CHAPTER 1. Dobby to the Rescue


"The great Harr...huuuuhhh!"

Even house elves gasp in surprise and shock when confronted with totally unexpected situations. Dobby, the free house elf, was no exception. The scene of destruction and bloody carnage that was 4 Privet Drive, with his beloved 'great Harry Potter' lying badly injured amidst it all, made his already big eyes bug out in shock and his large ears to quiver in nervousness. And the fact that Hedwig with an injured wing and a foul mood was standing guard over Harry ready to attack anything else that tried to hurt him didn't help the situation.

"Master, the great Harry Potter sir, be's hurt. What's happened?" and he went over to his hero. Loud screeching and fluttering of her one good wing and a nasty, sharp pecking beak kept Dobby back however.

"Hedwig. Thank you. But hold back now. ...Dobby.. you know Dobby. He's a friend, here to help us..." Then turning to the little elf, Harry said "Dobby, . ..badly hurt...really weak. Hedwig as well. have to get us out of here, now. Before anyone arrives. Somewhere safe, Dobby...I can't be found."

Dobby's shock turned to excitement and pure adoration.

"Harry Potter called Dobby 'friend'. Me, a house elf, called a 'friend' by the great wizard Harry Potter. You be's honouring Dobby, master."

Harry's strength and consciousness was waning fast.

"Now Dobby. You need to get us out of here..."

The sound of the Emergency Services fast approaching sirens to the scene of the explosion meant that leaving the scene had to be soon. Likewise, the arrival of two Ministry owls to what was left of 4 Privet Drive also hastened the need for a quick departure. One owl circled an area of the rubble and dropped a letter, which turned out to a howler, on what Harry could only assume was the biggest bit of his aunt that remained, one hand, then left the scene. The other owl came directly to Harry and went to land on him, but seeing the large, white, very stroppy, snowy owl guarding her intended target, the Ministry owl decided that a drop from height may be safer, so it too circled around before dropping it's letter close to Harry, close enough for him to reach, then, it too, left in a hurry. The Howler started it's message. A male voice, familiar and unfamiliar all at the same time, said,

'Petunia Dursley, Remember my last and your promise.' Then with a small 'whoosh' it burnt into ash and disintegrated into the rest of the mess.

'What the wands was that about?' thought Harry.

The distinctive 'Crack'...'Crack'crack .. of multiple apparating wizards arriving outside the boundary of the now partially demolished Dursley home could be clearly heard. Harry grabbed the letter, then said,

"..NOW, DOBBY! ...We have to leave now!"

And grabbing Harry Potter with Hedwig sitting on his good leg, Dobby said:

"Dobby lives to serve the great Harry Potter, sir." And with a click of the fingers and a 'pop', they were gone.