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Molly sat curled up on a chair next to Nick's hospital bed. The chair was more comfortable then the stupid plastic ones in the waiting room. Still not soft enough to sleep on though.

Molly tugged at the phone cord again trying to stretch an un-stretchable thing. Before the nurse behind the counter left for the night, she directed her to a charging station. Saying it was set up there two months ago for time just like these.

She still felt horrible but the sign said nothing about taking them.

In the opposite chair sat Will who fell asleep not too long ago. He said he wasn't going to leave her side until she woke up. Head on the bed holding her hand, Molly did not envy his back pain in the morning.

Nick's monitor was loud and reassuring. Ever beep helped her know that her sister was still there with her. It was also her only sign of life.

Molly was so tired of crying. Flowing tears in the waiting room, to full up bailing in the back stall in the women's bathroom. She was so tired.

She opened a game on her phone only to close it seconds later. Not even able to concentrate on any of her social media accounts or even play a free game from the app store. She just wanted to watch Nick's heartbeat.

Setting her phone down, she did just that.

Once Jeremy and his family were able to see Nick, he felt like the whole family was able to take a breath again. Sitting in that waiting room, not knowing if his friend was going to come back out alive or not. Her surgery took hours.

They were there so long the nurse behind the desk finished her shift while they waited! It was the longest and most intense time he has ever had in his life.

After his father checked Nick under his insurance the family made it a point to go down to the café to check out the food items. Molly and Will decided to stay there and go down at a later time before they closed for the night.

Making it to the room he found the two of them asleep right next to Nick's bed.

He decided to just let them rest, mostly because he was not dealing with a sleep deprived sister.

Nick woke up to sunlight shining into her room.

Wait. Not her room. Hospital?

Did the Harbaugh's bring her here?

Someone was holding her hand, "Will?"

Will groaning as he looked up into Nick's face. "Nick. Oh my God Nick, you're awake." Will's smile stretched as wide as his face.

"Nick!" A voice startled her from the other side.

"Mo…Molly?" Nick looked around at the room. The Thompson's were here.

She was confused when she woke up, but now the entire family she scammed was here too?!

"What's going on?" Nick blurted. "Why are you all here? Why am I here?"

"Sweetie calm down." Liz came over to sit on the side of Nick's bed. "Do you remember what happened? You were badly hurt."

"I..I was?"

"Yes," she continued, "Will here saved you by getting my children to check up on you leading us to you."

Nick looked to see tears running down Molly's face. Everyone was watching her except Ed who stood at the foot of the bed head down.

Nick was having trouble processing any of this. Last thing she remembered was being in her room. Sam locked the door from the outside and she wasn't allowed out for days.

A voice cleared its throat from the door.

A nurse stood at the entrance. "I don't appreciate you getting my patient worked up after just waking up from surgery." She entered the room, making Ed move to get a look at her charts, fiddling around with all the tubes and machines in the room.

She had surgery? How much was that going to cost? She's not going to be able to pay a hospital bill and the Harbaugh's were not going to fit it for her.

"Ms. Franzelli needs lots of rest and you are making it impossible. My advice, go home. Get cleaned up. Come back after she had some quality rest."

Everyone watched as the nurse left as soon as she arrived.

Liz squeezed her hand, "We'll be back, make sure you get some rest ok. We'll be back around Noon when you'll wake up for lunch."

Nick nodded her head. What she really needed to do was find her clothes. She had to get out fast.