Chapter 12: Watching the Vytal Festival

"Mother, Vernal is there something you need from me?" Adam asked Adam was currently inside of his mother tent and he looked and saw that Raven and Vernal was currently sitting right by each other on the ground at the table Raven has in her tent.

"Actually you could say this is mostly a hang out day sort of" Vernal said.

"Adam I'm sure you are well aware that today is the start of the Vytal Festival" Raven said to her adopted son.

"Yes I'm aware, it seems that everybody was setting up some tv's with some generators to watch the tournament" Adam said.

"That's right kiddo its not to bad just to chill and relax once in awhile you know if we are good on some supplies the boss here would give us the day off oh and speaking of watching the tournament I'll go and get us some snacks" Vernal said as she got up and left the tent to get some snacks

"So are we suppose to sit here and watch the tournament?" Adam asked his adopted mother.

"Yes but not only that Adam it also gives you a chance to study up on some huntsmen and huntresses at other academies should you have to face them one day and we could also analyze their moves and strategies as well" Raven said.

"Not to mention it gives me a chance to study and see more of mother's daughter in action" Adam thought as he went and sat down on the floor next to Raven.

"Well to be honest mother...I actually think its great since we are always on the move and during raids and other missions its rare that we could just relax like this" Adam said.

Raven gave her adopted son a small smile "yes your right I will admit it is actually nice" she said before giving him a serious look.

"But remember what you are actually doing here at the same time" Raven said.

"I know mother" Adam said as he said that Vernal came back with a bunch of snacks and drinks and she sat them on the table and sat next to Raven and Adam.

"Sorry if I was late did I miss anything?" Vernal asked as she sat beside Adam and Raven.

"No not at all the tournament is just about to start right now" Raven said as she Vernal and Adam was about to watch the beginning of the vytal festival.

As the tournament was starting Raven Vernal and Adam were listening to Port and Oobleck welcoming and introducing the teams that was fighting and ironically one of the teams that was fighting first was team RWBY and they were fighting against team ABRN of Haven.

"Hey look boss your kid is fighting first" Vernal said as she grabbed some chips and started eating them.

Raven didn't say anything and Adam narrowed his eyes as he looked at Yang while he believes Yang is nothing special he does wonder if she has improved a bit from the last time he seen her and he was a bit interested to see what the rest of her team can do mostly his mother teammates daughter Ruby Rose

Once they chose the field it wasn't long until team RWBY and team ABRN began fighting each other and as they were fighting each other Oobleck and Port began explaining the rules of the tournament.

"Interesting so they have rounds of teams, doubles and single matches" Adam said as he went and grabbed a small case of strawberry ice cream and started eating it.

"Yeah so Adam lets say if the boss team win and keep advancing who would you want to fight in the next round?" Vernal asked Adam.

"Hmm let me watch the match more and I'll give you my answer" Adam said to the Brawnwen tribe second in command.

As they were fighting Adam couldn't help but be impressed with Blake and her skills as a fighter as he looked and saw how she was able to knock that green haired girl off her skateboard effecting her landing as she transformed her skateboard into dual guns.

As with Yang Adam is really not impressed with her in the slightest in her fight so far he still think he is too weak and its hard to believe that she is the biological daughter of her mother she should be way stronger then this. But who knows maybe later in the match or later on the tournament she might prove Adam wrong but so far she hasn't especially since he saw her battle with Torchwick little henchmen.

As for the Schnee Adam was a bit impressed with her as well he could tell that she managed to train and hone her skills to peak conditions she was pretty good with her glyphs. With Ruby Adam can tell she was a great fighter especially with her weapon the question with her is she a capable fighter without her weapon.

Adam Raven and Vernal had continued to watch the match until the end and they saw team RWBY brilliant display of teamwork as they took out the remaining members of team ABRN.

"Well that was a pretty interesting match and hey boss your kid team won their match" Vernal said as she turned to look at Raven.

"So it would seem but their display was hardly impressive" Raven simply said.

"I mean they weren't that bad boss so Adam about my question from earlier" Vernal said to Raven's adopted son.

Adam sighed "If you meant who I would face that would cause the least problems I would say the team leader Ruby Rose her speed would be problem but thanks to my enhanced hearing and other senses I could easily slow her down and disarm her since in my opinion she relies too heavily on her weapon without it she may as well be a beginner fighter" Adam said.

Raven hummed she tribe leader was actually thinking the same thing and was wondering why her ex husband didn't teach Summer daughter some hand to hand combat but she assumed either she didn't want to or Qrow took up all of her time in teaching her how to fight.

Which was pretty foolish at least on Qrow part while their skills in hand to hand weren't nearly as good as Tai's from a young age while they were in the tribe they were taught on how to fight hand to hand by old man Souji. Because if you rely on your weapons too much and if your opponent disarms you, you leave yourself wide open to attacks and it could coast you your life. Raven had installed those same teachings to Adam so that he would have a easier time trying to survive this harsh world that they live in.

"But if you meant who I would want to fight-" Adam said continuing his conversation with Vernal.

"I would love to fight that Belladonna girl her skills with her sword is very impressive not to mention she can use her stealth to distract or trip up her enemies especially with that rope of hers...I can tell she must have done some harsh training" Adam said.

"You're not saying that just because she a faunus and because you think she's cute right?" Vernal said with a smirk causing Adam to roll his eyes.

"Of course not just because we are the same race doesn't mean I can't be impressed with her skills" Adam replied causing Vernal to chuckle.

"I know I was just messing with you kiddo" Vernal said.

"Alright now that we have some time before the next match Adam I need to talk to you for a moment we're going to the back" Raven said to her adopted son as she got up and started to go towards the back of Raven's tent outside.

"Ok mother" Adam said as he stood up and he looked at Vernal.

"We'll be right back" Adam said as Vernal gave him a thumbs up.

"No problem I'll just chill here or maybe get some more food so we can have some stuff for the next round" Vernal said causing Adam to nod his head as he left to go to the back of the tent outside.

Once Adam made it outside and saw his adopted mother he asked her this question "so mother what did you wanted to talk about?" Adam asked his adopted mother.

Raven turned to look at her adopted son and sighed and said "about not too long ago I actually met with my stupid brother".

Things gotten a bit quite when Qrow was mentioned and Raven saw Adam clinched his fists.

"Ok and what did you two talk about?" Adam asked trying his best to calm down and to not let his emotions get the best of him one of the first lessons his mother first taught him.

"Oh nothing much we actually talked about Yang a bit I just told Qrow to pass on a message to her" Raven said.

"What kind of message exactly?" Adam asked.

"That I saved her once and I won't save her again' Raven simply said.

Adam knew Raven was talking about the events at Mountain Glenn.

"He also mentioned you by the way, he was wondering if I knew something about you" Raven said causing Adam to widen his eyes a bit in surprise.

"I see and what did you say?" Adam asked.

"I simply told him what do I have to do with the White Fang since you were wearing their uniform doing your battle with him" Raven said.

"Yes but he might have caught on the fact that our fighting styles are similar due to the fact that you trained and taught me everything I know" Adam said.

"Yeah my brother is many things but he isn't stupid no doubt he told Ozpin about your battle with him but hopefully we threw off their trail just enough for now" Raven said.

"Hmm then we are wasting time then" Adam said as he was about to turn but Raven went up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder causing Adam to turn to look at adopted mother.

"Where are you going?" Raven said.

"To train you know and I know eventually Qrow will find out about us, so I'm going to go ahead and prepare myself for the time that I kill him" Adam said.

"Adam I know that you hate my brother for leaving the tribe but you must not let that hatred blind and consume you" Raven said causing Adam to turn and look at her.

'If you train too much you will only wear yourself out and put unnecessary strain on your body and don't forget who is the real enemy here" Raven said.

"Salem" Adam said.

"That's right we need to prepare for her next move instead of worrying about Qrow and besides" Raven said as she gave Adam a small smile.

"Besides this is suppose to be our few days off remember lets just relax and continue watching the tournament if you want I could tell you about some of my experiences competing in the vytal festival" Raven said.

Adam smiled he was really grateful to have his mother by his side in times to remind himself what's really important.

"Ok mother you're right lets just head back and try to enjoy the rest of the day" Adam said as he and Raven was walking back into the tent.

"Good I got his mind off from killing Qrow and the situation with Salem, I know we will have to deal with those problems eventually but for now...I just want to treasure these moments with my son just for a bit longer" Raven thought.

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