Rewrite Destiny

Disclaimer: I don't own Merlin or Harry Potter.

Author's Note: I recently started re-watching BBC's Merlin and decided to make fic featuring one of my favorite characters from the series, Mordred. This is not beta'd so all mistakes are mine. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Preface

Her bare bloody feet ached with each slap on the stone-cold ground.

It was a familiar pain but the ache was nothing compared to the one in her heart.

Bodies were everywhere if she stopped to look, the witch knew that she would recognize faces.

Many more being friends than not.

As heart retching as the thought was, she only had one person on her mind as she ran through the cave.


She had to find him.

He needed to be okay.

She had to stop him.

He needed to be alive.

She knew even as she ran to him that he wasn't.

That it was already too late.

Because she felt it.

His magic.

It was gone.

Still, she ran ignoring the further damage to her already scarred feet.

As well as her aching need to stop and catch her breath.

She could stop and breathe once she found him.

Not a moment before.

Part of the girl knew she was in denial.

But the witch still had the faintest glimmer of hope that she was wrong.

She passed more bodies, some of which may have groaned.

Her magic might have been able to help them had she been so inclined to stop her frantic search.

She wasn't.

Not until her eyes landed on a familiar prone figure laying on the ground.

The witch knew who it was.


Her legs gave out, she fell.

He was motionless and she knew why.

It was him but she felt nothing, his presence once so bright and strong was just… gone.

Not able to find the strength to stand the witch slowly crawled her way over to his body.

The scene was something close to her dreams or rather her nightmares as of late.

And yet it was so much worse.

She latched onto the still form of her best friend.

The boy she had come to love more than anyone.

With strength she didn't know she still had inside of her the young woman rolled him over to look into his face, his eyes were open. Unseeing.

Shakily her hand rose to close them.

Her hand rested over his eyes, as she continued to shake, slowly she pulled away.

With his eyes closed she could almost convince herself that he was simply sleeping.

But he wasn't.

A dry sob left her mouth before she buried her face into his unmoving chest.

Her tears started to flow and she felt like they'd never stop.

Author's Note: Did I really just kill of Mordred? I have the next chapter written already it'll be going up in the next day or two and it's a lot longer than this one. Also, it starts off years before the events in this chapter so I guess it'll be a while before you find out Mordred's fate. Review, maybe?