Author's Note: I know. I shouldn't be writing anything else, but I've been wanting to write something for Vampire Diaries for a long time but never really found an idea that I could latch onto until now. I really hope that yall like this idea too. I haven't made a concrete decision on the timeline or just how close it's going to follow so we're going to have to see. BTW, I am kind of obsessed with the idea of Caroline and Rebekah becoming best friends. Soooo, yeah! XD Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

She was beautiful. She was kind. Everyone in their village loved her. She spent her time singing to the kids and helping out the women and even looking after the men, their injuries from hunting or building their homes, and was a joy to be around. Her hair was a halo of blond around her head hanging in long strands down her back with pretty blue eyes and fair-skinned.

Her dresses were always pretty but the bottoms were stained with mud and so were her nails. She often stuck her hands behind her back whenever her mother would walk by to hide the fact that she was getting dirty while entertaining the children. Her mother would always know, chastise her, before moving on to continue working. She would find the eyes of the nearest person, smile like the secret was theirs to share now, before going back to what she was doing.

"You can stop staring at her, dear brother, she isn't going to love you."

Pretty blue eyes with a bit of green near the pupils snap away from the girl humming to the children and look over at his younger brother standing a few feet from him. He glares at the younger boy.

"Oh mind yourself, Kol."

"I am minding myself," the younger of the two smiles mischievously, turning his own brown eyes toward the pretty blond girl. "I'm also not standing at the side of our house watch pretty Lilah entertain Henrik and the other children when I could... oh I don't know, say hello? Or at least stop staring at her." His smile sharpens a bit more. "Here, I'll show you how."

His eyes widen slightly, realizing that something horrible was about to happen. "Kol, no!"

"Lilah!" Kol yells, drawing her own pretty blue eyes away from the kids to look for the person who called out to her. She first lays eyes on Kol, seeing the mischevious boy grinning back at her as he waves his hand over his head before looking to the person next to him. The action draws Lilah's eyes over to Niklaus, watching as he went from glaring at Kol, to looking at the ground, then around himself as if he would be able to disappear into the ground by will. Finally, he builds up the courage to look up and meet her eyes.

Lilah smiles when Niklaus finally meets her eyes. A smile so bright and beautiful creases appear around her eyes.

"See," Kol says softly, a playful, mischievous glint in his dark eyes "sometimes you just have to go for it."

"I can't believe, after all this time, we are back here," Kol says, rolling his eyes and glaring at Klaus's and Elijah's retreating forms, phone to former's ear as he snarls at the person on the other side.

"Yes," Rebekah draws, twirling a strand of long blond hair around her finger, pouting in annoyance and boredom. "I can't believe Nik undaggered you for this." She rolls her eyes, glaring at her brother.

Kol's smile is frosty. "Pleasure as always, Rebekah. And brother felt he needed me because I am the only one with good connections with the witches."

Rebekah glares at him harder. "Not in Mystic Falls, you don't."

Kol shrugs his shoulders, unconcerned. "Fine, dear sister, I didn't want to say it, but I guess I must. Brother seems to find greater value in my ability to help, then yours."

Rebekah looks both more annoyed and genuinely hurt. "Then why would he undagger me if he didn't think I could be helpful?"

Kol gives her a level stare with a crooked, mean smile on his lips. "Well, as useless as you have proven to be, dear Rebekah, you are still Niklaus's favorite little sister."

Rebekah glares daggers at her brother, looking like she was ready to rip his head from his shoulders and throw it across the room in her anger. She grinds her teeth together, trying to control her anger in the bustling pub full of humans who would not be able to understand how Kol would be able to get up after she had done that to him. She turns her pretty blue eyes toward her oldest brother as he makes his way back into the room without Klaus and makes his way over to the table his younger two siblings were sitting at.

"Elijah, tell Kol to stop being so mean," Rebekah demands as soon as the oldest of the four undaggered siblings moves close to the table. "Or the people of Mystic Falls are going to get a rude surprise in the form of Kol's head flying across this room."

Kol laughs, finding sick amusement in his little sister's threat while Elijah looks between the two of them displeased with their bickering. Missed them as he did, he wished that the two could get along better but figured this was what he wanted, after all. He wanted them together and they are. He simply has to accept that they have some undesirable traits. They are his family though. And they made a promise. Always and forever.

"Knock it off, both of you. Don't force me to have to separate the two of you like petulant children." Elijah shoots them both a leveled stare to show that he was serious.

Kol rolls his eyes, throwing back his shot of bourbon, not minding being the day drinker as Rebekah stares at her elder brother with disbelief and shaking her head. "Elijah, you're just going to let him - "

Elijah holds up his hand to silence her, then uses that hand to rub at his forehead, sighing deeply and annoyed. He turns to offer them both another look before looking back toward the exit where he and Klaus previously used. If he honed his hearing hard enough he could almost imagine that he could still hear Klaus yelling angrily at his informant.

"Enough, Rebekah, please. Can the two of you stand for a peaceful reunion between siblings that haven't been together for a long time?" Elijah rubs the tips of his fingers together subconsciously, feeling a fresh wave of agitation wash over him. Seeing as Klaus hasn't stormed in here ready to get moving, he has yet to have another direction on the witches that are targeting them. They are extra tenacious compared to those that have been hunting them for hundreds of years. They have been bad enough that Klaus knew he had to get back together with Elijah and awaken both Rebekah and Kol.

Both his two younger siblings give each other looks. Rebekah's angry and annoyed while Kol's was sardonic and smug.

"Stop looking at me like that, Kol," Rebekah snaps, leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms over her chest.

Kol laughs, amused at annoying his younger sister before taking a sip of the new drink placed in front of him by the wandering waitress. His dark brown eyes wander the room half-listening to Rebekah stubborn insistence next to him as he looks around at all the faces of the people of Mystic Falls, wondering which one is going to taste the best when he sees a flash of blond.

Normally, blonds only catch his attention momentarily, he prefers brunettes, but then she turns slightly to talk to the guy following her into the building and when he sees her face, he can't believe it. He blinks a few times, trying to see if his eyes will clear up and reveal her real face or if what he's seeing is the real thing. He can't believe, being as old as he is, that a blast from the past would reveal itself to him. A face he never thought he would see again once his siblings fled Mystic Falls the first time he never thought that he would see her again.

"Lilah..." Kol says, his eyes are blown wide as he stands up slowly.

Rebekah stops, mid-sentence. She blinks a few times, tilting her head to the side for a second before saying, "What did you just say?" Elijah turns to look over at his younger brother, dark eyebrows pulled together.


Rebekah stands up slowly, following her brother's gaze across the room. She spots the blond, then moves past her, until she laughs, then heads toward the bar, and Rebekah sees her face and her jaw drops as pain sliced through her like a white oak stake. She physically grabs at her heart, feeling like she can't breathe. Tears stabbed at her eyes.

"Lilah?" She whispers. "Oh... god, it's Lilah..." Tears slide down her face. "Elijah... oh, Elijah!"

Elijah follows their gaze, with her in mind, he finds her face. He was ready to deny her. To make note that there was one difference here or another difference there when her face came out to be exactly as he remembered it to be. All those years ago.

Rebekah quickly brushes the tears away and pushes her chair back so that she can rush over to the girl, she makes it as far as Elijah before he catches her arm and holds it in a death grip.

"Let me go, Elijah, I need to see her," Rebekah says, weakly pulling against her older brother.

"Hold on, Rebekah," Elijah says, turning to stare down his sister. "I will go with you. We must approach slowly."

"But it's Lilah!" Rebekah says, grabbing onto her brother's arm. "It's her, I know her face!"

"It's her face," Elijah agrees. "But remember, she was Tatiana's cousin. She's part of the Petrova bloodline." He grips her arm a bit tighter in fear that she would slip away if he didn't keep her in place.

Rebekah faulters, coming into herself a bit. She looks over at Elijah and nods slowly, rubbing away the remnant tears from the corners of her eyes without messing up her make-up. "The Petrova bloodline... yes," She mumbles, rubbing at her forehead. She blinks a few times before looking over at Elijah, her eyebrows pulling together tightly. "But she's not the doppelganger." A pause, then, "Is she? I thought that it was Tatiana, though..."

"Yes," Elijah admits, "I thought so too. But I suppose we are going to have to see." He makes his way through the crowd after he released Rebekah's arm. She follows closely behind without fail but it seems like she's going to let him do all the talking. She grabs onto his sleeve in a thinly veiled attempt to keep herself in check as she follows behind Elijah on his heels.

"Matt, I'm going to go see if Mike has the stuff, are you coming?" Caroline asks, twisting around to look at her friend as he stops to talk to some of the other jocks. One was a football player and the other was basketball. He waves his hand a bit to show he heard her but is much more engrossed in the conversation with the guys than following her over to the bar.

Caroline stares at him for a moment longer before groaning, waving her hand dismissively and walking over to the bar and leaning against it, waiting for the bartender to notice her. He does after a moment and holds up a finger to get her to wait while he finishes up with what he's doing. Caroline nods, turning to look over the rest of the pub so the bartender doesn't have to deal with her eyes burrowing holes through him.

She looks around the room seeing a few friends in the corner of the room. She smiles when they meet her eyes and offer little waves of their own to match hers. She rubs at the back of her head, running her fingers through the back of her curly blond hair wondering if someone can loan her a hair tie to put it up or if she's able to just deal with it until she gets home.

Everyone is still enjoying their last few days of freedom before heading back to school so they are making the best of it. The pub is usually a safe place to go for high schoolers to have some fun and hang out. It was safe, close to town and everyone was usually pretty close to their house or the house of someone that they trusted enough to care for them in alcohol manages to find its way into their hands. She's had a few instances like that, where she needed someone to trust to walk home with her.

That person was usually Bonnie.

"Caroline," the bartender calls, leaning against the bar on the other side, pulling her out of her thoughts. "Did you need something?"

Caroline turns back around to look at him. "Yeah, we need the stuff John promised. I'm the carrier bird today." She flashes him a bright white smile.

He nods. "Yeah, I remember he said something. Let me see if I can find it. I think he left it all in a box somewhere. Give me a second." He walks over to the other side of the bar, talks to one of the girls. She nods and moves behind the bar to keep making drinks while he disappears into the back.

Caroline leans against the bar, running her fingers through her hair, hating to imagine the rest of her day is going to be just as exhausting as the first half of it. She still had so many stops to make still and just the thought of it has worn her out. She drops her forehead onto the counter and lets out a low groan.

"Are you alright?"

Caroline snaps her spine straight, throwing her head back in a way that possibly made her look possessed. She turns large blue eyes toward the dark-haired gentleman next to her in a pressed dark blue suit. There was a white shirt underneath with no tie, yet he looked like he was ready to walk into a fancy, five-star restaurant regardless of it not being there.

He turns dark brown eyes toward her, blinking slowly. There was a furrow to his brow that was ever so slight.

There was a woman hanging off his arm with pretty, pin-straight blond hair and pretty blue eyes. She was dressed in jeans and black heels that gave her a good three more inches with a pretty pink top that was enviable, easily. Her make-up was light but accentuated her obvious beauty and Caroline almost immediate was in awe of her. Her eyes were wide and perfect eyebrows were hiked up toward her hairline.

Caroline feels her face turn bright red in embarrassment. She forces a huge smile and the nervous laughter behind it made her cringe.

"Hi, sorry. Am I in your way?" Caroline asks, despite a majority of the rest of the bar being easily accessible.

"No," the man says, reigning in his surprise at her sudden movement and watching her closely. "I was just worried that you weren't doing alright. Do you need to sit down." He makes to pull out one of the bar stools for her. The woman pulls her arm away to stop from hampering his movements and gives him a small step of space so that he can do as he said, her eyes locked on Caroline's face.

Caroline, embarrassed and wishing she could fall into a hole, shakes her head and waves her hands around. "Oh no, don't worry about me! I'm okay, really." In her mind, though, she made note of his accent. Definitely something from across the sea. Maybe London? She was terrible with accents. But it's definitely not from these parts.

The woman tilts her head, eyebrows falling neutral as the man lets go of the chair slowly, still studying her face. "Are you certain, Miss...?"

"Caroline," Caroline says automatically. "Caroline Forbes." She holds out her hand for him. "It's nice to meet you." God, she hopes her hands aren't sweaty. It's too late to wipe them off on her jeans if they are.

The man looks at her hand a moment as if confused by the action before he takes his giving it a delicate shake that seemed more for her benefit than his own. If her palm was sweaty, he made no show of it, to which she's thankful for. "Elijah," he says, delicately shaking her hand. "Elijah Mikaelson." He stares into her eyes as if waiting for something.

Caroline smiles a little bit easier, trying to push on with the conversation and forget the last two minutes. "Nice to meet you," Caroline says after a moment of silence, before looking over at the woman, still staring with big, innocent blue eyes. She looks like she could be around Caroline's age, maybe a few years older, like twenty-one, but that's a stretch. "Are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?" Or married, she didn't know.

The question broke the woman out of her continued staring by looking equal parts hurt and disgusted. "What? No. I'm Elijah's little sister. I'm Rebekah." A pause, then her voice softens as she reaches out for Caroline's newly freed hand as if longing to touch her. "Rebekah Mikaelson."

Caroline is embarrassed again, flushing, but tries to push through it. "I'm sorry. I have horrible word vomit. I just say things and don't think. I'm sorry." Rebekah's grip on her hand was just as gentle, if not a bit forlorn. She wraps her hand around Carolines and doesn't look like she wants to let go, even though both of them are bent sort of strangely around Elijah and over the corner of the counter.

Rebekah shakes her head slowly, eyebrows pulling inward. "Don't worry yourself over silly things, darling. It's an honest mistake." She looks reluctant to let go of Caroline's hand after perhaps a moment too long.

Caroline stares into her pretty face, unable to help herself, feeling like she has to say something. "I'm sorry if this is weird, but I just can't get over how pretty you are."

Rebekah blinks once, twice, three times before this look crosses her face of both happiness and pain. "You think so?"

Caroline nods, pushing some loose curls behind her ears. "Yes. I think we should say it more when we see things we like. Girls, I mean. We should empower each other."

Rebekah's expression softens, sweetly. "Thank you, Caroline. It... means a lot to me to hear you say that. I think you are exceptionally beautiful yourself."

Despite what she said, the compliment made Caroline flush in embarrassment yet again. She pushes past it with a humbled, "Thank you." Before she forces the feeling done and points out the obvious in order to move on from this part of the conversation, "You guys definitely aren't from around here."

"Would you believe that we were born here long ago?" Elijah asks, curiously, having been quiet and thoughtful throughout their exchange.

"Really?" Caroline asks, surprised. "I guess you can never judge, even by accents."

Elijah's thin smile actually looks nice on him. It looks like he doesn't smile a lot, which is sad, he's got a pretty one. At least of the small bit that Caroline can see of it.

"We moved around a lot," Rebekah says dismissively, uninterested in any of that.

Elijah nods slowly in agreement, straightening out his cuffs in thought before looking into Caroline's eyes and asking, "What about you, Caroline? How long have you been in Mystic Falls?"

"Born and raised," Caroline says with a hint of pride. As ready as she was to leave this little town, she was still proud of it. The closeness, the community, there wasn't a lot of places one could find something like that. She was very fortunate and humbled to have it. She pulls herself from her thoughts and focuses in on the siblings once more, "So, what brings you back to Mystic Falls?"

"Business," Elijah says easily. "Our family has some business here in Mystic Falls for the foreseeable future."

"Well, since it's been a while since you guys have been here, I could give you the grand tour, if you wanted?" Caroline offers, giving them a smile.

"Yes," Rebekah says before Elijah can even open his mouth again. "I would love to get a tour." They both share a look but Caroline can't decipher their mental conversation. Rebekah looks back over at Caroline. "Are you free tonight?"

"No," Caroline sighs, hating to turn the other down so fast after making the offer herself. "I have to finish up with preparation for the beginning of the year donation drive. I'm going to do as much as I can today so that I can enjoy the end of my summer before school starts again." She rubs at her forehead again, looking around to see that the bartender hasn't come back yet. "I will have some time tomorrow, though, if you want to do it then?" Caroline turns her eyes back toward Rebekah. "If that's okay? Oh, and you are more than welcome to come along too, Elijah."

"Tomorrow is good for me," Rebekah says, smiling happily. It's a pretty smile that lights up her beautiful face. She must really want to make a new friend. Caroline was happy to oblige.

The older man seems like he was about to deny her when something catches his eye. He opens his mouth, about to say something when a voice from over Caroline's shoulder snarls, "Charles is going to regret this run around when I find him."

"Niklaus," Elijah says, holding out his hand toward Caroline.

"Hear me, Elijah, this had better not be a fool's errand or I'm going to - "

"Nik!" Rebekah snaps, her blue eyes wide as she pointed looks at Caroline. Her pleading, big eyes turn back to the person in question as she says softly, "Come meet our new friend, Nik."

Caroline turns, holding her hand out for the man to take. "Hello," she says softly, "my name is Caroline Forbes."

The man turns his narrow-eyed glare from Elijah down to Caroline, then back to Elijah just to shoot back to Caroline. His jaw drops for a split second before snapping shut and then just hanging open slightly like he was trying to form words but didn't remember how. He looks down at her hand, stunned, before mutely taking it and shaking it slowly as he studied Caroline's face. He shifts his entire body to face her as he looks her up and down, trying to understand what he sees.

His eyes are blue and his hair is dark blond, making him resemble Rebekah far more than he looks like Elijah, but Caroline can see the resemblance now that she knows that at least two of them are siblings. His hair was unlike the two of theirs which was straight and tame, his was messy and curled around his neckline and ears. It's safe to assume this is yet another one of the siblings. He was dressed much more relaxed with jeans, tennis shoes and a long sleeve v-neck black shirt that is rolled up to his elbows and low dip to the neckline that shows off the start of a strong chest with a few necklaces and bracelets on his wrists.

After a moment of silence, Elijah swiftly steps in by saying, "Caroline, this is my brother, Niklaus. Brother, this is Caroline Forbes."

"It's nice to meet you," Caroline says softly, staring into his pretty blue eyes. In the light, she swears there are touches of green near the irises. Elijah was handsome, Rebekah was gorgeous and Niklaus was a beautiful man if Caroline has ever seen one. She hesitates for a moment, wondering how his name would sound on her own lips before saying, "Niklaus."

Rebekah blinks slowly, a tilt to her head as she stares at the side of Niklaus's head with her hands wringing at her stomach while Elijah gets a peculiar look on his face as if remembering something both fondly, and sadly.

Her use of his name seemed to have pulled him from whatever he was trying to uncover from her face because he closes his hand around her own more securely, offers this smooth, gentle, yet guarded smile, before bringing her hand up to his lips and kissing the back of it. "Hello, love. I'm sorry. I was distracted by your beauty that I didn't catch your name."

Caroline raises an eyebrow, flattered and embarrassed by the treatment and his words. "Caroline Forbes."

"Caroline," Niklaus says softly as if her voice was a secret prayer that only he could hear. "A beautiful name."

Caroline smiles at that as Niklaus slowly releases her hand, almost looking like he didn't want to. "Thanks," she looks down at the ground for a moment, feeling the blush washing over her cheeks again before looking around the three siblings, trying not to be overwhelmed by their combined beauty and trying to ignore the way Niklaus is staring at her face with this smug, yet longing look in his eyes. "So there's three then, huh? All three siblings?"

"Our brother Kol is here too," Rebekah says, giving the side of Niklaus's head a sweet look, before glancing over her shoulder. "Kol is right over..." She blinks a few times, her eyes scanning the pub to see that Kol was nowhere in sight. "Where did he go?"

The brothers both blink, share a look and then turn to survey the pub to find this wayward brother of theirs.

"Kol," Niklaus grows, furrowing his brows angrily.

"We'll find him. Surely he's wondered off again," Elijah says diplomatically, placing a hand on Niklaus's shoulder that seems to ease a bit of his agitation.

"You alright, Caroline?"

Caroline turns to see the bartender back, placing a large box onto the bar just out of the way so that he can talk to her. He gives Elijah and Niklaus mistrusting looks before turning his attention back toward the seventeen-year-old girl.

"I'm okay, Mike," Caroline says, offering him a genuine smile. Mike is one of the cheerleaders, Abby's, older brother. Caroline has known him for about three years now. "Is this everything?" She nods to the box.

"As far as I know," Mike says, shrugging his shoulders. "If there's anything else, I'm sure John will just bring it to you himself. Is this your last stop for the day?"

Caroline lets out a long, dramatic sigh. "Oh, I wish. I still have a ton more places to stop before tomorrow. Knowing my luck, I'm going to be out all night running around this town." She was being over-dramatic, but it sort of didn't feel like it.

Mike looks worried. "Just stop before it gets too dark. I hear there has been a lot of animal attacks recently. You shouldn't be wandering around alone after dark, alright?"

"I'll be fine," Caroline says, rolling her eyes. "Besides, I'll have Matt with me. I'm not going to be alone. So don't worry."

"Yeah, well, just be careful, okay? A lot of people have been attacked these last few weeks and I would hate for something to happen. Just be careful until they catch whatever animal is attacking people, alright?" Mike asks seriously.

Caroline mock salutes the bartender. "Sure thing, Sheriff."

Mike rolls his eyes, about to retort when the girl that took over the bar says that she's heading back out onto the floor. He nods, waving her away before turning back toward Caroline.

Elijah lays his arm across the bartop, suddenly looking interested in the conversation. "What are we talking about? Animal attacks?" He looks between Mike and Caroline, waiting for someone to answer him.

"Recently there have been a string of animal attacks all over Mystic Falls," Mike says. Elijah, Niklaus, and Rebekah all share looks, no longer concerned about their missing brother. "They think they were either wolves or bears but no one really knows for certain." A guest comes up to the bar, calling for his attention. He gives them a little wave and heads over to keep working.

Caroline looks over at Rebekah. "I'm not too worried because I know my way around, but you should be careful, Rebekah, okay?"

Rebekah looks amused for a moment before controlling her expression and nodding somberly. "I can take care of myself, but thank you, Caroline." Her smile is sweet and genuine.

Niklaus leans in close enough that Caroline can feel the heat of his body on her arm. She looks up into his eyes as he says, "Can you tell us anything more about these... animal attacks, Caroline?"

Caroline shakes her head. "Nothing, really. Just that they happen at night and usually when the person is alone or in a small group of two."

"Then perhaps you should save the rest of your work until daylight tomorrow," Elijah cuts in slowly, giving Niklaus a sideways look. "You and this Matt don't sound like you will be any more protected then anyone else was."

"Well," Caroline says slowly, "the attacks haven't really happened inside the town, which is where I'm staying, but I do want to get as much done today as possible. But if I have to do more tomorrow, that's what I signed up for, I suppose." Caroline shrugs her shoulders, letting out a little sigh, resigned to her fate. She knew it would drive her mother up the wall if she were to be attacked by some wild animal while knowing that there is an advisory out asking people to remain indoors after dark or to travel in larger groups of five or six.

Rebekah blinks before offering, "I could help you out tomorrow. Seeing as your Matt friend is nowhere to be seen." She gives a bland look, crossing her arms over her chest.

Caroline looks over at Matt, still laughing and talking with his friends. "Well, he's a bit preoccupied, but he's helping." She looks back over at Rebekah, "And I couldn't ask you to help me. You're new here and you don't even go to our school." She pauses, realizing she doesn't know that for certain. "Or do you? Are you going to Mystic Falls High?"

Rebekah opens her mouth, about to say something, when it appears as though something occurs to her, and she nods. "I am, actually. I was hoping to stop by the school tomorrow..." She hesitates, tucking a pin-straight strand of long blond hair behind her ear, looking at Caroline through long, thick lashes. "Would you be able to show me?"

Caroline smiles back at her, nodding. "I would love to."

"Then, in return, I'll help you with whatever it is that you are doing tomorrow," Rebekah says smugly.

"Getting a tour tomorrow, are we?" Niklaus asks, giving his sister a pointed stare.

"We are," Rebekah says easily, gesturing between herself and Elijah while staring at him with a raised eyebrow and an amused expression that Niklaus doesn't appear to share. "But you are not."

Niklaus looks over at Caroline, pinning her in place with this intense, powerful gaze. He leans in a little bit closer, looking Caroline up and down, making her skin tingle at every inch his eyes touched. She had to fight the urge to wrap her arms around herself. It's like those pretty eyes could stare right through her. They made her feel weak and small like her heart and soul are laying bare before this titanous man.

He's powerful, Caroline can sense it. She just can't figure out in what sense. Not yet.

"Caroline, sweetheart, you wouldn't mind showing me around too, would you?" He pierces her with his gaze alone. He studies her expression closely.

He's a predator, Caroline can see it in his eyes. A real hunter. He can easily make Caroline feel an inch tall. There is something absolutely lethal about him. He's definitely more than a devastatingly pretty face.

Caroline offers him a smile that stirs something in those bluish-green eyes. "No, Niklaus. I wouldn't. Please join us tomorrow."

That strange, foreign emotion swims in his eyes as he leans in closer, a smile working its way across his lips. "Excellent, love. I am happy to hear it." His eyes lock onto hers for a long moment. "Oh, and Caroline," Niklaus says, drawing out her name, "call me Klaus."