Chapter 9

Into Calming Waters

Soul felt his spirit sink deeper and deeper into the floor as he repeated Maka's words over and over in his head. He figured it was the perfect soundtrack for stomping his spirit straight to hell.

I am not in love with Soul.

I am not in love with Soul!

He fumbled with his wallet as he removed a card and showed the receptionist his death scythe identification. Apparently Kid had already arranged rooms for them in case of emergencies, and he was only too grateful he wouldn't have to do much talking besides the simple "yes" and "no" as his head blared like overrun static. He gathered his two room keys as he prepared to stuff them mechanically into his wallet.

I am not in love with Soul!


A voice suddenly called out to him as he still remained standing at the receptionist desk. His hand froze from halfway between his wallet as an all too familiar wavelength approached him. It was much too hopeful compared to his recently run over feelings and it only made him drift deeper into his black thoughts.

"Soul, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm checking us into our room. Didn't you hear the announcements? They're not attempting to fly into Antarctica tonight due to a bad snow storm."

Maka fell silent and he could tell she was unaware of a few other things as well as she fiddled with her travel bag.

"Oh… makes sense."

Soul released a sigh that he believed would rival even the strongest blizzard wind as he finally pocketed his wallet. "Yeah, it seems a lot of things are finally making sense now. You coming, or what?" He inquired as Maka stood stupefied before him.

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. I can't believe I – he must've heard me say it! Oh, Soul…

The walk to their hotel room was brutal as Soul slouched beside her and the sound of his dragging feet carried into her thoughts. His wavelength was absolutely horrid and seemed to sink lower and lower with each step.

Oh man, what do I really say to him now? Death, I really wish I could call mama, but it's the middle of the night in Death city now… I have to tell him something! I can't afford to lose my partner - my best friend right now!

"Soul, I think we need to talk about earlier."

"Do you need me to take your bag? It seems we've got some stairs coming up." He interjected instead as he shifted his pack onto his shoulder.

"No. I'm fine."

"Suit yourself."

The silence continued to reel between them as Soul's eyes remained forward, stone hard and tired. She kind've expected to see more from him, though she wondered how terrible that made her seem as they ascended the staircase. She was the one that needed to do more.

"Soul, I just want to say that back there – it wasn't completely true. I do have feelings for you, though not in that way… I'm sorry."

"No, I'm sorry, Maka. I made a fool of myself, and thanks, I guess now you've answered my question."

"No, I -"

They finally found their room and Soul slid in the key card before shoving their door open. What they found there, left them speechless.

"There's only one bed. Please tell me why there's only one bed." Maka blanched as she also noticed the scattered rose petals and bucket of wine on the queen sized mattress.

Soul was frozen in the doorway as he forced his mind to think back to the one sided conversation he had with the receptionist earlier. He never asked him to confirm the size of the room, but he did mention all the other rooms available were packed for the night due to the blizzard. He stared haphazardly towards the rose petals and wondered which one of their friends were paying him so well.

"I think we've just been punk'd."

"Well, sure sucks for whoever I'm going to be punking later…" Maka muttered as she edged her way into the room. "There's gotta be another room…"

Soul held his tongue in his cheek, yet the temptation was too strong as he shut the door closed and removed his pack to the desk nearby.

"What, like we've never shared a bed before?"

He asked which caused the room to enter a complete vortex of silence as Maka completely stilled from removing her bag's contents and her back slowly straightened.

"What do you mean?"

Soul stuck his hands in his pockets as his eyes focused on the girl in front of him. He was certain she could probably feel his eyes burning there and his tongue glided over his teeth as he began trampling into forbidden territory. She still refused to face him and he could completely understand why; for once he was the raging bull and he was seeing red.

"I mean, do you think I haven't noticed for the past year and a half that you've been sneaking into my bedroom?"

Maka's fists furled around each other and she braced herself for the cold chill whipping across her skin. She envisioned herself on a small boat in a vast lake. The water was still. Her heart was burning. Heavy fog hid the horizon and the surrounding scenery.

She didn't have the guts to say its actually been going on for much longer than that.

Ever since the black blood…

"You still have nightmares, Soul. Sometimes I use my wavelength to help you sleep."

"Then what about the nights I don't have nightmares? What about last night – or that one morning?"

Soul could feel Maka's wavelength shudder and he could tell her boat was shaking against the water. Her fingers pulsed and he felt smug satisfaction at finally revealing the truth.

"I have no clue what you mean."

"You know, the morning before you started acting all weird? The morning I kissed you and you definitely kissed me back?"

Maka whipped around with the speed of a snake, ready to let loose, yet she stalled when she noticed his morbid expression. His wavelength did seem it was only feigning confidence after all. The intensity overflowing from him was enough to keep her mouth shut.

"I know you weren't telling the truth back there. Your wavelength says one thing, and your mouth says another. So tell me, Maka, when are your words finally going to start matching how you really feel about me? Or am I just some fucking masochist being in love with someone who can't say what they really feel?"

"Are you calling me a liar."

"Yeah, I am, and it's just like you to ignore that I said I'm fucking in love with you, Maka! Death, for someone so smart and great at Soul Perception, you can be so dense sometimes! How could you have possibly not known for all this time?"

Maka felt the boat she was over begin to sink as Soul's words continued to create holes in the siding.

"I don't know. I guess it just came so gradually that by the time I noticed it was there, it was too late." She muttered as she realized her boat really was sinking and soon enough her head would be under water. She panicked.

"Look, I'm not the one who asked you to fall in love with me in the first place, okay! This isn't how things are supposed to be!"

Soul managed a dry scoff as he could taste the bitter iron on his tongue as he chewed the inside of his lip.

"Supposed to be? I guess I didn't ask you to have feelings for me either, right? I'm out of here, Maka. Don't worry, I'll make myself comfortable in the lobby."

"Wait!" She called as she finally found her voice again. She clung onto a floating plank just as the water began to cover her shoulders.

If Kid finds us fighting, he'd definitely have us separated. Do I really want that? Do I really want to live a life without Soul?

Maka felt waves rocking her back and forth as the clouds in her brain that once clouded the horizon began slowly lifting. Her stomach fluttered and for a moment she felt completely buoyant as the dark waves of her heart disappeared, leaving a crystal clear lake. The sun began to shine behind the last dissipating clouds.

No. All of the answers are no. I want him here with me, always. And for that to happen, I have to… I have to…

"Is it so wrong to say that sometimes I'm the one that needs you?" She blurted out despite her better judgement.

Soul's head shot up, as Maka's words finally resonated with her wavelength for once and struck a chord that sounded like sweet music to his ears.

"Is it wrong to say that you've been right – about everything – and I'm… I'm just scared that I'll end up just like my parents? That we'll continue the stupid legacy of falling in love with all the wrong people and never see each other again?" She whispered as she finally let go of the plank and let herself float across the water. Her eyes were closed as she felt her back bob against the cool water.

"Never see each other again? Maka, we're nothing like them. We've already started our own legacy. Don't you realize that?"

Maka felt her hand gravitating towards her chest, yet she let it drift back to her side. Soul felt so hopeful for once. She wrapped her aura around his tentatively. She could practically feel his heart thundering in his chest from across the room as his ruby colored eyes settled onto her.

"Then I don't want to lie anymore."

Maka could suddenly feel herself being pulled from the water as Soul dashed across the room and dragged her into a deep kiss. She could feel his arms wrap around her and their chests pressed together as they formed one heartbeat. It was warm now. It felt safe.

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