The current times have played an ultimatum and the reality is, I don't have time to write fanfiction anymore.

The projects are not being scrapped but it will be in a state of indefinite hiatus. I am sorry. I've heard your praise, I've heard your criticisms and I would have seen these through to the end but I'm out of time.

For now, Racers of the Night Part 1 will be finished in its revision but after that, I'm gone to work solely on my studies and my original novel.

I doubt I will return to finish them, but I don't want to say goodbye to the many people on board with this story. Last I looked, Racers 1 had 30,000+ views; a number of whom I caught the attention of, it sparks hope.

If anyone would wish to know how the either Dragon Will Fly or Horizon's Edge panned out. PM me and I'll send through what I had in planning. At least then there might be some closure.

Thank you for the last five years and remember stay classy dragonites :D