At the start, the narrator said "The World of Pokémon. A world teeming with the most amazing creatures imaginable. Populating the land, the sea and the air. Wherever you may find yourself, chances are, Pokémon will be there too"

At the same time, the camera pans from the Earth to closing in on Pallet Town, and finally, out the front of a house close by.

Inside, a young man with black, spiked hair, brown eyes, wearing a red-and-white hat with a blue Poké Ball, a white, black and blue jacket with a yellow zip, Dark grey pants, and red-and-black gloves and shoes.

Ash Ketchum, now fifteen years old, is finishing getting ready for his latest journey. Having spent a couple of months home, including his fifteenth birthday, he was ready to go.

Pikachu ran up and jumped onto Ash's shoulder just as a woman with Mahogany hair held in a ponytail, Amber eyes wearing a yellow shirt, pink jacket, a knee-length blue skirt and grey shoes stepped into the room.

"Are you ready, honey?" Delia asked, to which Ash and Pikachu both replied "Yes Mom, we're psyched for this"

"Good," Delia said, adjusting Ash's hat. The three of them then head out of Ash's room, and, as they head out the front, a Brown Convertible pulled up at their house.

Inside the car was a man with grey hair and black eyes, the eyes covered by sunglasses, wearing a Pinap Berry shirt.

"Alright, let' get going," Professor Oak said. Ash, Delia and Pikachu then climb into the car, and they head off.

On the way to the airport, Delia asked "Why are you wearing that shirt?" to which Professor Oak replied "I want to get everybody into the vacationing mood. It's been years since I visited the Unova region last"

"Alright" both Delia and Ash replied, then Delia added "Isn't this trip work-related though?" to which Professor Oak replied "Yes, but when I'm between conferences it's my time"

Meanwhile, at a large, metal fortress with a big, pink R on it in the middle of nowhere.

Jesse and James are wearing a black version of their normal uniform. Giovanni is also wearing a new outfit.

"Now once again, what is Team Rocket's Number 1 goal?" Giovanni asked, to which Jesse replied: "Sir, our goal is to capture powerful Pokémon"

"Pokémon that are powerful and rare" James added. Meowth then finished with "And use them to take over the world"

"Very good. We are now in the process of assembling the most powerful squad of Pokémon, an army that allows complete control of the world. Look" Giovanni said, and the Unova region came into view.

"What's this?" Jesse asked, to which Giovanni replied "The Unova region. A major new stepping-stone that'll move us towards the successful completion of our plan. I'll be sending the three of you into the Unova region undercover. You'll be going into the Unova region by yourselves"

"Sir," all three said at the same time. The communication was then cut.

Giovanni then sits back in his chair, and his Persian comes up to nuzzle him.

"We've received reports that there is a mysterious, unidentified organisation operating in the Unova region," a secretary said. Giovanni, petting Persian, said "Once those three, start operating there, I'm certain they'll reveal themselves. It's a matter of time"

Ash, Delia, Professor Oak and Pikachu are sitting on the plane, while three more figures are watching them from the back row.

"Should we try to take Pikachu?" James asked, to which Jesse replied "Not sure yet. We were told to lay low, so not attacking Ash and them right now is the best course of action"

As the plane lands in the Unova region, in Nuvema Town, a girl with wild, dark brown hair held out the back and sides by a white-and-pink hat, blue eyes and a cheeky smile.

She's wearing a white shirt, black jacket, blue shorts with white flares, black-and-pink both wristbands and shoes.

"Hilda, are you ready?" came a voice from below, and the girl replied "Yes". She then grabbed a large, pink bag, and headed downstairs.

When Hilda entered the lounge room, her mom said: "Are you ready Hilda?"

"Yes," Hilda replied. Her mom then said "Good luck sweetie"

"Thanks, Mom," Hilda said, and she headed out.

Soon, Ash, Pikachu, Delia and Professor Oak arrive in the Unova region, along with, although nobody notices, Team Rocket.

"Hello, Unova!" Ash called as he exited the plane. Delia and Professor Oak followed, and Professor Oak said "Welcome to the Unova region"

As Ash, Pikachu, Delia and Professor Oak head off, and as they head towards the check-in, Team Rocket sneak off the plane, trying their best to stay hidden.

"So, what are we going to do?" James asked, to which Jesse replied "Start carrying out the plans of Giovanni of course"

"Then let's go," Meowth said, and the three of them departed.

Once Ash, Pikachu, Delia and Professor Oak leave the airport, they're greeted by a taller woman with Light Brown hair, Cyan eyes and had Red earrings on her ears. She was wearing a White singlet and green skirt, with an Off-White Lab coat. Finally, she's wearing White-and-Red shoes.

"Hello, Samuel," the woman said. Professor Oak waved, then said "Aurea, how are you?"

"Doing well thanks" the woman replied. Professor Oak then turned to Ash and Delia, and said "Ash, Delia, this is Professor Juniper, the Pokémon Professor of the Unova region"

"Hello," Professor Juniper said. Ash then said, "Hello Professor Juniper, I'm Ash" and he offered his hand, which Professor Juniper shook, then said "Nice to meet you Ash"

"Pika Pikachu," Pikachu said, introducing himself. Professor Juniper turned to face Pikachu, and said "And I've never seen this Pokémon before"

"This is Pikachu, a native of the Kanto region" Ash replied. He then turned slightly, and Delia stepped forward and said "And I'm Ash's mom, Delia. Nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you Delia" Professor Juniper replied, shaking hands with Delia.

"So, are we headed for my Lab?" Professor Oak asked, to which Professor Juniper replied "Sure" before she led them to a Red Ute. The four of them enter the ute, and they depart.

As they head towards Nuvema Town, Ash and Delia marvel at the wide variety of new Pokémon present in the Unova Region.

"So, what do you think Ash? All of these Pokémon are new to you, right?" Professor Juniper asked, to which Ash replied "Right"

"Well, today I'm giving out the Unova region starters to new trainers. I don't know how many there will be, so if there are any spare, would you like one Ash?" Professor Juniper asked, to which Ash replied "Sure, I'd love to. But only if there's a spare starter"

"Alright" Professor Oak replied.

Meanwhile, Hilda had arrived at Professor Juniper's lab.

"Well, here is the lab of the legendary Professor Juniper. I can't wait to get my starter" Hilda said excitedly. She quickly realises that the Professor isn't in her lab, so she decides to wait.

At the same time, a young male with Dirty Blonde hair and Pale Grey eyes walks up to the Lab.

"So, this is the famous Juniper Pokémon Lab," he said. Hilda turned to face Trip, and said: "Hello, who are you?"

"My name's Trip" the boy replied. He gave off an immediate aura of evil, and Hilda didn't like it, she was immediately put off by him.

A couple of minutes later, Professor Juniper arrived in her ute, with Professor Oak, Ash and Delia also sitting in the ute.

"Hello guys, are you two here for the starter Pokémon we got yesterday?" Professor Juniper asked, to which both Trip and Hilda replied "Yes, we are"

"Good. Intro time" Professor Juniper said, and she turned to Professor Oak and said "This is Professor Oak from the Kanto region. He's here to help me with some research in the Unova region"

"Hello," Professor Oak said. Hilda looked at him, then ran up and shook his hand, and said "I'm Hilda, it's so great to meet you, I've been wanting to meet you since I was a little girl"

"Well, we have an excitable one here. Nice to meet you Hilda" Professor Oak replied, returning the shake. He then said "Now, how about we introduce the other two. This is Delia, an old friend of mine, and her son, Ash from Pallet Town. He's here on the latest leg of his journey"

"Hello Ash, I've heard a bit about you," Hilda said, also shaking Ash's hand, surprising Ash.

"You've heard of me? Nice" Ash replied.

"So, who are you?" Professor Juniper asked, to which Trip replied, "I'm Trip, nice to meet you Professor" and they shook hands. He then turned to face Professor Oak and said: "Nice to meet you too". Professor Juniper then unlocked the door to her laboratory, and everyone went inside.

Once inside, Professor Juniper's assistant got the three starter Pokémon and brought it to them on a trolley.

"Alright then. Hilda, Trip, pick your starter Pokémon" Professor Juniper said as the three Pokémon came out of their Poké Balls.

Professor Juniper pointed to the Snake-like Pokémon on the left and said: "The one on the left is the Grass Snake Pokémon, Snivy". She then pointed to the Pig-like Pokémon in the middle and said: "The one in the middle is Tepig". Finally, she pointed to the Sea Otter Pokémon, and said "The one on the right is Oshawott"

"Alright. Since I get the feeling that nobody will pick him, I'm going with Oshawott" Hilda said enthusiastically, picking up the Sea Otter and smiling. Oshawott's eyes lit up at being selected.

"Fine, then I'll pick Snivy" Trip said, and Snivy smiled. Finally, there was only Tepig left, who seemed a bit down.

"Hey, don't worry Tepig. If no other trainer comes to pick you up, you can come with me" Ash said, which made Tepig smile and cheer happily.

"Hey Hilda, how about a Pokémon battle?" Trip asked, to which Hilda replied "Alright, you're on"

Ash, however, immediately knew there was something different about Trip. Something wasn't right. He called to Hilda "Please be careful, something isn't right with this guy"

"I will" Hilda called back, but Ash wasn't convinced.

"Pikachu come with me. If this gets ugly, we may have to intervene" Ash said. Pikachu acknowledged, and they raced outside after Trip and Hilda.

Hilda and Trip were soon standing at opposite ends of the arena, with Professor Juniper standing on the judging area between them.

"Begin," Professor Juniper said.

"Snivy, go get em' now" Trip said, throwing his Poké Ball, and revealing Snivy. Hilda nodded, grabbed her Poké Ball, then said "Oshawott, let's show them what we can do", and she threw her Poké Ball, and Oshawott materialised.

"Begin," Professor Juniper said.

"Oshawott, Tackle Attack" Hilda said. Oshawott charged in at Snivy, but Trip was ready.

"Snivy, use Twister," he said, seemingly preferring to toy with Hilda, rather than end the battle quickly. Snivy spun around, and a Draconic Twister was formed, and thrown at Oshawott. It hit and knocked Oshawott back.

"Snivy, follow up with a Leaf Tornado" Trip said, and Snivy started spinning rapidly, tail up in the air, generating a large tornado of wind and light-green leaves spring up, which it throws at Oshawott.

"Oshawott, dodge it and use Tackle," Hilda said. Oshawott narrowly avoided it, and charged at Snivy, and hit Oshawott, dispersing the Leaf Tornado.

"Now then, keep up the Tackle offensive," Hilda said.

As Oshawott charged at Snivy again, Ash commented "She didn't check her Oshawott's moveset, did she?", to which Professor Juniper replied "Looks like it"

Back to the battle, Oshawott hits Snivy again with Tackle, but Snivy makes enough distance to allow Trip to command "Snivy, use Round to stop it" and at this, Snivy emitted a large Note, followed by a Green circle, which stopped Oshawott in its tracks.

"You know what? Let's end this. Snivy, use Leaf Tornado" Trip said. Snivy fired off the Leaf Tornado and struck both Oshawott and Hilda, KO'ing Oshawott and leaving a heavily scratched Hilda on her hands and knees.

"Although Oshawott is unable to battle, Snivy did attack the trainer, so Hilda wins by disqualification" Professor Juniper said. Trip just harrumphed, and said, "If a weak little Leaf Tornado leaves you like that, what chance do you have against Team Plasma who regularly attack trainers with their Pokémon?". He then departed, although he stayed nearby to make sure he didn't hurt Hilda too badly.

Ash, Professor Juniper and Pikachu ran up to Hilda.

"Right, Ash, go into my lab and fetch the medkit," Professor Juniper said. Ash nodded and raced inside. A couple of minutes later, Ash returned with a Medikit.

"Alright, thanks," Professor Juniper said. Ash glared at where Trip was, and he couldn't believe that someone could be so evil as to command his Pokémon to attack a trainer during a Pokémon battle.

As Professor Juniper patched up Hilda, Ash asked: "Once you're done, let's get Hilda inside, alright?"

"Alright" Professor Juniper replied, and, after a few minutes, Ash and Professor Juniper helped Hilda into the lab.

When they entered the lab, they deposited Hilda into a chair, then Professor Juniper headed to the healing bay to heal Oshawott. While Professor Juniper went to heal Oshawott, Ash and Hilda talked. Ash quickly found out what was troubling Hilda, and, their conversation was very helpful in cheering Hilda up.

"Thanks, Ash," Hilda said, as her mother called "Hilda? Where are you?" and when she entered the room, she saw Hilda scratched up, said "HILDA", ran up to her and hugged her tightly.

"Hey mom, don't worry, I'm OK. It's just a few cuts, Professor Juniper's fixed me up in about a second, and Ash here has been talking to me" Hilda said, returning the embrace. Professor Juniper then entered the room, and said "Oshawott's healed Hilda"

"Alright, thanks Professor," Hilda said as she finally broke the embrace with her mother, and she took hold of her Oshawott.

"Bonding with your Pokémon is very important," Ash said as he petted his Pikachu. Hilda decided to pet her Oshawott, and Oshawott smiled.

"So, Ash, I just got off the phone to my dad, and Tepig's free for you if you want him as your starter for this journey" Professor Juniper said. Ash smiled, then said "Sure, I'd love to"

"Great. Tepig will love that" Professor Juniper said.

Hilda's mom sighed, then said "I would prefer if somebody would travel with her just so something like this doesn't happen again"

"I'll do it. I'm Ash from Pallet Town, and I'd love to take Hilda under my wing" Ash said. Hilda's mom said "You would? Thanks a lot, Ash, I'm sure she'd learn a lot from you". She then turned back to Hilda, and said "Now remember honey, stay in touch regularly, and be careful, alright?" to which Hilda replied, "I will don't worry mom". Hilda's mom nodded, then said "OK. I've got to go; I've got to finish the shopping"

"Alright, see you around mom," Hilda said. Hilda's mom stood up, then departed.

"So, when can I start on my journey?" Hilda asked, to which Professor Juniper replied "I recommend you head off tomorrow, just make sure the nastier cuts are OK"

"OK," Hilda said. Professor Juniper then turned to Ash and said "You, Professor Oak and your mom can stay at my lab tonight, alright?" to which Ash nodded, and said "Sure. I'd just like to meet my Tepig first"

"Alright, this way," Professor Juniper said. She headed off, and Ash followed.

Upon entry into the room, Tepig jumped into Ash's arms. Ash smiled, then said "You're coming along with me on my journey Tepig, what do you think?", to which Tepig replied by happily calling.

"Alright," Ash said. Professor Juniper then asked, "When are you two starting on your journey?"

"Tomorrow" Ash replied. Professor Juniper nodded.

About an hour later, however, Team Rocket, as well as everyone else, see a huge mass of clouds form over the lab.

"What the?" Ash asked, which was answered ten seconds later by a gigantic, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which used its fire powers to envelop the entire lab in flames.

"What the hell is that?" Ash asked, but as soon as the fire started, it extinguished itself, leaving the lab unharmed.

"That must have been the legendary Pokémon, Reshiram" Professor Juniper said, Ash, in shock, replied "Reshiram?"

"Yes, one of two legendary Pokémon that helped to forge the Unova Region. The other is Zekrom, a dragon of Lightning" Professor Juniper replied.

At the same time, Jesse, having seen all of this, asked "Was that the legendary Pokémon of this region?", to which James, having just overheard the conversation in the lab, said "Sounds like it"

"We'd better inform Giovanni about this right away," Jesse said. James nodded, and the three of them scuttled away,

Later, in a cave, Team Rocket is kneeling, looking at a computer, which Giovanni's face is visible from.

"I see you've arrived safely," Giovanni said, to which all three replied "Yes". Then, James added "We have succeeded in infiltrating the Unova region on schedule"

"We will continue your plan to completely take over the Unova region" Meowth added.

"Anyway, we will capture Pikachu as well as the Unova region legendary Pokémon and send them to you," Jesse said, to which Giovanni replied, "Legendary Pokémon?"

"Yes. But in order to do this, we would need all of our Pokémon sent to us right away from headquarters"

"I'm afraid that won't happen," the secretary said suddenly, surprising everyone.

"if you use Pokémon that aren't native to Unova, you'll attract too much attention. To safeguard our organisation's secrets, you will have to catch and use Pokémon that are native to Unova"

"Right," all three of them said in response.

"Uh oh, I'm not a native to Unova," Meowth thought to himself.

Giovanni then finished with "I have every confidence that you won't let me down". The communication was then cut.

"Wow, hear that? He believes in us" James said excitedly. Meowth then added "With that showing of support there's no way we're gonna let them down"

"Alright. From now on, our goal is to put our names in Team Rocket history" Jesse said, and both James and Meowth agreed.