A Different ending to "A Fool's Errand".

What if Liz closed the door on Nick that night.

Maybe instead of closure, Liz thinks its best if Nick didn't come back and open wounds that were starting to heal.


Liz closed the door on her. After what she did to the Thompson's, she knew she deserved it. Even though she regretted her actions, it would never be enough to get her family back. Her father told her they needed the Thompson's to suffer like they did. A successful mission of revenge wasn't as fulfilling as she had hoped.

It only destroyed her only chance of a normal life in the process.

Dorothy and Sam had parked their car down the block from the Thompson's house. Out of sight, but close enough to get to the house fast. She watched as the couple argued over the phone, probably wondering why they couldn't hear any voices through the microphone.

She tapped on their window.

The couple jumped only to realize it was Nick and not a cop wondering why they were parked in their car. Sam rolled down his window.

"What are you doing?" Sam questioned.

Dorothy leaned on her husband to get closer to the window. "Why aren't you inside getting the necklace? Get back there!"

Nick usually knew how to deal with the Harbaugh's. Make them think something else was a better score or lead them to think it wasn't worth it. But she had no more tricks up her sleeve. Just regrets.

"I can't." Nick said, "I can't do it. They are my family."

"They are not your family." Sam explained. "They ruined your family, remember? You want revenge and we want the necklace." Sam's grin faded. "Now go back in there and put that family to sleep or you will regret it."

Nick sighed, "Then I guess I'll regret it."


Molly nibbled at her pizza. Making food together as a family was wonderful but her appetite was still being affected by recent events. Liz made her way back into the kitchen.

"Who was it?" Molly asked. Setting her pizza down on counter top.

Her mom busied herself with the cleanup. "Nobody, just a…a wrong stop for a pizza boy."

Her mom was lying but she couldn't understand why. Who was really at the door?

Liz continued, "Am I going to have to clean up all by myself too? We all made this mess you know."

The next day the school called telling Jeremy that he was allowed to go back to school the upcoming week. The real culprit came forward and explained Jeremy's innocents in the election. Since he never actually won the election he wouldn't be able to return as class president, but there was still next year.

Molly was surprised when she got a message from the volunteer squad. Ideas for their next big community service project were contained in the message from each member. She couldn't believe that her friends were giving her another chance.

They could at least pick bigger ideas that would affect more people but it was a start.

They spent their whole day cleaning up the restaurant and calling back their employees. The business was back after her mom was convinced it was a lost cause. They would reopen it as soon as possible and make it better than it was before.

Ed was allowed back to work as well having gotten a call from his manager about the incident and how they could move past it.

Everything was working out in the end it seemed. The healing family's lives were slowly going back to normal. Everything was going to be ok.

The pass couple of days had been stressful for Molly. Going to bed she would say goodnight to an empty bed. Waking up to an empty room, Nick's name still up on the wall. Nick seemed to be haunting her every waking moment.

How much longer was she going to suffer like this?

Her father told her he was going to get rid of Nick stuff before they went back to school but it was still all there days later. Guess they were all having trouble with their feelings for the girl.

No matter how much her dad insisted it was good Nick was gone, she knew he didn't really mean it. He loved her too.

Thursday night a knock came from the front door.

"Coming." her mom went and opened the door.

Molly couldn't see who it was from her seat but the voice sounded familiar.

"Guys your friend from school is here." her mom said as she let a strange boy in the house."

Jeremy choked on his drink. "Will? Wait. Shouldn't you be in jail or something?"

Molly couldn't believe it, why would this thief lie his way into their home?

"What do you want?" Molly said "Here to steal more of our phones again? Maybe some of our other valuables?"

Dad perked up from his chore of folding laundry. Nick's old chore.

"Who is this if he's not your friend?"

"This is Will," Jeremy stated. "Nick's friend."

"Yes, yes but I'm not here because of what happened." Will said.

Dad scoffed, "Ok Will then what is it? You going to tell us you're a distant relative of my wife's hm? Being a friend of Nick's I wouldn't put it pass you."

"What? No! I'm here because I need your help. It's Nick. Something is wrong and…"

"No." Molly could only look on at her father as he stood up from his seat. "Nick isn't a part of this family anymore. She never was. I am going to ask you to leave now."

Will's eyes went big, "No, no wait! Nick's been locked in her room for days now. I haven't seen her because the Harbaugh's kept me busy with trivial tasks and cons."

Before Ed could get another word in Liz put her hand up to stop him. "What are you getting at?"

"I'm saying that something is wrong. When I get home her room is to quiet and I'm starting to think that something bad has happened."

Liz sighed, "Look Will we…"

Molly was surprised to find herself being dragged to the front door by none other than Jeremy.

"Take us there." Jeremy demanded.

Will led the two teens into the driveway of an older looking house. Making their way onto the creaking porch Molly looked around. No car in the driveway.

"Where are the Harbaugh's?" she said

Will was unlocking the door as she led to two into the house.

"They are out for the first time in almost a week." he said as he made his way up a set of stairs. "This way, I don't know when they are going to be back. We got to hurry while everyone is gone."

Molly followed the two boys up the carpeted stairs and into a darkened hallway. Will stopped at the last door and knelt down to pick the lock.

Molly started to wish that she was back at home. Planning her next community service with the squad instead of whatever this was.

Molly felt a hand grab hers. Jeremy.

She heard the lock click.

Will was able to turn the door knob.


The group pushed their way into the room. Will hit the light only for the group to find the small room trashed. The dressers contents covered the floor, drawers and all. Boxes in the corner seemly containing the Harbaugh's storage stomped on and wreaked. Even the mattress on the floor was thrown aside.

That when Molly's eyes led her to Nick. Leaning against the radiator, pale with dried blood coming from her nose and temple.

"Nick!" the group echoed, rushing toward the girl.

Nick may have done a terrible thing to her family but, she didn't deserve this.

Nick was so still. The more Molly looked, the more she regretted not coming to her aid sooner.

Will was busily himself with something on her wrist.

A pair of hand cuffs connected her to the radiator, unable to move from her spot on the floor.

Molly placed her fingers on her best friend's bruised neck. "Oh god." she whispered.

Jeremy seemed to have come to terms with the situation as he pulled out his phone to call someone. Anyone for help.

A voice came from down stairs that echoed up into the hallway.

"Jeremy? Molly?"

"Dad." Molly whispered.

Jeremy yelled out, "Upstairs!"

Adults. They would know what to do.

"Hey guys," Ed began as he popped his head into the door way. "I'm not sure I like the idea of you breaking and enter… Oh Jezz!"

Liz came in right behind, "Nick? Oh, oh no, I'm calling the authorities!" she said covering her mouth as she reached for her children.

Ed dropped to his knees in front of his so called 'foster daughter'. "Nick?" he whispered as he reached shaking hands towards her bloodied face. Molly knew no matter what he preached at home, Nick was still his daughter no matter what.

"Got it!" Will shouted as he tossed the cuffs away from the group. Molly forgot he was even here at all.

"Liz," Ed started only to be interrupted by a voice from the door way.

"What are you people doing in my house?!"

Sam and Dorothy were back only to find the Thompson's car in their driveway and in their house.

"You people need to get out of my house otherwise…" Sam was interrupted by a punch to the stomach. Landing on his back groaning as Ed stood over him.

"Getting my daughter back you monster."