Nick woke up where she never expected to be again. The hospital.

A nurse was above her checking on the bags she was connected to when she noticed Nick awake.

"Hello there sweetie." Her voice was a high pitched sweet you use when talking to small children. "You're family was here all day but they just left for the night when visitor hours were over."

Nick eyes started to get heavy.

"Go back to sleep and later you can see them tomorrow. Please don't run away again. We were all so worried about you."

Nick wanted to correct her that those two weren't her family, just foster parents. Now to tired to care she fell asleep.


Will was getting deja vu as he held Nick's hand, but this time eating a sandwich Mrs. Thompson made all of them for lunch.

Surprisingly the Thompson parents weren't mad at the other two. Will was the odd man out as they hugged each other, telling them how they were so worried they lost all of their children.

Will could only wish he had a family like that.

The past few days was the most stress he had ever been under and that even included when his mom was going to jail.

Will felt Nick's hand twitch.


Alerted to a voice, Nick's eyes fluttered open and landed on the boy's.

Nick's family huddled around the bed trying to see her.

The first thing that came out of her mouth shocked him.

"I'm sorry." She mumbled.

Liz was the first to react. "No, you have nothing to be sorry about. You were scared and in an impossible situation. You did the only thing you knew how."

"Please just..." Ed trailed off. "Just stay this time. We were so worried and I don't ever want to see you go into that surgery room ever again."

Nick's smile was contagious, lighting up the room and Will's own.

"I promise."


Nick was finally back at the Thompson's. To be precise, home.

Getting back home from the hospital and arriving to the familiar house was weird at first. Unsure on how they would react to if she really belonged.

Talks about adoption blew those negative thoughts away. In the next couple of months she would be an official Thompson. No trickery this time around.

For the past couple of days Nick was on bed rest. Getting out of it took a bit of whining and alot of boredom sighs.

Fed up they complied and allowed her couch time as well.

Today the family stayed in the living room playing board games and charades.

Liz told Nick that she would save the old restaurant for when Nick was ready to have her own business if she wanted that for the future. Of course after years of training in culinary school of course.

Nick heard the doorbell.

"Oh no you don't." Molly said pushing her sister back down onto the couch.

"I got it."

It was Nick's turn anyway. Rolling the dice and moved ahead four spaces when she heard a familiar voice at the door.

Nick got up from her spot and made her way toward the boy at the door. She leaned on the wall more than she would have liked to admit.

"What you doing here?" She asked all smiles.

"Just coming over to make sure your still in town." Will looked behind her at the family playing together.

"Bad time?"

"No," Nick said grabbing his arm and tugging him inside. "Perfect time."