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Alex curled up on her couch, feet tucked under her and a small fleece blanket draped across her body. She stared out the window. Outside the trees were blanketed in a powder of white snow. The branches danced in the wind spreading a spray of snowflakes into the air. "It's beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you." Bobby asserts handing her a cup of hot chocolate. Alex had invited him over so he wouldn't spend Christmas day alone with his thoughts.

"Thanks Bobby. Come over here and keep me warm."

"Gladly." He joined her on the couch wrapping his arm around her and placing her legs across his lap. "Better?"

"Yes. So Bobby, what do you want Santa to bring you for christmas?"

Bobby chuckled, "In this scenario, am I supposed to believe Santa is real?"

"Spoiler alert. You mean he isn't? Who's gonna bring me a man worth dating?"

They both laughed. "I'm surprised a good one hasn't found you by now."

"You and me both. I guess I can always ask the Easter bunny." He looked at her with that boyish incredulous smile that Alex always loved seeing. "Don't tell me. The Easter Bunny, too? No wonder my wishes haven't come true. I guess I could always hope for a genie." She smiled to herself that she was able to make Bobby laugh. It was her goal in engaging in this ridiculous repartee.

He looked at her smiling, "Just don't wish for more wishes, I hear they hate that."

"So really what do you want for Christmas, you never answered?"

"I wish for all your wishes to come true." He ran his hand down her cheek and then smoothed her hair out of her face. "That's better." He kept his hand on her face.

She was nervous and felt her hand tremble slightly as she pressed it against her lap under the blanket to hide it. Her face was plain and her mind was overwhelmed with the idea that her partner was caressing her face. His hands were soft and gentle despite the long span of his fingers.

His hand now cupped her chin as he tilted his face and leaned into hers. His lips brushed softly against hers as she opened her mouth to allow his tongue in. It was a soft loving kiss and she felt like her body was floating on top of the clouds. Her eyes closed enjoying the sensation as tingles spread their way down her back. He broke the kiss pulling away gently.

"Merry Christmas, Alex. Now both of our wishes came true."