Chapter 1: Unquie Circumstances

Raven sighed as she currently sat down in her tent its been a long and hard few months but she finally had managed to become the leader of the tribe. It wasn't easy due to the fact she was away from the tribe for many years and that not too long ago she was living with her ex husband and former teammate Tai and about two months ago she had a baby girl in the name of Yang Xiao Long many in the tribe believed Raven skills had dulled to the peaceful life she lived a few months ago.

But Raven easily proved her doubters wrong and as of right now she is the leader of the tribe and as her job it was to make sure that everybody here at the camp would survive and stay safe after all they were her family after all. Now then the next order of business would be to see if there are any near by villages near the camp where they could try to raid and steal their supplies because as far as she knows it might be until few more days until they get low on supplies so they need to make another raiding trip soon.

Raven got up from the floor of her tent and she was about to go further in the back to get her a map and plan the next raiding trips until she looked and saw that Vernal her second in command came inside of her tent.

"Vernal do you have something to report" Raven asked her second in command cutting right to the chase.

"Yeah boss there was a couple of scouts that just came back they wanted to let you know they spotted a man and the woman a couple of miles east outside of the camp and appeared to be heavily injured" Vernal.

"Really did they had any supplies with them?" Raven asked unconcerned about the condition of the people in general.

"Yeah the scouts did say that they had some bags on them" Vernal replied.

Raven nodded "tell those scouts they are coming with me immediately I want them to show me the location of where they found the man and woman" Raven ordered her second in command.

Vernal nodded "you got it boss I'll inform them at once" Vernal then turned around and left the tent

Once Vernal had left Raven went further into the back of her tent and she went and grab her sword omen and her grimm mask that was lying on a dresser. She then put on the mask and strapped her sword to the side and once she did the leader of the brawnen tribe had left her tent and began to head over to the location where the injured man and woman was.

About a couple of minutes later Raven along with the scouts had arrived to see the bodies and she went and knelt down next to the man and she saw his clothes were bloodied and that there were a bunch up deep scratch marks all over him.

"So what do you think boss?" one of the scouts asked.

"They obviously got attacked by a pack of Grimm from the looks of it and died because of their injuries just take belongings and lets head" Raven started to say until they heard a loud crying like noise.

"What in gods name is that noise" one of the scouts said.

Raven then went to where the woman was she noticed that the woman was on her side and when she turned the dead woman over and she looked and saw she was carrying a baby who was crying.

"A baby I see so this must be his parents" Raven said as she picked up the baby who was wrapped in a red blanket.

"Wahhhh!" the baby kept on crying until once he saw Raven with his bright blue eyes he started to giggle and made happy noises. Another thing that Raven noticed was that he had small bullbhorns on top of his red hair which means he is a faunus along with his parents.

"Is that a baby?" one of the scouts said as they went up to Raven.

"So he the one that was making all that noise he must be the kid of these folks" the other scout said.

"Yeah but it looks like they gotten attacked and killed by a group of Grimm and not to mention they were faunus" the first scout said.

"So what should we do boss should we kill the kid and put it out of its misery?" the second scout asked.

Raven looked at the baby who was giggling and smiling at her she grab the blanket and looked under it and she saw a tag under the blanket and the name Adam was written under the tag.

"Adam so that's his name" Raven thought as she looked at Adam

"Hehehe' Adam said as he giggled at her.

Raven didn't know what she should could do she could kill the child and put it out if its misery but she doesn't know what it is maybe its because she still feels a attachment to her daughter and her husband but a part of her wants to take care of the child and raise him to be a strong and independent man who knows he could be valuable assets to the tribe and he may one lead them as crazy as it sounds besides the tribe had taken in orphans and people that didn't belong in the world before so why isn't this any different.

"Boss?" one of the scouts said as Raven was quite for a moment.

Raven was snapped out of her thoughts and she turned to look at the scouts "take all of their belongings we're taking the child with us he could be valuable member of her tribe lets move out before anymore grimm can show up in the area"

"Yes ma'am" the scouts as they Raven who was carrying a baby Adam back to the camp.

A couple of minutes later it wasn't long until Raven and the scouts had returned to camp there were a few members of the tribe starting to stair and whisper because Raven was carrying who was carrying Adam.

"What are you all looking at their nothing to see here!" Raven yelled out which started a couple of members before they went back to whatever they were doing.

"Tell Vernal that I want her in my tent in five minutes now and if there are baby supplies in the bags leave them by my tent" Raven ordered the scouts

"Yes ma'am" the scouts said as they went to get Vernal.

After that Raven then went inside of her tent and once she was inside her tent she sat down on the floor near the table setting with Adam and once she looked at him the baby faunus just giggled and started to pull on Raven hair a bit.

"Stop it stop pulling my hair" Raven growled a bit as she pulled Adam hand away causing the baby faunus to giggle sigh she knew that this was going to be a lot of work taking care of a kid she has a feeling she going to have to endure a lot of long sleepless nights if her limited time with her daughter taught her anything but she believes it will be worth it in the long run.

About a few minutes later Vernal had came into the area and she was greeted to the sight of Raven holding Adam.

"Um boss why are you carrying a baby with you right now?" Vernal said as she had a confuse look on her face.

Raven looked up to face Vernal "ah your here good I wanted to tell you about it first before eventually I announce it to everyone else this Vernal is a new member of our family Adam Brawen I found him at the area the scouts told me about where two people were gravely injured" Raven said.

"Wait are you saying that those people are the parents of that so I assume they are" Vernal started to say and Raven confirmed her deduction.

"Yes his parents are dead they succumbed to their injuries from most likely by a pack of Grimm its a miracle the child survived at all but I guess his mother protected him at the very end" Raven said.

"I see I guess that's why there are a couple of baby stuff by your tent but boss are you sure this is a good idea its going to get really hard raising a kid while leading the tribe" Vernal.

"I just see it as extra gain for us Vernal he could be a great addition to our family besides I got you and others to help me out with Adam after all" Raven said with a bit of a smirk on her face.

Vernal sighed "well its not like I have a choice your the boss after all Raven lets just hope he doesn't like throw up on me or anything" she said.

Raven then looked at Adam and she noticed his face was quivering and she knew what that meant.

""Oh no" Raven though as she had a horrified look on her face.

"Waaahhhh!" Adam cried as tears stream down his face.

"Oh great what's wrong" Raven said as she held Adam up in front of her who continued to cry she will admit she doesn't have the best experience in taking care of kids Tai was mostly taking care of Yang, especially when she cries. Raven then held Adam tightly and tried to burp him but that didn't work as he kept on crying.

"Boss he might be hungry" Vernal suggested.

"Oh great...Vernal I want you to check and bring the supplies here to see if they have any milk if not...I might have to feed Adam myself" Raven said.

"You still can produce breast milk boss?" Vernal asked causing Raven to roll her eyes at her second in command.

"I just had my daughter a few months ago Vernal now hurry up and do as I say" Raven ordered..

"Right" Vernal said as she went to grab the baby supplies that was outside of Raven's tent.

Raven tried to calm Adam down as best she can but she hasn't had any luck and she was started to get frustrated a bit.

"Wahhhhh!" Adam kept on crying as Raven stood up and was rocking him.

"Calm down Adam we're going to get you something to eat" Raven said she then saw that Vernal cane back with a couple of supplies like diapers clothes and even baby wipes but no milk..

"Sorry boss I couldn't find any milk" Vernal said causing Raven to groan.

"Just great I hope he isn't a biter like Yang is" Raven thought with no other choice she sat down and pulled her shirt and bra to the side exposing her left breast out in the open she then guided Adam towards her breast and once she did the baby faunus stopped crying and began sucking on Raven breast getting the milk he desperately want.

Raven sighed "good to see you calmed down" Raven said to her new adopted son.

"Well looks like the little guy managed to calm down since that's over with you need anything else from me" Vernal asked.

Raven merely shook her head and just for a moment Vernal saw Raven give her a small smile and also seeing her leader breastfeeding a child and being a bit motherly was a bit offsetting to her but it wasn't bad.

"No that will be all thank you Vernal you may go" Raven said.

Vernal nodded st her boss and gave her a respectful bow and turned around and left her tent.

Once Raven felt Adam got enough milk she covered up her breast again and she looked up at Adam who smiled at Raven.

"Ahahana *burp* hahaha" Adam giggled and burp.

"Hmph your going to give me a lot of sleepless nights Adam" Raven said as she had Adam rest his head on her shoulder as she began to pat on his back so he could let out some gas.

"But I know your going to be a great addition to the family lets just hope you don't leave the tribe like your idiot uncle" Raven said as her jounerny of raising Adam Brawnen had begun.

A/N: Hey how everybody doing I hope you guys like my idea of Raven adopting Adam and him being apart of the Brawnen this idea I came up while brainstorming some new story ideas and I just had to write one of them so I thought why not this idea plus I thought since Raven and Adam are both uses swords and have the same color scheme I thought why not let them have a mother and son relationship would be interesting to see how well the dynamic and relationship develops between the two and Adam upbringing in being raised by the tribe and not having anything to do with the White Fang at all. But yeah that all depends if people like this or not if they don't well it could be a nice little one yeah I think I said everything so thank you guys so much for reading my stories it really means a lot don't forget to read review and follow the story until next time guys see ya.