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He hated to admit it.

He was small.

"Ooooooh... you are just SO adorable in your true form, you NEED to take this form in public! It's just so adorable, and cute, and fluffy!" Tio was holding Naruto in her chest. Not just his head, but good amount of his body was actually able to fit in her cleavage quite easily. That was both a comment about how small he was, and how large that this woman and her breasts were.

Naruto's legs and tails were visible, and that was it.

Tio entered Naruto's room when he was still asleep, and thus when he wasn't transformed into his usual disguises. Tio was the one he was hiding this form from for this very reason, and now she had seen it. Technically, he didn't hate the fact that he was small, he hated the fact that other species were way bigger. It was like a Harpy with their small breasts being unfairly compared to a species like Lamias who tended to have large chests.

Still, being tiny had it's advantages.

Like going into small places for detective cases, or being unassuming. Tio was now walking around with him, and he wormed his head out of the top of her breasts and just gained a deadpan expression. He squirmed so that he was facing forwards, since as tight as she could hug a person, thankfully between her boobs was a soft pressure spot.

It felt quite good.

"I'm not against it exactly, but I don't prefer it." Naruto deadpanned, since he did have a uniform in both his transformed and true sizes. Tio just snuggled him harder as she walked into the living room, where Manako and Doppel were already hanging out and playing some video game together. An older game on an older consel that Smith brought them.

"She found out?" Doppel stated with a grin.

"Yep." Naruto sighed.

Manako glanced over at Naruto.

"Morn... Wait, how have things been working with that case you're on... the case about Harpy eggs being illegally sold?" Manako asked Naruto, since he had been up working on that new case for most of the night. When all of them were going to sleep, he stayed up late to work on the frustrating case of illegal harpy egg farming.

There was a massive black market for them.

"I'm more worried about the underground monster porn that is surfacing, that case is taking more of my time than the harpy egg one. None of the Harpys who are selling their eggs to the dealer are actually being hurt, but the pornography of monster men and women might be done with sex slavery." Naruto had multiple cases he had been working on for weeks and weeks. There were cases that took a lot of time, and didn't get solved instantly after all. In some cases like with the Ghost Killer, once you had the information handed to you then you could solve the case quickly, but most detective cases took a longer amount of time.

Evidence gathering was important.

"Well, most monsters girls are kind of hyper sexual... don't really see the problem with letting the porn thing go." Doppel thought it was a stupid case.

Naruto agreed.

"Yeah, but I've watched some of the porn, and they have races like Dryads involved, and they aren't actually super sexual. Also, they have underage monster girls and boys involved... I got a positive ID on a 10 year old Kitsune boy and a 12 year old Lamia girl." Naruto stated, since that alone was a reason why he was taking this case far more seriously that he normally would have.

"You're worried about the kitsune." Doppel stated with a thumbs up.

"What about the lamia girl!?" Manako quickly asked when she realized Doppel didn't mention that little aspect of it.

There was a pause.

"... Lamias usually start being sexually active at 10 years old when they develop early, and it's normal for their society and their standards. Lamias are generally, as a species, encouraging their children to have sex with their fathers when possible." Naruto knew that Lamia culture was sick anf twisted when looked at through the eyes of a human or a kitsune, though he was a kyuubi. He was raised in human society, but he knew enough about his own culture to also judge things from both standards. "For reference, usually kitsune females are considered adults at 11 years old, but the boys don't sexually mature until 14 years old when our chest fur starts to thicken." Naruto spoke about his own culture.

"Really?" Manako was interested in that. "Why so young?"

"As a species, we grow into our adult bodies before we turn 10, and after we turn 10 our parents encourage us to seek out a human to seduce. It's considered a tradition for a kitsune to seduce a human before they can be considered an adult. Boys don't finish puberty until 13 years old though." Naruto explained a little about kitsune culture.

"How old are you Naruto?"


"Are you an adult Naruto?"

"I'm 22 and yes, I'm an adult in kitsune culture. No, I'm not a slut. No, I wasn't raised by my parents. Yes, I was raised in a human village. No, I've never had sex with a man. I've had several women as my partners, yes to that question. No, I've never been with a Mono-Eye girl before or an Ogre. Yes, I've had lesbian sex before with a transformation. No, I don't like using tranformations during sex... does that answer all your questions before you ask them?" Naruto looked around the room at the 3 girls who were there.

Manako was a burning red color and she looked towards the TV screen with her eye hyper focused on anything that wasn't Naruto.

"So, you're an experienced boyfriend... what do boys look for in girls?" Tio asked Naruto with a wide smile.

"Never really been into dating so I don't know, I just know what I like from girls. Still, if you're looking for a boyfriend, don't think about what the guy wants, think about what you want from a guy... go on a few dates, and if you both like each other, then see if it can go any further." Naruto gave Tio his take on dating.

You didn't date people you loved.

You dated people to find out if you could love them, heck in the modern world, sex wasn't even restricted to the person if you loved them or not. Sex was just a thing people dating did together as part of dating. The world's moral system had degraded over the years, and as a kyuubi he actually quite liked how easy it was to seduce people now.

"That's boring, a date that doesn't end in a fuck is a waste of a date. If the date went well, I always ask the person who they want me to turn into for a good time after." Doppel had different advice, more modern advice. Still, her advice was more based on the fact that she had shapeshifting powers and didn't mind abusing them to give a good date a happy ending.

"Doppel raises a great point, what if I like them after the first date?" Tio questioned.

She wanted a dude's point of view.

"Tio, you would kill most people if you weren't super careful with them. YOU should go on a few dates just to see if they are durable enough to handle you. You could crush a man's hips... but if you really like a person, then fuck em." Naruto relented on that. His opinion and Doppel's came down to them being raised differently and having slightly different morals.

He understood and sometimes when he really wanted to bust a nut, he would seduce a woman purely for the sake of getting rid of whatever was backed up.

Couldn't do that with the current laws though.

"Why didn't you ask us to help with the porn case, by the way?" Tio asked Naruto, tilting her head as she sat down on the couch with Naruto still in her breasts.

"I just finished watching 7 hours of porn, while going through Interspecies records to match every person in the videos... it's annoying work. Getting positive IDs on people when they are having sex is distracting, and considering the fact it's still porn, I figured you guys wouldn't want to watch it." Naruto didn't want to include them in watching some of the sick stuff that he had just finished watching. "I have over 30 positive IDs and need to ID at least 20 more people, that is another 5 hours of porn... and THEN I need to contact ALL of the Host families. I also need to get the police involved since this porn is uncensored, completely and utterly uncensored, which goes against many Japanese laws." Naruto explained the annoyance.

Evidence gathering SUCKED!

When you were a detective, it wasn't just about finding or solving the mystery, even if you knew the answer, you weren't allowed to do anything unless you have evidence gathered that was more concrete than just your knowledge on the subject.


"It's stupid Bureaucratic Red Tape nonsense, making this shit harder than it has to be. Heck, they should just legalize interspecies relationships already. All the paper pushers who don't get laid, should not be in control over those of us who can and do get laid. Most Bureaucrats don't even care about the people they are making regulations for... that Ghost Killer case would have been way less dangerous for me if I could just arrest her from the beginning... but nope, my neck was on the line thanks that BS." Naruto ranted and raved at having his job made 10 times harder by the idiots who didn't understand how hard it already was to be in the field. All the rules and regulations that went over the top just made it harder to keep the people like him safe when they needed to do their job.

"Oh... I understand that... speaking of regulations... where is Zombina?" Manako asked as she looked around.

She hadn't seen her all morning.

"She's getting a replacement eye, she lost one of her eyes and can't find it." Naruto had actually found her eye, but Zombina had left before he could give it to her. "I found it, but now it's pointless, so I flushed it down the toilet." Naruto would tell Zombina a different story though as a prank against her. "I found it in the bathroom when I was taking a bath, the thing freaked me out." Naruto stated with a shiver.

Floating eyeball in the bathtub?

You're damn right any sane person would have a heart attack from it.

"I'm joining on this case, watching porn sounds like a good waste of time... why do you keep getting sent so many perverted cases lately?" Doppel asked Naruto as he squirmed out of Tio's chest.

He had porn to go watch.

"Because it's species profiling. I'm a Kyuubi, so other detectives and the board of directors think I like dealing with cases like these. Not to mention, when you get monster girls involved, things tend to go perverted anyway." Naruto complained.

Well, they weren't wrong, he did enjoy somewhat dealing with cases like these since they could turn exciting, but he didn't have to enjoy the fact that they made the assumption he would like it.

"Want to bone after we finish watching?" Doppel walked with Naruto back up the stairs.

"After I get some more sleep, then sure. I don't remember much from when we did it together after drinking." Naruto had hazy memories of him and Doppel taking turns dominating each other for a couple of hours. It all sort of blurred together after he got drunk off his ass.

He and Doppel had no interests in each other when it came to romance by the way.

They were TOO alike to enjoy that.

Instead, they kept their relationship when not working, to a "Friends with Benefits" sort of situation.

"You two are having sex... why didn't you ask me? I thought we were getting close?" Tio called after them with some disappointment.

She had needs too!

'You would destroy and humiliate me, I am a small guy. I'm not even talking about penis size here. You could man handle me like a toy. Femdom is nice every once and awhile, but I want to feel like I can take control if I want to... Tio would fucking dominate me in every way... not that I'm going to admit that out loud.' Naruto thought his answer. He was never going to admit that he didn't make any moves on Tio because she made him feel less masculine and destroyed his male pride. Heck, an evening of fun with her sounded nice.

'Because, if she hugged you while cumming, she could break a person's spine in half... the only way to do her is to not let her put her hands on you... and her size is so big that... that is a lot of ass to hold during doggy style though.' Doppel glanced back at the pouting Tio. She had similar reasons to Naruto for not trying to make a move on Tio.

The woman was a size, stamina, and strength monster who would dominate a person without even trying, and humiliate them. Even the most well-hung human man wouldn't be able to completely fill up Tio no matter how much they tried. Even transformation abilities had size and mass limits, and for those like Naruto who disliked having sex outside of their true form, and those like Doppel who didn't actually increase her strength when she transformed, sex with Tio was downright risky.

Tio's kind heart and understanding nature would make things better and worse at the same time.

'Also, she is so pure hearted that the idea of sex with her is weird for me.' Naruto and Doppel unknowingly were on the exact same page on that last one.

Sometimes, Detective work really sucked.

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