A Few Years Later After Leslie and her co workers solved the last problem~

Nowadays, the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee looked a little different than when Leslie Knope. worked there as a young woman in her 20's. But maybe not THAT different.. a young woman with long pretty blonde air and was wearing earrings and had her nails painted red sat at Leslie's old desk on the phone.

After she was done making the phone call she heard,


The young woman looked up to see a tall man with glasses who appeared to be the same age as her.

Sonia, you have a audience.",said the man.

By the time the woman looked into the camera, she almost jumped out of her seat.

"Eek,oh ,thank you, Wesley for telling me!",said Sonia with a giggle.

"Thanks,sis, I wished you realized it sooner! We have camera crew coming.",groaned Wesley.

"Aw, but,you're my best brother.",exclaimed Sonia as she elbows him playfully.

"Thanks...I'm going to back to work." ,waved Wesley sarcastically.

He sat back in his chair. Sonia looked straight into the camera. The camera got closer to her.

"Oh..hehe..not to close! Hello! Welcome to the Parks Department! I'm Sonia Wyatt and that was my brother, Wesley, our other brother, Steven, is in another room." said Sonia introducing herself.

Wesley tried to ignore her as she talked into the camera.

"My mom worked here before me. Since my mom is retired, she gave me and my brothers the job. A lot people say I'm a lot like her. Well, I agree. She was the best. She never gave up. That's what made my mom so inspiring."explained Sonia.

She gestures to a picture on the wall near her desk of her mom, Leslie Knope.

"I think you want me to introduce to everyone else, come on.",said Sonia.

She opens the door and leads the cameraman into a familiar office.

"Go away, Sonia I'm busy.",groaned a older man.

"Come on John, we have to introduce you."sings out Sonia playfully.

"No, I rather be in here. It is much more quiet, I don't do crowds.",said John.

Sonia rolled her eyes as she opens the door anyway.

"Come on John...",groaned Sonia.

John spun around in his seat, turning his back on Sonia. Sonia looked back into the camera and did a nervous smile.

"Sorry, he's having a bad day.", giggled Sonia.

She followed the camera man into the hallway. There was a handsome man on a chair smoking a cigarette. "Here we have is our shoeshiner Jack Dwyer...",said Sonia.

But is shocked to see Jack smoking.

"Jack, what did we tell you about not smoking here!?",shouted Sonia.

"I'm on break.",grunted Jack angrily.

Sonia sighed as she took the cigarette out of Jack's mouth, "Just because nobody here yet doesn't mean you have to be on break."

"Don't mind him. He has issues.",said Sonia.

Jack gestured saying, "Just pretend she did that just to any me."

Sonia turned back making Jack quickly shut his mouth.

"Don't worry, I was telling the cameraman he is doing a good job.",said Jack.

"Anyway,moving on.",said Sonia to the cameraman.


Why this Parks Department is so special to me is that it's a family thing..my mom told me and my brothers great things happened here. My Mom met Aunt Ann,to Uncle Andy and Aunt April to getting married,to Uncle Tom opening his restaurant.

It's not about my mother anymore.

This is a time where we could make new memories and have epic adventures and probably have the chance of finding love. That makes me excited to see where the next chapter will be for me.