Hello everyone, I got promise to do this reaction story from Wombag1786 on 9/22 and only now able to write it do to wifi problems. The characters are both team RWBY and JNPR from the end of volume 2. Now to the story.

A blinding light hit the eyes of the eight students as they slowly get up and look around them and see that they are in a light gray walled room with a hardwood floor. There is a hook shape couch with a love seat three steps away from the couch and a worn white coffee table with a cow skin rug under it. Across the couch is a fireplace and a flat screen above it.

The girl with mess short black hair with red tips looked at what could be behind the couch and gaps at what she saw. The rest immediately stand up and notice what their companion notice and also gaps. What stands before was something that shouldn't exist.

The thing looks like a human man, in his early 20's and average build if his clothing was anything to go by. He wore a dark gray under shirt, with a light gray button down which is unbutton, dark gray sweats on, a crimson overcoat and black boots. His skin and hair however is a raven black like the creatures of Grimm they hunt.

He also wears a bone covering most of his face sin for his ears, below the nose to his chin. It also has two openings where his eyes would be and have red marks that goes both down below the eye and to the temple. A red symbol is in the center that looks like a Y with dashes going opposite from each other. The mask has three horns that look like tips for a crown.

He opens his eyes to show black scleras and red irises, and he smiles. "It's about time you showed up, I was starting to think you landed elsewhere." He gives a sigh before looking back at everyone. "So my name is FEV Grim, or Grim for short." As he finished he reached up his hand and caught a fist that sent a small gust of wind around the room.

The fist belongs to a blonde named, red eyes girl who not only has a pissed off look to her face but also a look of concern. As she notices Grim's hand has the grimm like claws, she tries and seriously succeeds only to land on her ass.

"You are lucky we aren't enemies, Yang. Otherwise I wouldn't have been so kind. But I'm not here for a fight, I'm here as a friend today." Grim said as he reached out to help Yang up, to which she wiped it away.

"How can we believe you, you kidnapped us?!" A white haired girl said as she marched up to their host.

"True, but I have my reason." Grim says as he walks to the couch. "I have gifts for you, but you have to watch something to get them." He turns around and notice the students looking at him in silence, until the white haired girl spoke again.

"And why would we wish to watch this?"

"For starters, one of your gifts is able to ensure that you become the CEO of the SDC. Hell, they even kick your father out for you." That got their attention. "All that and more I should add." Grim made a sly smile.

"How can we trust you?"

"You can at least trust that I'm a man of my word. You watch this, you get your gifts and you head back to Remnant. What do you say?" The students look at each other before nodding and agree. "Great, now we'll be watching a part per day so that will be seven days."

"Wait, a week?" Yang waved her hands as she asked.

"You can't be serious, the school will notice. They'll call us families if we disappear from the school grounds." A tall red haired girl said.

"Don't worry. Time works differently here then your world. You see I can change the flow of time how I want it. I can change it to be slower, same or faster than the time back on Remnant. So I took you guys from 12 am and each day here is an hour there, can someone from the class figure out what time in Remnant they'll be home?" Grim ask the question as if he were a teacher asking a simple math problem.

"Um… 7 am, sir?" The blonde boy raised his hand as if he was a student answering the math problem.

"That's right Jaune, you get a gold star." Grim says as he points at Jaune and a gold star appears on his full body pajamas, he shrugged and decided to bite on it, after he did he noticed his bite mark. "So, you all should still be asleep." Grim place a hand on a wall and turn to them. "So, do you want your own rooms, team rooms or all of you just share one?" The students turned to each other and made a clear move to stand with their teammates. "Understood. I'll see you in seven hours here." A door appeared out of the wall

The students enter the door as Grim quietly says their name in order of who enters. "Weiss, Yang, Blake, Nora, Ren, Jaune, Pyrrha…" Grim turns around and notices the silver eyes girl.

"So, what are we watching?"

Grim gives a small laugh before turning to the girl in front of him. "Ruby, it won't be fair if I tell you before your friends. Anyways, I need to make a call."

As Ruby leaves, Grim pulls out a phone and places it to his ear. "Hey, Wombag."

"Fuckin finally man, I've been trying to call you from the capital wasteland since the... (sigh) never mind, did you made sure the actors are payed and on point?"

"Yeah, I made sure to point out I have your promise for this."

"It ain't me that you have to promise. (Sigh) just be careful man. Show business is even more cut throat since the bombs dropped... literally."

"Right, remember if you want to show up give me a heads up."

"Will do... once I make it back to the studio. Anywho good luck."

"Alright, bye." Grim walks away to another door.