First a huge shoutout to my two partners Silvi and omnidovorce who are two amazing artists that decided to do this year's Soul Eater Resbang with me! You guys are awesome thanks (:

Hi! So this is my first entry for Resbang and also my first fic for Soul Eater, so I just hope you enjoy this huge conglomerate of feelings lol. I predicted it to be a lot steamier, but it ended a lot more organically than I expected so yeah. The theme this year is Legacy so I hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Through The Eyes Of A Storm

In the dark, narrow streets of Venice, stray voices echo across the infamous waterways as the evening began to settle around the small island. Passerby's long shadows cast against the stone paved streets and the lantern lights posted on each corner revealed the fresh snow that crunched beneath their feet. A few water taxis still lingered around the canals, despite the cold, yet the amount of tourists still seemed abysmal compared to other seasons as Soul watched them dolefully from a dimly lit café window.

His head floated like a morbid Shinigami behind the window as his dark clothing blended in with the night. It seemed the only people still wandering around this late were either locals trying to make it home after a long day of work, or vacationing families simply trying to experience a less crowded trip for once.

His vision blurred with each passing person as they wandered by him like a pack of zombies. Just when they'll be fast asleep, I'll be on night watch with my meister. He thought, as just across from the restaurant, the familiar blonde-haired girl could be seen rearranging a flower shop window.

His red, sleepy eyes followed her as she trailed back and forth from the register to the front of the store for the third time that night. It seemed she was rechecking the price on a larger arrangement, or maybe negotiating the entire price altogether, as her brow furrowed deeper with each passing. Her long hair flowed after her now that she wore it half up nowadays and he could practically hear the thunking of her combat boots as she strode passed the window.

He wondered if she could feel his eyes on her, and without missing a beat, her deep green eyes flashed towards his with instant recognition. His heart thumped in his ears as their eyes locked and Soul wondered if maybe there was some semblance of forgiveness etched into them. Yet, before long, an all too familiar pout covered her face as she flicked her lashes and stalked off in the opposite direction. He sighed heavily as he dropped his espresso cup and glanced at the table he somehow forgot he was sharing.

"You two definitely need to get laid." BLACKSTAR mentioned callously while sneaking cautionary glances out the same window. His fingers flexed habitually as his eyes scanned the skyline of the high rooftops from across the street.

Soul sighed in his seat and clunked his spoon noisily around his dark drink as his boisterous friend continued to prattle on. Despite the dark assassin finally maturing over the years, his mouth definitely still needed some work.

"It's been two fucking years since that crazy dude has been dead, yet you still can't get anything off the ground. Two fucking peaceful years - yet here we are in pine city again. Give me a break." The foul mouthed Meister complained as his gaze now lingered on the snow fallen streets of Venice.

You mean the two years without Maka. The two years of hell... Soul thought grimly.

"It's not like it's either of our faults." He managed through weary breath as he remembered the barely platonic bed sharing after several missions apart and the long drawn out letters left for each other in their kitchen on most mornings. However, things were a lot different now with the witches on the loose again.

Soul continued to glare into his mug as the agitated meister across from him suddenly stopped glaring and finally faced him. He noticed the dark rings forming beneath his eyes which matched just about every other member of the new Kishin Resistance team. He supposed long months of erratic work hours would do that to just about anyone, even someone like BLACKSTAR.

"What's her deal anyway? She's acting like such a dweeb - per usual." He nitpicked as he leaned back into his chair. "I bet it's over something completely stupid like, oh no I can't get over my stupid feelings for Soul - what do I do? I can't possibly tell him I want to suck his dick into oblivi-!"

Blackstar's theatrics were suddenly cut short as Tsubaki kicked his chair back and he fell onto the ground with a loud crash. Luckily, there weren't too many people around to notice as she flashed Soul an apologetic smile.

"Sorry about that." The kind eyed demon weapon finally spoke as her meister quietly admitted defeat and dragged himself onto the rickety tabletop. She relaxed back into her chair and caressed BLACKSTAR'S weary, blue head as she turned towards Soul.

"Soul, Maka just needs some time to blow off some steam before coming back to you. I think everyone knows how important that last mission was to her, and she's taking it really hard. I think the most we can do is continue to support her while it passes."

Soul's shoulders seemed to relax just a bit as he traded glaring into his mug for nervously tapping his fingernails against its side. He couldn't help but to side glance out the window to inspect the dark patch of sky where the moon used to hang and it left a sharp pain across his chest.

"Yeah, only I don't think she's letting this one pass. She's as stubborn as a bull."

BLACKSTAR sneered as he removed Tsubaki's grip from him and leaned dangerously close across the table. Soul's eyes met his and the assassin grinned maniacally. "If anything, I know what Maka needs – just a quick slug to the gut outta knock her out of it - or worse - unless you've got any better ideas. I'm just about tired of that nerd always getting in the way of my mission to glory." He finished as his eyes flashed excitedly like a spinning top.

Soul leveled his stare with Blackstar's until the blue haired maniac finally decided to relax and sat back down with a loud screech of his chair. The strained look in his deranged friend's red eyes told him it just wasn't worth it. Soul stretched out into his chair and let his head sling over the side.

"Careful, I might actually start believing the rumors that you wanted to become a Kishin during the two years of peace after threatening my meister like that. The witch uprising not fun enough for you yet?" Soul teased as his lopsided grin threatened to fall just as soon as it appeared.

"It's not like she can't handle it. What's the fun in being God if the runner ups aren't even competing anymore?"

Soul slid further into his chair and felt the tension suddenly seep away from him like a black smog as a true grin swept across his face.

"That answers it – you aren't having fun anymore."

"I wouldn't say that. Having the evil witches back isn't all that bad; I've been able to make Tsubaki a full-fledged Death Scythe six times over by now anyway." BLACKSTAR boasted with a look that hinted at the same giddiness from before.

Soul stirred as Tsubaki gingerly held onto his hand. "It's been three weeks, Soul. Has she still not mentioned anything to you yet about the last mission?"

"You mean besides the obvious?" Soul sulked as an image of Maka entered his head during their last group mission. Her green eyes were stern as she looked into the dark depths of the catacomb and the feeling between them seemed to go numb.

He gritted his teeth.

"I have no idea what else could be bothering her and its messing with our resonance."
He began as he pinched the bridge of his nose with his free hand. It was a lie, but admittedly a necessary one. He tried to push the thoughts of that particular morning to the back of his mind as it roared around in his head. Her green eyes were shimmering like emerald pools. No, better, like emeralds themselves.

He pressed the memory out of his eyelids and sighed. "If I know her, she's probably beating herself up and blaming herself for my mistakes. Again."

"Just give her some time, Soul." Tsubaki reminded him while grasping his fist.
Soul scoffed and rubbed his tired eyes for the hundredth time that night. "Yeah. That's literally all I can give her…"

BLACKSTAR then began howling in laughter before slamming his hands onto the table and leaning into Soul's face once more. "Hey, I bet you're regretting not taking the undercover newlywed position now, huh?" He cooed at the somber boy while twisting his face into something only a mother could love… or Tsubaki.

He was grateful the café only included them and the tired wait staff in the back as he began spewing sensitive details in the small room. It also didn't hurt that most of the tourists would rather skip a trip to Venice in the dead of January.

"Mister 'I'll take the traveling musician bit!' I bet you wish you could do this-"
He ended abruptly before reaching his hand towards Tsubaki as she crashed his head into the table before he could do anything too stupid in public.

"Soul, if it's truly worrying you, I would just try talking to her. I'm worried about her as well, and so is everyone else, but she's closing me out too. You're the closest to her out of all of us, so I'm sure she'll come around faster for you than anyone else. Just try for all of us, okay?" She added with a sweet smile as she smothered the assassin's face further into the table as he snickered at Tsubaki's "accidental" innuendo.

Soul sighed heavily before pushing his chair out and standing with a wide stretch. He felt his limbs groaning beneath him before a violent shiver crept up his spine, causing him to bolt upright. He glanced immediately towards the flower shop Maka was maintaining undercover and he thought he noticed her gazing at him from behind the counter. Her face was honest for just a split second – lips parted and eyes slightly dreamy. Yet, she quickly noticed his stare and got that familiar scowl again. She quickly moved away from the shop's counter and turned out the light.

Soul's shoulders slumped even more than usual as he stared blankly at the now darkened flower shop windows across the lit-up streets. Her walking form left the same aching in his chest as before, as he watched her exit the flower store building and head into the neighboring one that held their shared apartment just above.

If only any of you knew what the true problem was-

"I wouldn't worry about it too much tonight, Soul. Just try to get some good sleep after you're done patrolling." Tsubaki further consoled, effectively dragging him out of his daydream.

"Or, maybe just let us take your shift tonight. It's not like you need to strain yourself." Blackstar muttered as he also gazed off into the dark streets.

Soul noticed how tense his old friends both seemed. It's been only two weeks since they've been holed up in this city, with little to no witch sightings, and the nights only seemed to drag on and on. They were stationed here after just a small tip, but it was a tip too good for them to just pass up and leave, so here they were, suffering under each other's company night after night as the Second Kishin Resistance. At least it wasn't too crowded.

"Speak for yourself." He replied easily. "And yeah, maybe you're right, Tsubaki…" He sighed out as he gathered his legs and headed out the door.