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The clock struck twelve. Midnight. Hadrian marched into Gringotts, magic flaring, cloak billowing behind him in a way that would have made Snape's cloak billowing look insignificant compared to him. Entering Gringotts, he could see that there was no one doing business right now. Good thing too. He doesn't need anyone overhearing this, nor does he need anyone to see him and wonder who he is. Thankfully, Goblins, being the hardworking species that they are, usually stay up until two in the morning. Marching himself towards the counter of the Head Goblin Narcux with an icy glare, aware of others' inquisitive eyes on him, said Goblin stood up from his High Seat and locked eyes with the young man. Emerald eyes demanded answers, payment and revenge.

"Lord Revon, a pleasure to see you, how-"

"Skip the pleasantries, I want to know why he is still in my accounts?"

"Pardon me, who?"

"Albus-fucking-Dumbledore, why does he still have access to my accounts?"

"I'm… sorry?"

"This." Harry pulled out a piece of paper and waved it around a few times in front of Narcux's face. The Goblin's face was a painting of shock, surprise, and anger. Normally, Goblins wouldn't have tolerated this level of disrespect from anyone. Good thing Hadrian Asmodeus Revon is a special occasion.

"Imagine my shock," Hadrian started dramatically, "when I went back to Slytherin Manor today, after long hours of work, wanting to sit on a couch and read. Enter this letter. I'm sure you know what this is?" Narcux nodded. Of course he does. Monthly financial statement. The pieces are starting to come together.

"Coming together, isn't it? 'Lord Revon,' it said here, 'This is your monthly Gringotts financial statement. In the month of January, you have withdrawn 1500 galleons, 28 sickles and 3 knuts from vault 697 and 5400 galleons, 75 sickles and 22 knuts from vault 54. Transactions are made on 1st of January, 14th January, 16th January, 25th January, and 30th January by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Direct transfers were made from vault 697 to vault 420, the Weasley Family, as well as vault 54 to vault 531, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.'" Hadrian looked up and gave a piercing glare at Narcux, who shuddered, before continuing, "'420 galleons from vault 53 have been exchanged into Muggle currency and transferred to the Dursleys at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, London. Below is a detailed catalogue of your financial activity for the month of January. Should there be enquiries, please feel free to contact us at Gringotts.' Now Narcux, do you see the fault in this?"

"I do." was the shuddered response.

"Uh huh. Tell me what's wrong with it?"

"The vaults."

"What about it?"

"Vault 697 is your vault… the Potter vault…"


"And Vault 54 is the Slytherin Vault…"

"That's right. Vault 421, the Weasley Family. A direct transfer too, from…" Hadrian looked down at the rows of transfers made in January, "Oh look, THE POTTER VAULT! Now I wonder how they got their hands on the money?"

"I'm sorry, we didn't even realize, I'm sorry." Narcux apologized profusely to Hadrian. Hadrian scoffed. "And then I look down, Vault 54 to Vault 531. Slytherin to Callous Fumblesore. I want to know, how he even got his hands on the Slytherin Vault in the first place? How he can withdraw money from it? Who's on duty on the day money was withdrawn?"

Narcux grabbed the attendance book on his desk and flipped through it quickly, locating the page of the attendance record for the 16th January. "That would be… Acyzflna."

"And… who is that? I do not remember them from the time I checked over my accounts."

"She is a… new trainee, she applied this month."

"And you let her handle my accounts as the experience?"

Narcux sniffed. Lord Revon is such a hard person to handle. Flipping through more pages and locating Acyzflna's profile, he frowned when he realized something was amiss.

"She was not qualified for accounting? Wait…"

"What was that?" Hadrian leaned forward, not catching what Narcux had said.

"I- uhh… it would… seem… that she is…" Narcux murmured the rest of the sentence.


"It would… it would seem that Acyzflna… she's not qualified for accounting."

"She's WHAT now?"

"Not qualified."

Hadrian sighed. Trust Dumbledore to try something like this. How this… Acyzflna passed the Gringotts security test he has no idea, but he will make sure security is improved. He looked at Narcux, who did not meet his eyes. The teen took a death breath. It's not the Goblins' fault his life is a mess, he shouldn't take his rage out of them. They had helped him and supported him in every way possible. Taking it out on the Goblins would just be wrong. He pinched the bridge of his nose before looking back up again. Narcux was apologizing copiously, bowing again and again.

Hadrian waved his apologies away. "It's not your fault. If anyone's to blame it's Dumbledore. I apologize for my outbreak, I shouldn't have been angry at you. It's not your fault. Not your fault. Hand me the transfers list and the list of my assets please."

After Narcux exited the room, Hadrian slumped in his chair and placed a hand on his forehead. He exhaled heavily, letting all his bottled-up emotions out. His life had never been easy. In fact, the opposite. He was raised like a pig for slaughter, endured the Dursley's torture every single day, got beaten for the simplest of things, and the Potions Master he respected hates him because he sees Hadrian as his father. He wished the Potions Master would see Hadrian as another person. Unfortunately, that never happened.

Life is just so hard.


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