Real Name: Debra Whitman

Identity/Class: Magic user

Occupation: Protector of the Earth

Group membership: None

Affiliations: Dr. Druid (Anthony Druid), the Ancient One

Enemies: Dr. Druid (Anthony Druid), Damien Hellstorm, the Aquaticans, Zemu, unnamed aliens, Spragg, Krogg

Known relatives: Unnamed father

Aliases: None

Base of operations: Earth

First Appearance: Amazing Adventures#1

Powers/Abilities: Droom was trained in magic, and thus demonstrated powers of telepathy, hypnosis, telekinesis, as well as abilities in magical manipulation and detection

Height: 5'7

Weight: 190 lbs.

Eyes: Blue (transformed) black

Hair: Blonde (transformed) black

History: Debra was a just a normal high school senior when she was contacted by the shade of magic user Dr. Druid. Druid spun her a story about being chosen to act as the mystical protector of Earth but it was actually a scheme to get himself out of Hell.

Despite this, Debra still took to the mantle of Droom and did many great deeds before the arrival of the Fantastic Four. When other heroes made the scene, Debra slowly faded into the background. When Doctor Strange made his debut, Droom found herself assisting the Sorcerer Supreme on occasion.

Despite this seeming snub, Debra found herself welcoming the slower pace and entered semi-retirement. She would offer assistance to any hero that needed it but in time that need faded.

She is currently looking to pass on the mantle of Droom to a worthy successor.

Comments: Created by me, based on concepts created by Marv Wolfman, Al Milgrom, Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby

Yeah, not my most popular character, although it did kick off my obsession with turning Spider-Man's love interests in heroes (see Gwen Stacy as the Hulk or if I ever get around to it, Mary-Jane Watson as Red Sonja VS the Basilisk)

Droom has no known connections to:

Debra Whitman (her 616 counterpart) Amazing Spider-Man I#196 (September 1979)

Dr. Druid (also her 616 counterpart) Amazing Adventures I#1 (June 1961)