Genesis of an Almost Hero

Pov OC

I was in... Where am I nosé? I can't see anything there is someone there.

You are dead. I heard a voice

Ok good heaven awaits me. I answered immediately. When I'm in heaven I'll be able to have fun every day

No, you don't go to heaven.

But never in my life have I done anything wrong to anyone except to troll over the internet.

So when was the last time you helped someone?

I didn't answer. And the voice kept talking.

You turned your back on the world by living a life of indifference and ignoring everyone around you. Completely just playing juevos downloaded illegally on your computer.

Well I'm not an angel but that's not enough for hell.

You are absolutely right. Said the voice and my pride inflated. And I keep talking.

That's why you're here you're not good enough for heaven and not bad enough for heaven.

It's not my fault I didn't have any place in the world. I exclaimed

And that's why I'm sending you to another world.

Great, here I go Naruto.

You're not going to Naruto.

DBZ, Persona, Digimon, One Piece. Keep asking. But he was still slowly and calmly denying.

5 minutes later.

The wonderful world of Gumball. I said agitated I wasn't used to talking and I was already getting a sore throat.

If you are done trying to guess I can tell you if you want.

If please I said with my last energies I suppose the result of a life without exercises.

You will go to the Pokémon world.

Me slap mentally is literally the best known series in the world and I didn't even think about it and after so many episodes seen and games played. I'm an embarrassment to PokeFan.

Now let's go Pokémon world.

Not so fast if I send you back to the Pokémon world so we would never have this conversation again.

Therefore you will have the task of saving the world.

Of what threat?

I will let my son come and say this for me is his world after all ven Arceus.

And there Arceus appeared before me.

Look in my pocket quickly looking for a drooling Pokeball.

There are no Pokeballs in your pants.

Hey I'll let you know that...

Quickly the voice spoke.

Forgive my son he doesn't know about human expressions.

And well here begins your journey known as Oak awaits you.

It was in the air 20 meters off the ground and I fell very hard.

Arceus. I shouted

I'm sorry, but teleportation is difficult.

Well anyway let's go to paleta village for my first Pokémon.

In fact it is illegal to start a journey through the region at your age.


You can not start training Pokémon until you are 15 years old or 2 years from now.

Expect mori on my birthday I don't remember that.

Father I erase the memories of your death to avoid traumas.

I could have erased the memories of...

People learn from their experiences.

I never learn from my mistakes.

Finally human because you are being so pessimistic you are in the Pokémon world most people in your world would do anything to come here. Literally a guy killed his whole family and put it as an offering to my Father asking to come here.

I guess I forgot how to be happy. Well Arceus you can age me two years to be able to start my adventure.

The Pokémon world is not like video games and the anime you need to know more things to survive in other words you will go to Pokémon school.

Don't take me to hell but don't take me to school. I started screaming madly.

Quiet chosen take a deep breath take measures bullying will not affect you returned.

I will trust you we will go to village palette.

20 minutes of travel after.

I arrived at the teacher's laboratory and followed Arceus' instructions.

Professor Oak I am the young man who will enroll in the Pokémon Paleta School.

Nice to meet you please show me your ID card.

I gave him a card.

Welcome to the Purple Village.

Arceus me because I named it by the mind.

Well in the manga of Pokémon the protagonists have colored name.

So Red exists in this world.

Not only his version Anime Ash, Gary is Green and another girl from the village looks like Blue in his Leaf suit.

Something else you should know.

If Professor Oak is looking at you like you're crazy.

2 years of study later. I had to work for Professor Oak to pay a down payment.

I learned that initials are so rare that they only offer a few per year.

For some reason Professor Oak liked me so much that he accepted my offer to give me the Charmander son of the strongest Charizard in the Charizifico Valley as an initial.

Which I heard I knew the attack difficult to learn Dragon Claw. (Purple learned that there are no egg movements)

It would have been this way if it hadn't been for the tradition of the first come, first served.

Morado decided to camp in front of Professor Oak's house for a Pokémon.

And I hear Pidgeot peck but not too loud.

It was Professor Oak.

Thank you Professor.

It's nothing if you couldn't choose Charmander you'd probably... Professor Oak said sadly losing the smile with which he started talking to me.

I got over that with a relieved sigh.

I would only have taken the rest of the initials in the form of compensation.

We entered Charmander's Pokebola, a pokedex of the 20 empty pokebolas on the table.

Wait for 5 pokeballs per trainer the other initiators will not have to catch Pokémon.

I left the lab ignoring it and whistling knowing that each pokeball costs 2000 dollars.

I entered the forest of the route known as the route in the video games here called palette route, I quickly wanted no complaints from Ash, Gary and she gave me.

I was so happy that I was singing the opening of Pokémon.

I calmed down and scanned with the Pokédex the Pokeball of Charmander.

Charmander the Pokémon longtija of fire and the pre-volved form of Charizard. Charmander has the tendency to pity his trainer if he loves him. A trend that doesn't lose after evolving.

Shake in fear for a while thinking if Bulbasaur was a better option.



Movement: Flame thrower, Dragon Claw and Metal Claw.

Ability:Solar Power

I was very happy to discover that in this world there is no hidden ability for a Charmander, it is a 50% chance of having this ability.

Charmander Salt.

Charmander loved me according to what I studied from him as he began to moderne it had been a long time since I felt the human affection begin to weep from happiness to tears as I embraced Charmander.

Suddenly still Purple side. I heard a voice being chased by a herd of Spearow.

I heard it and ran to the left watching him being chased while.

Spearow: the bird Pokémon. Spearow is often aggressive and difficult for novice trainers to handle.


I was paid to register Pokémon species only the trainers chosen by the main research professors of each country had one.

10 dollars went into my bank account.

The incoming money depends on the rarity of a Pokémon.

And I started scanning.

Ratata the Pokémon ratata is the most common Pokémon in the country Kanto this species is a pest and the Pokémon association continues to send anti species measures trainers with ratata on their equipment are commonly discriminated against.


So is the world Pokémon is not divided into regions but into countries.

Pidgey the Pokémon bird and Kanto national bird coaches often catch him hoping to turn him into a strong Pidgeotto.


I thought about it for a while and decided not to catch it from the national birds that the acquaintance was only interested in training Staraptor and Talonflame.

Sandshrew the armadillo Pokémon hides in the shape of a sphere to escape from predators.


I saw it for a moment I always liked this Pokémon had a story with him in video games I caught him playing the illegally downloaded FireRed to the cell phone even though it was leveling up he lost easily. Eventually I died before reaching the third gym. But as a superficial person I will capture him for the same reason that I like his appearance then.

The Pokémon saw me and didn't feel like fighting me, I just showed him a Pokeball in front and the jump.

My first catch.