Chapter 15: Keeping An Watchful Eye

"I still can't believe that you talked me into this Adam" Raven said to her adopted son, currently right now Raven and Adam were on a rooftop in Vale staying hidden until Salem or at least one of her followers makes their move to attack Beacon. As of right now Adam and Raven were wearing some cloaks to cover up their usual attire in order to keep a low profile. It also helps that everybody here is mostly distracted since the vytal festival is currently going on right now.

"My apologies mother but I still believe that this would be the time to make our move" Adam said causing Raven to sigh a bit.

"It's fine after thinking it over, for the tribe this is the best option for us moving forward" Raven said.

Adam nodded "it seems like another match is about to start soon" he said.

"Well I guess their would be no point staying up here then lets go find us a spot to watch the match" Raven said as she started to walk away.

"Are you sure mother?" Adam asked his adopted mother.

"Of remember the vytal festival is going on so hardly anybody is going to pay attention to us, besides if Salem does attack it won't be good for us to fight on a empty stomach" Raven said as she chuckled a bit.

Adam laughed a bit "that's true mother, you do raise a great point alright then lead the way" Adam said to his adopted mother.

After that moment Adam and Raven were able to find a little restaurant to sit down, eat and watch the upcoming match which was Mercury and Emerald taking on Coco and Yasuashi and Raven narrowed her eyes when Mercury name was mention.

"Mother is something wrong?" Adam said as he noticed the serious look on his mother's face.

"That boy Mercury it's most likely he is the son of Marcus Black" Raven said..

"Marcus isn't he one of the most dangerous assassins' back in Mistral" Adam said as his adopted mother slowly nodded her head.

"He was actually at some point old man Shouji at one point wanted to recruit Marcus to join the tribe but decided against it saying that assassins' couldn't be trusted and I have to say, he made a wise decision" Raven said.

"You told me awhile back that Marcus had died, you think his son killed him?" Adam asked.

"It's likely that he did plus knowing Salem I have no doubt that either herself or one of her followers would want to recruit Marcus due tp his skills as an assassin" Raven said as she took a sip of her tea.

"So next best thing was getting their son to join but that would mean, they are posing as Mistral students" Adam said.

"Indeed either Lionheart must be really slipping or he betrayed Ozpin and is working for Salem" Raven said.

"Well that's a shocking twist so what should we do, should we go ahead and act now?" Adam asked his adopted mother.

"No lets just hold our position now for now let just watch the match and study our possible enemies moves" Raven calmly said.

Adam and Raven watched the field in the arena change and the two noticed that the field had change into a large forest in one part and in another part was a field of tall brown grass.

"A forest and tall grass perfect for an assassin" Adam said he saw that the horn rung and the announcer was saying that they could begin the fight and it was at that moment both Emerald and Mercury had went into the tall grass, and Coco instantly turned her purse into a gauntlet gun and she went ahead and shot at the grass mowing it down until it was nothing more then a empty field. Coco and Yatsuhashi looked at. each other in confusion but they were on their guard wondering where did Emerald and Mercury go.

Mercury was up in the air and he tried to kick at Coco but Yatsuhashi pushed her out of the way and he blocked Mercury attack with his sword, he then pushed Mercury back as the assassin flip and landed gracefully on the floor. Coco wasted little time and she shot at Mercury but the assassin had ran and dodged the gun shots. Mercury clashed with Coco's weapon while at the same time he dodged a slash from Yatsuhashi once he landed he kicked Yatsuhashi before jumping into the air and giving him another axe kick. He then saw Coco and he jumped in the air and dodged another round of gunshots from her. He managed to land on her weapon and to dodged a slash from Yatshuhashi.

Mercury then jumped and flip through the air and landed behind Coco and pushed her into Yatshuhashi pointing her gun at him,Coco turned and transformed her weapon back into her purse form and attacked Mecury with it. But the assassin managed to flip back to dodge the attack. He then shot a couple of rounds at Coco and Yatshuhashi but the duo deflected the blasts with their weapons but the duo saw Mercury gathering more rounds as he spun around using his hands.

"I will admit he is quite impressive" Adam said.

"As expected of the son of Marcus Black he would be troublesome" Raven said.

"But it's nothing that we can't handle besides if I can't defeat Salem and her lackeys then their no way I could ever kill Qrow" Adam said.

Raven frowned a bit, she knew that for a fact that her brother was here, she would hope that Adam wouldn't use this opportunity to go and try to kill her twin brother. But Raven raised her son well, Adam wouldn't be stupid enough to go and attack Qrow and draw attention to themselves that's the last thing she wanted to do. She turned her head back towards the television as she watched the rest of the match.

They both saw Mercury firing all of the rounds and they hit the ground creating a smoke screen and once the smoke screen cleared Mercury with his speed was able to get behind Coco and Yatshuhashi. He then grabbed both of Coco and Yatshuhashi's hands and pulled them to the opposite side they were standing at and he started to kick both of them multiple times and once he kicked Yatshuhashi back he began to kicked Coco multiple times on the head before axe kicking her in the head knocking her back.

Mercury then smirked as she saw Emerald's chain coming through the forest and it wrapped around Coco as she was dragged through the forest.

"Coco!" Yatsuhashi yelled as he saw his leader being dragged to the forest as he was distracted it didn't take long for Mercury to kick him in the head knocking him back. Mercury tried to attack him again but Yatsuihashi managed to grabbed him by the neck and he threw him into the rocky and hot water area of the arena. Yatsuhashi jumped into the air and tried to attack Mercury with his sword but Mercury blocked it creating a shockwave. Mercury did a kick which knocked Yatsuhashi back and he kicked him again but Yatsuhashi dodged the attack and it wasnt long until the two of them were trading blows as that happen rocks were flown in the air and Mercury jumped and kick one of the rocks at Yatsuhashi hitting him, and knocking him back.

Mercury then got on his hands and spin kicks Yatsuhashi who blocked it with his sword but he was knocked back, and Mercury got up and kicked Yatsuhashi knocking him into the samll volcanic area and he screamed in pain as the volcanic area erupted causing him to stand up and go into a daze.

"It seems like this battle is coming to a end" Adam said.

"Indeed regardless we gotten what we need and know what to expect from our possible enemies for now lets see how this one plays out" Raven said.

Once Yatsuhashi was out of his daze he looked and he saw that Mecury was about to kick him and at the same time Coco was slammed into a tree and she got up and saw that her sunglasses were crushed.

"I take that back I don't like her" Coco said after that she leaned back and dodged a bullet shot and she then did some flips dodging multiple gun shots and as she got back up on her feet she put her weapon back in gauntlet form and shot at Emerald through the trees but Emerald kept running using the trees to block Coco's shots.

"Damn" Coco said in frustration.

"Coco" Coco saw Yatshuhashi coming up to her "watch out she's in the trees" Coco said to her partner.

She then heard the buzzer and saw that Yatshuhashi was eliminated thanks to Mercury final attack and Coco was shocked as she was looking around for Emerald and it wasn't long until Emerald was behind Coco and with one attack she was able to send Coco flying through the stadium and she landed next to Yatshuhashi.

"Well then it seems like we got everything we needed wouldn't you agree Adam?" Raven said as she stood up.

"Agreed mother now that we know their fighting styles defeating them should be no problem at all so what do we do now" Adam asked his mother.

Raven sighed doing this might be a mistake but at the same time, if she had managed to manage to be a good mother for Adam, then maybe she could start over with Yang however it would be her choice if she would want to join the tribe or not.

"I have something that I need to do alone, Adam for now why don't you enjoy the festival you have plenty of lien on you, you should know by that you need to stay out of trouble" Raven said to her adopted son.

"Don't worry mother I'm not stupid enough to ruin our plan" Adam said.

"Good I'll see you in a few hours" Raven simply said after that she left the restaurant and leaving Adam alone for a moment and the young teen sighed a bit.

"What am I suppose to do now" Adam thought, as he left the restaurant as well Adam was walking around town for a bit looking around and seeing what he could do to kill some time, he could maybe find some books to read at a bookstore because that is what he would usually do whenever he not training and going out on some missions.

"Well I guess it's better then doing nothing" Adam said to himself as he was starting to make his way to the bookstore.

Luckily the bookstore wasn't that hard to find and it took Adam a couple of minutes to find and once he went inside he realized that there weren't that many people inside, which wasn't that shocking since people were most likely watching the match that just happening or enjoying the other festivities of the vytal festival. As Adam was about to make his way and find some books that interest him he looked and saw a long black haired girl who was wearing a bow picking up a book.

Adam knew who she was, that's Blake she a part of his mother biological daughter's team and Adam was very impressed on how she fought in the first round of the tournament, she had a lot of grace and skill that Adam believe she would be a good sparring partner if she was a part of the tribe. He doesn't know why but something about Blake interest Adam, that wants him to go talk to her. Vernal had teased him about liking Blake but he brushed it off, especially since he didn't know her at all.

"Still I guess it wouldn't hurt to go try to talk to her" Adam said as he walked over to Blake.

Once Adam made his way over to Blake he saw that she picked up a book and she turned and noticed that Adam came and was looking at her and Blake widen her eyes a bit and Adam could tell she was on guard as if she was prepared that he would attack her.

"Is...there something that I can help you with?" Blake asked.

Adam chuckled "no nothing in particular, you're Blake right your part of team RWBY correct, I was very impressed with how your team did in the first round especially you, your skills were pretty impressive" Adam said to Blake.

Adam could tell Blake slightly relaxed since most likely she doesn't believe he a threat "oh...thanks I take it your here for enjoy the vytal festival?" Blake asked.

"You can say that I came here with my mother on some business, she had to do something for the time being so it's just me" Adam said.

"I see...not the type to mingle and have fun with other people?" Blake asked.

"No, I'm not much of a city person I prefer the outdoors and read some books for time to time I guess your not people person as well?" Adam asked as he smirked at Blake and Blake let out a small smile.

"Guilty as charge" Blake said.

"Listen if your not too busy, you mind if we could just talk and grab some tea I won't take too much of your time" Adam said.

Blake thought about it she didn't have anything planned Ruby and Yang were with their uncle and Weiss was with her sister, plus Adam seemed friendly enough that wouldn't hurt to kill some time with him also helped that he was pretty handsome as well.

"Ok, Adam I guess I'll take you up on that offer" Blake said causing Adam to smile a bit.

"Great let me buy some books and we can be on our way" Adam said as he went ahead and bought some books that was interesting to him and once he did that it wasn't long until him and Blake found a table and were sitting down across from each other at the tea shop. As they ordered and gotten their tea they began to talk about a bunch of stuff like their favorite books and hobbies and a little bit about their lives well Adam had to not reveal too much since he was a bandit after all. But he was curious about something.

"Tell me Blake why did you become a huntress in the first place?" Adam said earning a chuckle from Blake.

"You know my professor asked me the same thing, I guess it's because I wanted to make a difference and put an end to the injustice and corruption around the world" Blake said.

"You're talking about what we faunus go through everyday right" Adam said causing Blake to widen her eyes.

"Trust me Blake my mother has taught me to be aware of my surroundings I can tell from your eyes and how your bow moved that you were faunus" Adam said.

"I...see" Blake said.

"I think that's it's great that you want to help our people so much Blake but I hope you can do it without hiding who you truly are and you should fight what you believed is right and not run away" Adam said he could tell that Blake reminded him of his adopted mother maybe that's why he was interested in her.

"I's just whenever I face a big challenge I always run away like a coward I always talk a big game but at the end of the day I always run away and I guess my semblance reflects that I leave a double behind while I either hide and run away from my opponent talk about pathetic" Blake said.

"Well sometimes you just need to find the will to act, if you want to achieve something you need to take it and achieve it no matter the cost, that's what my mother taught me" Adam said.

"You seem to hold your mother in high regard" Blake said as she gave Adam a small smile and Adam smiled back.

"I do, I actually look her to her a lot and she strongest woman I know, she raised me into who I am today and not to mention I owe her my life" Adam said as he spoke fondly of his adopted mother.

"I see well I'm happy that you have a kind and caring mother Adam" Blake said with Adam talking about his mother it reminded her that maybe she could try to reconcile with her own mother.

"Yeah I'm really am lucky" Adam said he then gathered the books he gotten from the book store and stood up from the table.

"I better get going it was nice meeting you, Blake" Adam said as he smiled at Blake as she stood up and faced Adam.

"It was nice meeting you too Adam...will I see you around?" Blake asked.

"I think you might...I'll be around town until the vytal festival is over maybe we should be meet up before I leave when the festival is over" Adam as he held his hand out to Blake. Blake looked down at Adam's hand and she went ahead and shook it.

"Sure I would like that" Blake said as she gave Adam a small smile.

"Until next time, Blake" Adam said as he turned around and left the tea shop leaving Blake alone in her thoughts "Adam he so mysterious...I don't think he too bad of a guy maybe when this is over, we could be friends or..." Blake blushed as she shook those thoughts away why is she thinking about that for a guy she barely knows. Still a part of her wouldn't mind if her and Adam saw each other again when the vytal festival is over with that said Blake left the tea shop as well.

"So Yang you're up for another round?" Ruby asked her sister the two of them just played some video games with their uncle Qrow with Qrow telling them how proud he was of them, but they still need to grow and keep getting stronger those words stuck with Yang and Ruby.

"S" Yang started to say but she looked out the window and saw a bird flying around the window.

"Hey Yang, you ok" Ruby said getting Yang's attention.

"Huh oh yeah sorry Ruby" Yang said as she looked again she noticed that the bird was gone.

"So do you want to play another round?" Ruby asked.

"Sorry sis maybe later I need to go do something real quick I'll be right back" Yang said as she stood up and left the room leaving Ruby in a state of confusion.

"Ok...what's with her all of a sudden" Ruby said confused by her sister behavior.

Meanwhile with Yang she left the dorm rooms and ran after the bird she doesn't know but that bird looked familiar to her somehow, maybe...maybe it might has something to do with Raven her mother. So Yang went and followed the bird and for about a couple of minutes the bird took her all the way into the docks.

"Great...why did that stupid bird lead me into the docks maybe perhaps I was crazy thinking that bird my have some connection to my mom" Yang said.

"You should always follow your instincts" a familiar voice said causing Yang widen her eyes as she turned around as she was faced with the same masked woman from before however the woman took off her mask and Yang could see who this person was due to how similar they looked. This was Raven Brawnen this was her mother.

"It's you, you're my mother" Yang said as she narrowed her eyes.

"Hello Yang, I have some things we need to talk about" Raven said to her daughter.

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