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Falseness in the Lost Crypt-Part One

Pov Ash

Ash and the rest ran and took their Pokémon to the nearest Pokémon centre.

The Pokémon Center was full of Pokémon.

But what happened here - Ash cried out in desperation.

You're Ash Ketchup is getting a call - This is Nurse Joy stressed out and in a hurry.

Ash and company went and found themselves on screen with an unusually serious looking Professor Oak.

Ash I assume you're aware of the current situation -

If the Pokémon are weakened for no reason in this Pokémon center.

That is not only happening in the center is happening in the entire region of Kanto not only that there are some parts of Johto affected.

But what's happening to the Pokémon? - said Ash almost shouting.

In spite of the change of color they are physically well, however it seems that the Pokémon are going through a severe depression," said Oak informing everyone of the situation, "that's why I need you to go to Mount Moon, whatever happened here is caused by the situation in Mount Moon.

Why Mount Moon? - asked Miyuki.

According to our radars, a large slingshot of expansive energy left there an hour ago. According to the Pokémon Center's scanners, there are particles of that energy inside the Pokémon.

Let's -

Wait, there's more. You know I can track their location by the Pokédex, right? -Well, according to the Purple Tracker, he's been there for a couple of hours at Mount Moon. -Please check on him.

Then why don't you call him? - This is Misty.

The pokédex doesn't work as a phone -

Pov Morado a few hours earlier

I arrived at Mount Moon to catch a specific Pokémon. A Crobat.

According to my little effort at the Pokémon school, Crobats live in the largest herds in Zubat.

To put it simply, the size of the Zubat herds increases with the size of the cave or dark place they inhabit.

And right now I'm in the largest Zubat nest on the planet. Zubat are only available in Kanto outside of Kanto are rare Pokémon

My classmates at the Pokémon school spent their time equally studying the habitat of the different Pokémon, while they wasted their time like fools studying something completely useless, and I did more in-depth research but with fewer species.

I wouldn't waste my time studying the Ratata that I wouldn't think of catching.

You are being very arrogant and narcissistic for the second worst student in your class - I speak Arceus in my head.

This arrogance will save the future. Answer me. - An average effort with direction outweighs an unplanned effort, my plans will outweigh the effort of everyone in the Pokémon League.

So back you choose the easy way, however I can't say it's wrong - Arceus stopped for a moment seeming to think for a moment before continuing. - But because you try to see if your former human companions normally make friends with each other easily, and even though they're nice to you, you can be very abrupt.

Classmates aren't real classmates, they're not chosen, they're imposed by society, and it's fate to accept them easily and to trust someone just because they're classmates ...not again -

I kept going to the darkest part of Mount Moon.

There was a large group of Zubat. I kept looking slowly and found a Golbat but it was not what I was looking for.

I kept going and there I saw three Crobats. With that I can keep the strongest of them and use the other two for exchange.

I quickly took out my three Pokémon and they already had instructions and jumped to attack the Crobat without giving them time to react.

Charmeleon, Nindoran and Sandshrew jumped into action.

The Zubats quickly fled and the Crobats were left alone.

The three received the first attack but recovered and came back with Poison X.

Charmeleon creates a wall with flamethrowers, Nindoran, Sandshrew sharp rock at 10:00 o'clock -

The Crobats attacked with an Iron Wing when I saw the time to defeat the first one.

Charmeleon takes the attack then holds it and flamethrowers at full power without stopping-

While Crobat was suffering he knew that it would not be long before his species was weakened.

My way of fighting can be considered cruel as it pities my opponent without giving him a chance and does not let him recover from the pain.

Remember the Pokémon anime when a Pokémon is weak and fighting to stand up the rival usually does nothing and gives him a chance to stand up I am not so understanding and I will make sure that everyone loses against me in his first mistake.

Having said this I threw my Pokeball at a Crobat that could no longer stand up and according to the instructions from before the fight Charmeleon hit its tail with its Pokeball towards me and quickly jumped to the second Crobat with Metal Claw.

While Charmeleon and Sandshrew were holding one of them Nindoran had it tough against the other Crobat who had already gotten used to dodging his sharp rock which was the only super effective attack available had taught him and Sandshrew and was very useful in this battle gave us a chance against 2 Pokémon evolved in their final stage.

If I can Nindoran can hold Crobat in what Charmeleon and Sandshrew take care of the other opens them trapped to the three and in the worst case only one would escape without hesitation throwing my second Pokeball and hit the target.

I received the second Pokeball, at which point Crobat had thrown Nindoran against the wall causing massive damage.

When I tried to escape the last Crobat was cornered on both sides and could not escape.

When they were going to attack.

Nindoran - She got up from the floor and wanted to fight Crobat alone, knowing that she would catch him anyway.

Nindoran: She began to glow.

That is the light of evolution - what I said was obvious but I had been moved which is rare in me.

Nindoran had recovered from his injuries and evolved into Nindorina.

She jumped and attacked with a newly learned Double Kick attack and finished off the last Crobat with an electric-type hidden power.

I threw the Pokeball and with this one there were three - I said wanting to sound as conceited as possible.

When I was about to leave that smelly place, I grumbled - without humans Pokémon don't clean up their own shit.

Just to get three looks from my Pokémon - I want to say congratulations on evolving Nindorina and one of these three will be her battle partner the other two will be used for exchange for more partners.

If I used them well in the exchange market I could get Pokémon from other regions.

Crobat was C-ranking in this region but was a rare Pokémon in another region.

An example of this is Ratata has no value in Kanto but is worth a Fleching in Kalos.

Analyzing the three Pokeball I separate one of the others the one that has the best attacks and more quantity, the frame not to confuse it in the future, it would conserve Crobat defeated by Nindorina.

A few more minutes while I leave the mount moon ignoring the cleafairy, I can say skipping a few exceptions I don't like the fairy type at all.

Also, when I entered Pokémon World I discovered that this wasn't like the catch-all video games, my Pokémon Coach commission decreases by the amount of Pokémon I catch and that are sent to the ranch.

A Coach who was considered a novice to society couldn't catch more than ten Pokémon and wouldn't be able to keep them.

I'd have to wait until they saw my future good performance in the Pokémon League for my profits to increase.

Even though I had planned to catch up to 20 different species native to this region if I got the chance.

However, for that I would have to steal to eat which I was allowed by Arceus I justify that in order to defend the world I had to have enough power which would be very limited with ten Pokémon.

Maybe when I win the league they will let me catch Pokémon in an unlimited and indiscriminate way.

The benefits of being the best I guess.

The world always supports the strongest or the best and I was going to take advantage of that.

Hey Jessie is the idiot who caught Meowth -

If you return it stealing other people's Pokémon is wrong - I argue Jessie just to get a few eyeballs from me.

I can't be at Professor Oak's ranch -

What's he doing there? -

Learning to sing -

Pov Professor Oak

Professor Oak a few days ago, then 200 for the Pokémon League.

Morado had sent an amazing Pokémon a talking Meowth.

Purple let me study it in exchange for giving it singing lessons. And as a kid, I wanted to be a singer, so I accepted with passion.

I didn't know that this is what talking about adolescence with a troubled child would result in.

The spoon can't walk anymore - I was singing Meowth and Professor Oak paused it by hitting it with a baton.

You had to sing that verse in C minor -

There's 100 days left for Kanto has Talent.

Pov of Purple

196 days for the Pokémon League.

What are you doing here anyway without remembering what you did in Anime?

We're - I'm talking to James but I abruptly interrupted him.

Anyway, you don't have to explain Charmeleon, send them off with flamethrowers -

By coincidence of destiny his takeoff hit a small rock that fell to the ground and something strange broke it.

I fell several meters and was asleep for a while when I woke up my three Pokémon were taking care of me.

I was in a glass room and in front of me floated a very weak grey Mew. I was thinking of catching it when a sign of forbidden appeared in front of the grey Mew.

I ignored it by grabbing a Pokémon planning to start the fight when

An electric pain hit my whole body.

Ahh -

You're forbidden to catch legends - I speak the stupid voice of fucking Arceus. - In this world there is only one of every legendary and if it does not fulfill its function it can cause a great natural imbalance and later the end of the world

I don't care - I literally wasn't going to miss the chance to catch a Mew Varicolor and now that I know I'm unique in the world, as I stretched out I made an empty Pokeball.

Ahh - Arceus hit me again with a lightning bolt and I fell to the floor face first, my Pokémon looked at me funny they couldn't see Arceus.

Well I surrender I won't try to capture him. - I told a lie of omission.

Mew lindo, amigo, compadre you want to join my team of your own free will -

Ahh - a third bolt of lightning hit me and I fell back into the maw.

I really hate you Arceus - I said no power.

Sorry human you can't capture me I... I'm dying - I speak Mew with a muffled voice

But how did this happen? -

It was Mask of Ice - said Mew as if it was a great revelation and I rolled my eyes and said - he returned.

But how could you lose to a wimp like Mask of Ice when I'm a gifted rookie coach and I beat him -

My power is divided into three ancient ruins hidden in the Kanto region. This is the first Mask of Ice was here and it took a part of me, the stone of joy.

The stone of joy? - I said in the form of a curious question.

My body was broken into three stones and hidden around this region.

They are the Joy Stone, the Wish Stone and the DNA Stone to be more precise - Arceus Continuum.

Without the joy stone the Pokémon in which they are in this region will receive a severe depression and change colour using my last energies I can deny this effect -

But you have to do something Mask of Ice will continue to take the stones the effects will be worse and worse those stones are the backbone of this whole region - I speak Mew concerned.

Why couldn't you stop me from taking it if it was so important, don't tell me I put you to sleep when I use sleep dust -

No, it wasn't that - she moaned flushed.

Being inside the stones Mew was sealed only for a few moments when the seal is broken.

That's why it's up to you, you have to defeat Mask of Ice and return the stones to their place so that a second Mew will be born and take my place.

But if you fail, Pokémon all over the world will die as a result of losing the three stones - said Arceus.

Since you are here, you have some information about Mask of Ice where it is located.

I don't know -

I can't say, it's against the rules -

The rules of Arceus can't get much help from him because I was summoned by him.

Yet you will block a new power that you will use in a full battle against the one that will define the fate of the world -

Mew is too early to know about the prophecy - I'm talking about Arceus trying to cut Mew.

Ignore him trying to save the world while making things more difficult for his anti-hero - I speak without a shred of bullshit in my being.

Everything has a reason - Without sounding convincing I speak Arceus

I will tell you enough to summarize the prophecy in a few verses the chosen one of the dark flame must fight against the chosen one of the desperate ice - that is one of the many legends about the destiny of this world.

So you and Mask of Ice -

You and Mask of Ice are destined to clash with each other for the rest of your lives -

Wait then it turns out that Mask of Ice is that guy is really the one here in the Pokémon world - I spoke in a panic in my voice.

Just like you Mask of Ice doesn't remember the last day of his life in fact he doesn't remember anything about his life in general, he was reborn into this world without memories and before you ask you don't have three years time passes faster in this world -

But it's really the - I said shaking

Yes - I speak the clear and serious voice of Arceus rumbled in my head and I began to remember my desperate past.


Purple in his previous life is not called Purple his name was Scott Helljay.

At the age of 10.

He was an average, normal person until that day.

That day was the last day he had ever trusted anyone.

You because you did - He cries as the tears fall from his eyes.

Seeing a big fire that had completely consumed his house.

Burning completely along with his family who had turned to ashes

You wouldn't understand," said the person, but ironically I can't remember the person's face or details about him or she was shocked and traumatized.

The person walked into the flames and was consumed by the fire.

Scott was later blamed for police mismanagement, he was released for being underage but society blamed him for that fact everyone looked at him as if he was the killer of his own parents and even though he didn't kill them he brought the killer into their lives.

He began to isolate himself from the world and ignore everything around him. He couldn't escape his feelings.

End of Flashback.

It can't be, it can't be happening unreturned, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I shouted with all my might, my screams echoed like a big echo all over the mountain.