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Story Start!

"Well... this is... so boring... does nobody need a kyuubi detective anymore?"

Naruto Uzumaki, pure-blooded Kyuubi, asked as he flipped through the pages of a journel that he kept of his past cases. In his other hand, he was holding a beer that he was currently enjoying, even though it was only a fourth full at this point. He had the appearance of a young man in his early 20s, about 180cm tall with a broad, lean muscled physique, blond hair and bright blue eyes, with peach skin that was sun kissed and whisker marks on each cheek.

He was a detective.

Rather, that was how he introduced his business anyway, since he was the only monster in a village of humans, an old timey village that still hadn't gotten with the times despite the current year, he was sort of bored. Nobody in the town committed any crimes for the most part, and when he was hired to do something, it was never the same rush as when he solved the case where he got back a famous missing painting.

Kyuubi's had great noses, the key to his detective skills.

His powers of transformation also helped him go undercover for the most part, and dig up information on almost anyone.

So, he mostly spent his days... the last few years of it, just sitting in his store and drinking since he didn't have much else to do. He had a friend outside of the village he could visit, but his friend was always busy with artwork and the like... and considering all the strict laws on monsters going into main Japan these days, it just was not worth the effort it would take to come out openly as a Kyuubi.

Taking on an adult looking human form was tough enough to maintain 24/7, since his true form couldn't really pass as human.

The front door opened.

"Well, this isn't what I expected... for the famous detective who rescued one of Japan's national treasure paintings from theft, I expected this place to be... busier." A woman who wore the uniform of the government spoke as she walked right into the store. Tall, curvy, and overall a complete bombshell, she attracted Naruto's attention as he looked her up and down for a few moments. In the time it took her to cross the store, he analyzed her body, from her very tall height that rivalled his own, to her slender waist, very large breasts, and her glossy black hair.

She was a Japanese mix-blood, that was the only way to explain her looks, since had the hair and eyes of a Japanese woman, but overall he body was not that, the shape of her skeletal structure was that of a European descended woman.

"Well, Mt. Oinari isn't exactly a crime hot spot... so what brings the government here?" Naruto asked with a grin on his face.

She looked around.

"Do you have any coffee?"

"Well... no this isn't a coffee shop, and I don't really drink a lot of the stuff."

"Okay then, I'm Kuroko Smith. I'm a Coordinator with the Cultural Exchange Security Squad, and the Commander of the Monster Ops: Neutralization, Monster's of a New Law. You're Naruto Uzumaki, correct?" Smith asked him as she stood across his desk, and she helped herself to a seat, sitting down right across from him. She noticed he had an unopened beer can, and she eyed it for a couple of moments.

He grabbed it and tossed it towards her.

"Yep, Naruto Uzumaki, resident Kyuubi of Mt. Oinari... a Japanese native, so I can't be deported, even if leaving my village isn't exactly easy anymore." Naruto pointed out, since this would be the second time a government official came to him to try and deport him. Since he was born and raised in Japan, despite being a monster, there was nowhere that they could legally deport him to. So they politely asked him if he would stay in his village until the cultural exchange bills and new laws were all sorted out.

Smith, of course, didn't seem all that surprised by his response.

"Not exactly what I'm here for, I actually wanted something else entirely, though it is related to the Cultural exchange. Do you want the long or short of it?" Smith asked him, and he raised an eyebrow.

"Give me the short of it."

"We want you for M.O.N."

"More detail please."

"Monster's of a New Law is a monster's only police force, in a way, that tackles crimes committed by extra species. Since the current system of laws prevent human police from hurting monster species, the squad was made to handle the cases where monster break the law. Right now, we don't have a lot of members and it's hard to get talent to join us." Smith explained to Naruto, since apparently her version of a short explaination was too short for him. She looked at him, and she did see some interest in his eyes. "Though you look human from what I see." Smith couldn't see a single extra species feature on him.

Naruto's body poofed back into it's true form.

"Nobody takes me serious because I'm really fluffy." Naruto's overall appearance didn't change a little. His peach skin color, was changed to a peach fur color instead, fur that looked almost like skin unless you looked at the parts that were extra fluffy. His shoulders and chest having super fluffy fur, his hair color was still blond, and he now sported large blond fox ears on his head, and nine super fluffy fox tails behind him.

His body size also changed, so that he was by far smaller than before, before he was 180cm and looked like a young adult, but now he was 130cm and seemed to be far younger.

Smith took in stride.

"I see, the kyuubi species do use transformations to allow themselves to blend in. Of course, much of the time, their true forms are a lot smaller than their transformed bodies." Smith didn't mock the size change. She knew that Kyuubi, when born, looked just like foxes with multiple tails. As they aged, their fur covered bodies started to look more and more humanoid, until they looked much like fur covered humans for the most part, with some extra features.

Still, many kyuubi chose to take on adult forms by staying transformed all the time.


Kyuubi were foxes, and foxes were a small breed of animal with more lean muscled features, making them one of the more youthful species.

"Yep, hard to buy booze when you look like a fluffy kid. Doesn't matter if I'm physically stronger than grown men. Anyway... can you stop staring?" Naruto asked her as he finished off his beer, and she just pushed her sunglasses up on her nose.

She nodded.

"Sorry, it's always a little strange to see a petite monster species drinking. I understand you're an adult though. Currently, we have a Commando, Sniper, Infiltrator, and Body Guard for the Squad. You've got experience with detective work, and your nose is known for being able to track suspects. We could use a Detective or Tracker for the Squad." Smith changed the subject back to what they were talking about. She lost all the awkwardness from seeing him drinking in his true form, and explained her business to him.

Naruto thought on it.

It sounded rather interesting.

"You know, I could use a drinking buddy. The beer in this town is pretty bad, and honestly, the people are a little... too good. Nothing for a detective to due when no crimes happen... my last 3 cases were just wives suspicious of their husbands... and even that was just nothing but paranoia." Naruto complained as he opened another one, and raised it into the air. Smith raised her drink up and tapped it to his, the two of them downing the entire cans together.

"Aaaaaah, hits the spot, so you're in?" Smith asked Naruto, who hummed.

"I want my own office."

"Can't do that, you'll have to share with the other MON squad members."

"I want a pay advance-"

"Our funding isn't great, so can't do that either."

"Do you even have a place for me to stay?" Naruto asked Smith, who thought on it, before she nodded her head with a growing smile.

"Well, the MON Squad all live in a share house together, and at the cost of 15% of your paychecks, you get to stay there with them." Smith offered him that much, since he wasn't exactly the world's most requested detective, it would be a good offer for him to take from her.

Her words interested Naruto.

"Paycheck? How much?" Naruto asked her with interest growing.

"Gonna be honest, not a lot, enough to live decently of course, but you won't get rich from this or anything. Of course, when on duty you can't be in a human looking form. Are you fine with that?"

"Yeah, I'm barely scraping by as it is... so anything is an upgrade, and I still get to do my detective work. When do I start?" Naruto asked Smith as he extended his hand to her, as a show of respect for their partnership. She extended her own, and grabbed ahold of it, shaking it firmly.

Smith took a card out of her wallet.

It was an ID card with his picture on it, not a fake picture of his transformed face, but his genuine face.

"I figured you might accept this offer, so I might have already done the paperwork... or at least, somebody did the paperwork already. Once you get packed up, we're ready for you." Smith stated to him with a knowing smile.

Naruto just looked at the picture.

"Oh right, I did end up needing to register my true face with the government when monster species were revealed to the public." Naruto remembered how the government got a picture of him.

Smith dropped a large book on the table.

"Of course, you might want to read up on the Cultural Exchange Bill too."


It was a small price to pay.

Chapter End!
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Naruto looks young, but he is not a Trap in this story, nor will he dress in girl's clothes.
He is just a part of a smaller species, and with his transformation powers, he can easily take a more adult form.