Chapter 14: Uneasy Feelings

"Something is wrong" that was what Vernal was thinking after she saw Adam arrived back at the camp. Not only because Adam had arrived back at the camp without Raven, but Vernal saw that Adam had an upset look on her face. Vernal wondered did something happen between Raven and Adam, if so then what exactly happened?. Vernal then saw Adam not saying a word to anybody at camp and went straight into his tent.

About a couple of minutes later, Vernal had saw Raven entering the camp. Like Adam Raven didn't speak a word to anybody, but unlike Adam Raven had a bit of a distracted look on her face. It was like she was in her own little world but Vernal had saw that her boss's eyes were a bit red.

"Was the boss just crying just now?" Vernal thought as she frowned a bit.

Knowing this just confirmed her suspicions something must of happened between Raven and Adam. Vernal doesn't know but she is going to find out what happened between them, one way or another.

A couple of hours later it was around night time, Adam was currently laying down on his sleeping bag while staring at the roof top of his tent. The bull faunus sighed he didn't like that he had gotten into a fight with his mother. But Adam is just so confused and mostly bewildered at what his mother said to him not too long ago. His mother was the strongest person he knew she taught him that only the strong survive in this world and you have to whatever it takes to survive. She installed those beliefs into Adam as far as he could remember and he still value those beliefs till this very day.

So why, why when it comes to Salem that makes his mother so afraid of her that she would rather run away and hide like coward. Was Salem really that powerful and terrifying that her mother who mastered her maiden powers, would prefer to run away from Salem instead of just facing her and her forces.

"Yo" Adam heard and he got up and saw that it was Vernal and she was carrying a plate of food some chicken, salad and mash potatoes.

"Oh it's just you Vernal" Adam said he must have been so distracted thinking about his argument with his mother that he didn't hear Vernal come inside of his tent.

"You didn't get dinner, so I figured I grabbed some from you" Vernal said as she sat next to Adam and set the plate down.

Adam sighed "yeah well, I'm not really hungry at the moment" the young Brawnen said.

"Alright kiddo, spill because I know that the boss won't talk about it so what happen after you two went out to train with each other?" Vernal asked Adam.

Adam just looked at Vernal a part of him wants to tell Vernal that nothing is wrong or that he doesn't want to talk about it. But Adam knows Vernal well enough that she wouldn't stop poking around for answers until Adam breaks and tells her what happen. Not only that, besides his mother Adam would usually go to Vernal for just about anything, if he had any problems, just to talk and maybe some advice. Adam pretty much views Vernal as a second mother to him.

Adam pretty much sighed and he told Vernal just about what happened between him and Raven and Vernal just sat there and listened to Adam explanation.

"I just don't understand Vernal why is she so afraid of Salem, is she really that powerful?" Adam asked.

"Well from what the boss told me she is pretty terrifying and you seen the Grimm and how dangerous they could be. Someone that can command them must be bad news" Vernal said.

"All the more reason why we need to strike first and take the fight to her, mother has the power of the spring maiden and no matter what we do she going to come after us eventually" Adam said.

"It's not like I don't agree with you Adam it's know that everybody has their fear and doubts the boss is no exception" Vernal said causing Adam to widen his eyes a bit.

"Your whole life Adam you viewed your mom as this strong brave and fearless person you looked up and admired to. But sometimes the boss has be like that in order for us to live and survive because if we didn't have her leadership and power it wouldn't be long until we get taken out by either the grimm or the huntsman" Vernal said.

"If that's the case then what can I do to help mother get over her fear of Salem?" Adam asked.

"Well kiddo that's something you have to figure out yourself' Vernal said as he poke Adam forehead and stood up.

"Just try to make up with her Adam she might not show it but she really loves you, your her pride and joy...if there somebody that can help the boss get over her fears and doubts it's you, so try to keep that in mind" Vernal said. After she said that the second in command just simply just left Adam tent leaving the bull faunus once again to his thoughts.

Adam sighed "I'm the only one huh" he said as he turned and picked up his plate of food and began eating perhaps he was being to harsh on his mother. Of course she would have fears and doubts just like any other person would and not to mention she used to work under Ozpin so she must have had some idea how powerful Salem is and what she could do.

"Still it doesn't change the fact that she will eventually target us as a potential threat...but I will talk to mother and apologize to her" Adam said as he felt guilty and said at arguing with his mother. Sure they may had disagreements with each other at times but it never turns to a full blown argument. The last person that Adam would want to argue and fight with was Raven because he loves and admires her so much just to try to pick a silly fight with her.

"I'll go talk with mother once everybody is getting ready for bed" Adam said as he was finishing eating his food.

About a couple of hours later, it was late into the night and everybody expect for the gate guards were inside their tents sleeping. Adam walked and went inside of his mother's tent and he looked and saw that Raven was sitting down at her table and was making herself a cup of tea.

Raven looked up and saw Adam; "Oh Adam I didn't expect you to be here" Raven said to her adopted son.

"Hey mother sorry that I came by your tent so late at night, I just wanted to talk to you" Adam said.

Raven sighed "I see...well I made some tea would you like a cup?" Raven said as Adam went and sat down on the floor next to his mother by the table to his right.

"Yes if you don't mind" Adam said as he gave Raven a small smile.

Raven then grabbed the tea cup and went and poured her adopted some tea and after that the two of them began to drink their tea. The two of them for a few minutes didn't say anything to each other as if they didn't really don't know what to say to each other. Especially since they never had an argument this bad before. But it was Adam that was able to say something to his adopted mother.

"Mother...I want to apologize" Adam said.

"Apologize?" Raven said.

"Yes about fighting Salem you used to work under Ozpin so you must know how powerful and terrifying Salem is, so it would be unwise to attack her and cripple her without a plan and I guess maybe I can understand why your so afraid" Adam said.

"Adam" Raven said as she narrowed her eyes a bit.

"No let me finish, you spent all of this time trying to protect us from our enemies while at the same time having your own fears and doubts am I right" Adam asked but Raven didn't say anything.

"Mother it's ok to be afraid I wouldn't think you of any differently I still think your this strong independent and brave woman that I looked up to my whole life. If your that afraid to face Salem by yourself then let me help you, let me become your blade, the blade that can destroy anybody that gets in our way and that includes Salem" Adam said.

Raven sighed "Oh Adam" she didn't really know what to say her own son pretty much read her like a book and now he saying he willing to help her with her fears and doubts himself...something that she didn't really discuss with Qrow or Tai and even Summer. Raven wanted to just accept Adam's apology and just move on from this conversation but Adam somehow changed that mindset within her.

"I guess it is true, I guess Adam really is my second chance" Raven said.

"Adam thank you but Salem..." Raven said.

"Yes I know but I said I will become your sword I will do everything I can to protect you saved my life and I'm willing to give my life for you and the tribe" Adam said as he smiled at his adopted mother.

Raven wanted to cry again but she stopped herself from doing so by wiping her eyes away "you really are a foolish boy Adam" Raven said as she finally looked at Adam.

"But I guess you are my foolish boy...I already forgiven you and thank you, I really don't deserve you but you really given me a second chance and I promise I won't waste it" Raven said.

Adam nodded and smile happy that his mother had already forgiven him and they were able to understand each other.

"The battles ahead are going to be difficult son and I still have my doubts you are right...if just run away it's only a matter of time until Salem targets us since I'm the spring maiden" Raven said.

"Which is why I have a plan for this moment" Adam said causing Raven to have a bit of a confuse look on her face.

"You said that it's a strong possibility that Salem could attack during the Vytal festival correct most likely with her allies, if possible why don't we stop her allies from getting what they want" Adam said.

"Are you saying that you want to try to save Beacon, Adam?" Raven said.

"No weather Beacon survives or falls it doesn't matter for us, since either way the school will be heavily damaged weakening Ozpin and his forces no I'm saying that we should attack and kill Salem and her allies weakening her forces which means we have a better chance at defeating her and it gives us time to counter attack. Just in case she tries to attack us" Adam said.

"I see" Raven placed her index finger over her chin in thought. In hindsight it wasn't a bad plan at all if all goes well then Ozpin and Salem both could suffer heavy losses giving them a huge advantage.

"It's risky but it's not a bad plan Adam, I take it that you want us to go to Vale tomorrow and keep a close eye on what's going on" Raven said.

"Exactly and when Salem allies makes their move that when we make our move" Adam said.

Raven looked at Adam deciding to weather or not to go through with this plan but after hearing what Adam said this moment was too good to pass up, after all that's what their tribe does attack when their enemies least expected it.

"Ok, we'll move out tomorrow" Raven said.

"Thank you mother, I promise I won't let this opportunity goes to waste" Adam said as he began to stand up along with Raven.

"Before I go to bed...I know this may some embarrassing..." Adam started to say as he rubbed his head a bit.

"What is it?" Raven asked.

"Do you think that maybe I can hug you?" Adam said.

"Oh" Raven was a bit surprised by the question.

"Sure, I guess" Raven said after that Adam wasted no time to hug his adopted mother, for Raven she was awkward at first but then she smiled and hugged her son back. Raven was not the type to show her emotions and being vulnerable but she knows when it comes to her adopted son she could make a exception. Raven then went on to hug Adam back thinking that this wasn't so bad and that maybe even if she doesn't deserve it, having some love and support wasn't so bad after all.

After about a minute or so the two separated from the hug "I better go and get some sleep goodnight mother" Adam said as he turned around and started to leave the tent.

"Goodnight Adam" Raven said. The leader of the Brawnen tribe sighed knowing that these next couple of days were going to be eventful but her talk with Adam did gave her to consider some things. Some of those things like maybe it was time she had a talk with her stupid brother and maybe even her daughter Yang.

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