It was a long drive from the Parks Department all the way to Jack's family home. As the car that Jack and Rachel were in stopped, the both of them stepped out of the car.

Before walking up to the steps of the house, Jack and Rachael did "the odd finger is it" to pick who would ring the doorbell. Jack was the first one to knock on the door and the first person who had opened was Jack's younger sister, Jane,

"Bro!", she shouted.

She ran into his arms to give him a big hug,

"Good to see you Jane,."answered Jack with a soft smile.

That isn't until Jane spotted Rachel. Sho was standing right next to Jack the only did that Rachel had did was lift her hand up to wave at her

"Hello.",said Rachel.


Her brother started a frown. His thoughts were that his sister is still not used to him bringing female friends here...after what happened.

"So Rachel, welcome to our house, come as she walked in the house then before walking into the house Jack had gave Rachel one last glance before walking in and as Rachel walked in as well.


So,yeah, that is my not a easy person to get along with but to let you know she has a secret soft spot (chuckles).