On the road to Goodsprings two wanderers walking up the crumbling road towards the small town. One was a young woman who has a braid on the right side of her head that reaches her shoulder as it has a burnt card with an ace of spades. She is wearing a blueish gray duster with an ace of spades on the back, noticeable red and white lines almost fade away but still there. The spades has an almost golden 21 in the center of the faded white star. And a decaying red hood hides most of her face as she travels next to a man that most mistakes as her father.

The man has a recently trimmed beard with a black stetson. He was wearing a brown sleeveless duster with an old world flag on it. A rolled up coyote tobacco cigarette in his mouth as he calmly dusts himself.

"I've heard that Sunny is putting on a new show!" The young woman cheered as they climbed up the hill.

"Really?" The man asks in an almost amused tone. As the Goodsprings sign comes to view the girl's stomach growled.

"We should go get some food at Trudy's… I'm craving for some gecko sandwich."

"What would you put on it, mustard or mayo?"

"Oh, definitely mayo-" She notices three identical individuals, one had a powerfist, one has a hunting rifle and the one in the far back and closest at the dinner has a 10mm pistol. The powerfist starts charging them as the hunter rifle fires at the two. "Six look out!" The girl shouted as she pulls out her anti-materiel rifle and blew the head off the one with the rifle. Six pulls out his ranger sequoia and shots the one with the powerfist in both the head and chest. Both noticing that the one with the pistol runs into the dinner.

"Shit, Ruby!" Six calls out as Ruby Petal Burst into the dinner as the pistol wielder aimed his pistol at Sunny. Ruby pulls out the weathered 10mm and shoots twice, one at the shoulder and the other at his head. The man's body collapses on the floor when the room starts to be covered in rose petals.

Everyone notices the mess that was formed around them before they notice a young 17 year old. Her black and red highlight hair cut in a spikier and choppier look. Her face has some scars under her chin, neck and ear. Her silver eyes scan the room before stopping at Six who came in and checked the body and pulled out two notes and handed her one of them.

The two walk towards the bar before Six calls out. "Hey Trudy, can you make us a sandwich? This isn't misogynistic, you literally own a dinner. Please have two gecko sandwiches with mayo!" Trudy starts to leave the bar when Ruby starts leaving the note she got in confusion.

"Um, Six, we have a problem." After getting Six's attention she hands him the note. "I can't read this."

Six takes the note before saying. "What the fuck is this?" The note has a bunch of meows and hisses, with the only thing readable being Grim, Wombat, Combine and a Don Fluffles. Six pulls out the other note and sighs with relief seeing it is a regular note before reading it out loud.

[Hello there. It's good to see a friendly face. Almost took you for a raider, I did. Name's Malcolm. Malcolm Holmes. Don't suppose you'd care to trade? I'm missing a few essentials and- oh, screw this. Lying just ain't in my nature. I'll tell you straight. I've been trying to kill you for a good bit now, but you're tough to kill.

I'd like to propose a truce: Bring five thousand and Blue-Star bottle caps to the NCR Correctional Facility and I might just forgive you of your previous misdeeds and transgressions. If you refuse this offer, prepare to spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder because the clones and robots will never stop.]

"Who Malcolm Holmes?" Ruby asks with a confused look.

"Hell should I know, we both don't have that much nor were those amounts minted before the war."

"I guess he's gonna hound us for the rest of our lives?

"Why don't we just go kill him? We do know where he is now... He gave us that information like an idiot."

"He's gonna have a clone army. You know he just doesn't care about them... They're disposable... 'cause he's made so many of them. You know what we're gonna have to do... Gonna have to find our friends we have left here and make an army of our own!"

"Oh lord, this is gonna take awhile…" Trudy places down two gecko sandwiches with a nuka cola and sunset sarsaparilla, as they both take a bite, Ruby asks important questions.

"Where do you want to get started?"

A couple of days later both Ruby and Six stand in front of Nipton's hotel as they both have annoyed faces on them. "None of them, aboulty none of them. We can't find them anywhere." Ruby complains as Six rubs his temples.

"Yes everyone is missing. That most likely means that they were taken." Six reasons. Before Ruby could ask, the sounds of a fight caught their attention as they saw one of the Malcolm clones rush out of the room before turning into mist.

Both Grim and Wombag walk out of the hotel room covered in blood as they walk down.

"Motherfucker! I thought he stayed dead!" Wombag cursed as he kicked a trash can in frustration.

"Wombag, calm down. I'm the one with anger issues, remember? And we have no clues where that fucking pussy cat is at." Grim said through the breathing mask.

"Wait, are you Wombag?" Six called out handing the duo the note.

"That's me." Wombag answers as both he and Grim look at the note before the two have an angry look.

"Don Fluffles kidnaps our friends and is working with Malcolm Holmes." Grim said calmly with a fury in his eyes.

"You can read that?" Ruby asks in disbelief.

"Kid, we've been killing this son of bitch for years." Wombag said. "But with the fact they have your friends we are going to be fighting an army by ourselves."

"Tell you what, if we can't make an army... we'll make an army." Grim said with an almost sly tone.

Six raised an eyebrow at that statement. "What do you mean 'make an army'?"

Grim gives his best John Hammond. "Let me show you…"

Wombag already knows the reference gives a concern. "Oh, I'm scared…"

"Let's go to my house." Grim said erasing Wombag concerns away. Wombag starts climbing up the stairs when Grim says. "We're not going to your house... We're going to my house."

Wombag step down as he looks around the area. "Wait, which one's your house? Do you live here?"

"Of course I do! You don't think I stay in your crappy apartment, do you?"

"Yeah, I did! I thought you slept on the floor next to my bed!"

"Nope, I live in a fancy bungalow!"

"Aww... jerk." Wombag said as he heads to the bungalow fearest from the gate with a confused Six and Ruby behind them.

The inside of the bungalow has a small kitchen and common rooms separated by a doorless room leading to a living quarters that has some strange books that both Six and Ruby can't read, however the viewer can see. "Relic of the Future by Coeur Al'Aran", "The White Snake - ENGLISH VERSION by RilaZou", "A World of Bloody Evolution by RedrumSprinkles", "Prim-Arc by vixvix", and "XCOM: Remnant Unknown by DrAmishMD" all on the book shelves. A small bathroom is on the other side of the room.

"What...? What? Your house is so much better than mine!" Wombag complains as he looks around the bungalow.

"Maybe because he doesn't waste his money?" Six suggested.

"AUGH... Is this what they mean when they say you should buy, not rent?" Wombag wonder out loud as he looks around.

"Your rent payment is more than my mortgage payment on this place." Grim said.

"Oh my... guh…" Wombag complained.

Grim opens the bathroom door before speaking out loud. "Check out my shower here... It's gots knobs for hot... and clone…"

"Cl... clone...?" Ruby says as she backs away from the shower.

"Because nobody ever takes a cold shower so I repurposed that lever! That's how I've been cloning people: I've turned my shower into a shower/cloner!" Grim said proudly.

"Explain the science of cloning, please." Six inquitivaly asks.

"Oh, it's over all your head, I'm sure... but let me tell you right now, it's very scientific." Grim said before turning to Wombag. "Now all we have to do is throw you in and clone you a couple of times."

"You sure about that?" Wombag with his head tilting to the side.

"You really want there to be more than one Six and Reaper? List, you're only dangerous with your luck and clones have none of it so you are the perfect choice."

"Alright." Wombag said in defeat, as he started taking off his clothes.

Head to the prison wasn't as hard as it would have been as the legion of skull painted gas masks wearing troopers rushed towards the gate though one did leave the ranks causing Grim to fire a grenade at the trooper yelling out 'No traitors!' before reaching the gates.

At the door into the prison Grim yells out. "Show no mercy... unless he begs for his life the show even less!"

"Kill the Malcolm Clones!" Wombag yelling out.

Ruby looks done at a dead W. Trooper. "One of the clones died."

"Well, that's OK, there's plenty more to spare!" Grim said not even caring.

"Get in there!" Six said as he swung his arm to motions more of the W. Troopers into the entierces.

*Play Taking care of business*

The W. Troopers start mowing down the Malcolm Clones with the four none clones walking behind the meat shields. Six points at the building at the southside before saying. "While the clones are taking out the clones, why don't we clear out this building?" Grim nods and takes point with his shotgun and everyone at his sixs.

As soon as they get in they notice the cells are close before noticing whose inside.

Ruby cheered as she listed out her friends from WBY, JNPR, Rex, Roxie, ED-E and Arcadia before stopping at a stranger. "Combine!" Grim and Wombag push past Ruby and check they're friends, lucky nothing bad has happened besides some bad puns from Yang.

The four person squad head to the main building with Ruby in the back with her 10mm, Six with his ranger sequoia and knife, Wombag with his own sequoia and Grim pulls out his shotgun. Ruby then saids. "Alright, the Zach clones are covering the rear."

"They got to be somewhere..." Six says as they made it to the office where both Malcolm Holmes and a cat man in a mob getup turns to the door. Grim and Wombag shoot at the cat as Malcolm turns to the bloody sight.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" He said before Ruby and Six both shot him in each of his eyes.

Ruby heads towards the computer on the desks as both Grim and Wombag carry the dead feline to the bathroom before trying to burn, cut and shoot the body. Ruby turns to Six.

"Where's the "open-all-of-the-jail-doors" button around here?"

"I think it's this one…"

Outside the now freed prisoners begin to help the W. Troopers by using their weapons and semblances to kill more of the Malcolm clones. During the middle of it, the radio turns out. The voice that came out sounded like they're capturer's voice.

"My name is Malcolm. Malcolm Holmes. You should all throw yourselves off a cliff. That way, all the star bottle caps will be ours. This is the best idea ever. I'm Malcolm. Malcolm Holmes."

Then Wombag speaks up in a grover voice. "And this is Grim, if the Wombag clones are listening... You've done your job... and your reward is to also throw yourself off a cliff!"

The clones cheer all around them which disturbed them, but turn to a clone when they shouted. "Finally I can die!"

Wombag and Grim look at the wasteland heroes. "That should pretty much take care of everything."

"Party at Grim's!" Wombag yells with Grim just shaking his head as he and the duo head down to their friends before parting like romans in Primm.

"Hope you all enjoyed that, because I'll be in a little hiatus because of personal reason don't ask. Don't worry I'll come back, but I'll have to take this break. Until next time." Text then are shown-

Crimson Weresloth will return in RWBY ROSG Story.