After Sonia had found the bottle of "Clorox." and all the other cleaning products, she,Jack and Rachel began cleaning the grubby stains on the wall. During the first few hours of cleaning, Sonia soon realized that Jack and Rachel were talking to each other and were not working too hard. They helped each other out with cleaning supplies, handing it to each other while chatting. It sparked Sonia's curiosity because she had never seen Jack talking to anyone.

Sonia tried to hide a smile. She saw Jack and Rachel were looking at her to see if she could hear them and what they were talking about. They turned their heads away after seeing that Sonia had turn her head away. They focused on scrubbing the wall, but, before she knew it,Sonia looked over to see Jack and Rachel talking at each other again. Sonia was finally able to speak

"How about let's all talk to each other.",said Sonia.

"What was that? What did you say", asked Rachel.

"Let's all talk with each other.",said Sonia.

"Um Sonia, this is private, we shouldn't include you in this.",said Jack.

"Come on Jack, I'm your friend! Share whatever you're talking about with me.",said Sonia. Jack was silent for a few seconds before turning back to Rachel to continue their conversation. Sonia understood and turned away as she went back to scrubbing the wall.


I'm so happy that Jack is talking to someone! This is like when the new kid makes friends in kindergarten. Jack is not in kindergarten, what I'm trying to say after his broken engagement, he's been kinda down in the is a good person to start out with she is chatty,funny and bright she will be able to help Jack to see the good in everything and everyone!