dumbledore vanished, a dark phoenix that had been perched on to of the chandelier of the Headmaster's office gave a huff. What she ever saw in that man she had no idea. Chirping, she took off towards her Master, her true Master. Hogwart's wards opened up easily for her to vanish in a valiant dark fire, leaving nothing but darkness lingering behind her.

"Axis, you're back. How'd it go?"

::Master, what I ever saw in that old bastard I have no idea. He's such a-::


::Language, yes, sorry Master. He's an old manipulative fu-::

"Axis! Language! I get the point!"

::I'm sorry for not coming to you before. I should have I really should, but I-::

"Axis, it's alright. Tell me, where does Severus' loyalties lie?"

::Sorry Master, I have not been able to check. Bumblecore is currently heading to Gringotts Master::

Green emerald eyes glinted dangerously in the near darkness of a room as a young man sitting on a throne petted the Dark Phoenix. A small smirk-smile graced his features as his phoenix cooed in delight. Shadows enveloped around the young man's limbs, caressing their Lord.

"Bumblecore? Well that's a new one. Go find Severus and bring him to me"

::Yes Master::

The phoenix vanished once more. The young man stood up from the throne, making his way for the balcony. The stars twinkled quite brightly tonight, reminding him of a certain Headmaster.

"Oh Dumbledore, you have no idea what you have unleashed. No idea what you have done, what I have found out… your decision to keep me in the dark… one of your worst decisions amongst a pile of other terrible decisions you have made. And now… we're just getting started. I'm just getting started."

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