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Chapter 1

(Dr. Spencer Truman's trial)

Dr. Truman's assertion of 'insanity' catches everyone by surprise. After all the chaos that this man has brought to the lives of so many in Llanview he expects to escape justice by saying that he was not in his right mind and therefore not responsible for his actions.

Truman looks around the courtroom and inside he's smiling because he knows that no one expected this from him. Stupid of them he thinks to himself. Did they actually think that he would not do everything and anything he could to stay out of jail? He knows too well how to manipulate the system and people. He's done it all of his life. This won't be any different. He's smarter than all of these 'local yokels' here in Llanview. He'll walk out of here a free man.

The judge strikes his gavel to silence the uproar in the courtroom. It takes a few moments to regain order but once everyone settles down the judge has both attorneys to approach him. The prosecutor and the defense attorney both agree to a recess. Truman's attorney wants desperately to consult with his client because he too was surprised at his client's assertion. District Attorney Nora Hanen needs to quickly determine how to handle this new wrinkle in the case against Truman. Even without Truman's unexpected announcement the prosecutor's case against Truman was already weak.

Sitting in the back of the courtroom one lone figure observes the actions of those in attendance. He's not concerned about any of them except one. He's waited so long to have this moment. His mind replays all the reasons why he came. Nothing and no one can ever give him back what he has lost but he will not rest until the one responsible for his pain makes recompense. With everyone's attention drawn to the front of the courtroom where the attorneys talk with the judge, Dr. Truman remains standing at the defense table preening like a peacock. This so infuriates our loner that he decides this is his time to act. With a quickness that belies his age and stature he aims and discharges his weapon. His first shot hits his target in the head. Not satisfied he continues shooting because the release of knowing that the 'parasite' that sucked the joy out of his life is dead he continues to empty his weapon. He only aims at his intended target. At the first sound of the shot people drop to the floor but unfortunately one court attendee was in the process of rising to leave the courtroom and one of the bullets struck them. Too late police officers surround the assailant because he has already turned the gun on himself and falls dead on the floor.

Once the shooting stops those survivors look around to survey the damage. Dr. Spencer Truman lies dead on the defense table his body riddled with bullets. The lone gunman lies dead on the floor in back of the courtroom. Then a scream blasts through the eerie silence and then another scream echoes after it. "Get an ambulance!" someone shouts. Dorian Lord, in her capacity as a physician moves to offer her assistance thinking that perhaps someone fainted as a result of all of the commotion. When she reaches where the person is lying on the bench she stops in her tracks and gasps. Todd Manning is kneeling pressing his balled up jacket on the person's stomach in an effort to stop the bleeding while John McBain is administering CPR. They're doing what they can until the ambulance arrives. Thankfully the EMTs arrive and take over and transport the victim to the hospital.

No one can believe that any of this just happened. Dr. Spencer Truman is dead. The unknown gunman is dead. Evangeline Williamson is fighting for her life.

A/N: To be continued?