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Chapter 1: The Most Unwelcome Guest

"Find that fucking rat!"

The short, burly imp that had screamed the order watched as several of his subordinates nodded quietly and scurried off to locate and drag back one particular henchmen that decided to snitch on his little operation on the far side of Imp City, which involved the weapons trade for Exterminator parts, the only components that could cause the true deaths of demons in Hell.

It was a profitable business, but he was always secretly fearful of those same weapons being turned on him if he were ever found out. So far, he had a large monopoly on the components in his area, but that could easily change.

As the last subordinate left his office, he slumped back in his chair and sighed. Realistically, he was not a violent one, unlike a large portion of the demons in Hell. He'd been sent down here for having committed more than his fair share of avarice, murder and torture for the mafia when he was alive. That meant he was at the bottom of the hierarchy regarding demons in Hell.

Did he want to be here? Not really, but he wasn't likely to be freed from this place anytime soon. He knew the general principle of how yearly massacres of the population took place to free Hell of all the overpopulation, yet he had not a clue who they targeted and when.

Was it based off of how long someone's served their sentence, like prison time? Did sinners who've been here for years and years get purged to be delivered to Heaven? Or was it random?

He didn't even know if demons only went to Heaven if they were killed by Exterminator weapons, or if they had to be directly executed by Exterminators themselves. In fact, he wasn't even sure if exterminated demons even went to Heaven.

Exasperated, he grabbed his Damnation Speaker and put on some Russian hip-hop, leaning back and kicking his feet up onto his office table.

Knock, knock.

"Who the fuck is it?"

A shy, female imp opened the door slowly.

"S-Sorry, Mr. Adams...am I disturbing something?"

Adams reasserted himself into a more formal position.

"Ah, Annie...No, you're not. What'd you need, honey?"

Annie stepped into the room hesitantly, as was her sheepish nature. A clipboard and pencil were in her hands.

"Well, uh, I just came to read off your schedule for today, if that's...okay...sir."

Adams slouched back in his executive chair once again, a bored expression on his face, waving one hand idly at Annie.

"Go ahead." He said with a sigh, staring out the window of his high-rise office over the hellish landscape.

"Well, for today, you have an appointment with Deliore, baron of the Alsteyne Noble Family. After that, there is going to be a meeting between all of the underground heads of the Stygian Market..."

Adams was no longer listening as Annie went down the list, lost in thought as he played with a variety of ideas in his head, continuing to idly gaze at the landscape.

"...Er, Mr. Adams?"

"Wh-Yes?" He snapped back to the conversation.

"I don't want to be rude, but you told me to tell you to remember that you have an appointment with the construction team building your 'torture dungeon'?"

"Ah, yes." Adams muttered with a malicious grin. He had been waiting for months now to accrue enough money to have his own little interrogation chamber built underneath this building, which would be especially useful for extracting more information on the components and parts of Exterminator weapons in Hell.

It'll also be a fantastic place to put that fuckin' rat, Elias, He thought to himself.

"Alright, put that as the highest priority for now."

"Um, are you sure you want to move that appointment with the nobleman down the list? Won't that...um...offend him? And they have a, uh, a lot of power...you know..."

Adams groaned in frustration.

"I forgot how stuck-up those noble pricks are. I can't believe there's a damn social hierarchy even here, in Hell. Alright then, put them underneath that appointment."

Adams noticed that Annie wasn't listening to him, which irked him.

"Hey, tuts, did you hear what I said?"

"...What is that?"

Confused, Adams followed her gaze out the window. In the distance, there was a bright light emanating in the sky.

"The fuck?" Adams muttered, dread beginning to build up in his mind. In Hell, any new event was very likely not good for anyone.

The light emanated harshly, and even from the distance it was at it still hurt Adams' eyes to watch.

"Is that...a meteor?!" Annie gasped.

"Are you fucking kidding me? This is HELL. How would a meteor even get down- Oh shit, that looks like a meteor."

The light disappeared behind the mountainous landscape, and for a moment, Adams was left wondering if that was even real.

And then the mountains disappeared. Adams nearly shit himself as he witnessed the force of the crash travel across the landscape and towards the city, blowing away everything in its path.


Adams dove for cover just as the windows shattered and glass was sent flying in every direction and the building he was in groaned as the metal and infrastructure was shaken by the force of the impact.

After waiting a few moments for the dust to clear, Adams creeped up to his now-broken window, peering out in fear as he gazed over the disheveled scenery, with houses and buildings near the edge of the landscape having been obliterated or torn off their foundations.

"Christ on a bike, what the fuck was that?!" Adams shouted in terror. "Annie, are you okay?"

"...Urgh...Yeah, I'm fine, I think..."

Adams brought his attention back to the window, and he noticed the small little detail of the mountains in the distance missing.

"What the hell-"

It was then that he also noticed the thousands of huge boulders flying through the air towards the city.


wheeeeeeee- WHOOOMPF!



The next few moments were ones of complete and utter chaos and pandemonium as boulders came crashing down on the city, annihilating buildings, destroying roads, and undoubtedly crushing several residents.

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIIIIT!" Adams screamed in panic. Despite the fact that demons didn't really die if they were killed by something other than the Exterminators or their weapons, it would still majorly suck to go through the pain that came with a gruesome death, like being squashed under a giant rock.

Finally, as the shaking and rumbling came to a stop, Adams slowly began to look up from his hiding place, seeing that, miraculously, the building he was in had not been hit.

"Holy shit, how did we manage to avoid getting 9/11'ed?" He mumbled.

"That's a very insensitive thing to say, Mr. Adams."

"We're in Hell, Annie."

"...Good point."

Adams felt a slight, searing pain in his arm, looking down to identify the problem.

"Oh, it seems I have several glass shards stuck in my arm."

"I'll go get the first aid."

As Annie scrambled off, Adams crawled over to the window once more and peered out. The entirety of the outskirts and most parts of the city were destroyed so fantastically that Adams wasn't sure if the place could be fully repaired. After all, from what he had seen, the entire fucking mountain range was just yeeted at the city from the sheer blast impact of whatever the hell just came down from the crimson sky.

He noticed several vehicles heading towards the crash site, and he was sure that, within the hour, he was gonna get an interesting update on this freak meteor crash. In the meanwhile, he would lie back in his chair and watch some documentaries on the oppression of Imp folk while he healed from his wounds.

"You know, I do believe there needs to be some CHANGES around here, darling!"

As Alastor flamboyantly paraded himself back towards the Hazbin Hotel, Charlie took a moment to self-reflect, to consider the situation she had brought on herself.

Sure, she was able to get help from this powerfully-resourceful fellow, but at what cost? He had already made clear that he didn't share the same aspirations for the hotel as her, only looking for self-entertainment in this franchise she had hopes would cleanse the souls of these poor residents of Hell. And yet, Alastor was the only person here who could make her dreams a reality, which meant that he could control the direction this would go in.

She had to do something about it eventually, but that would have to be later down the line.

"You okay, Charlie?" Vaggie asked, and Charlie snapped out of her train of thought.

"What? Oh, yeah, of course I am!" She insisted with a smile. "We're finally going to get this hotel up, which means I can finally fulfill my dreams. Maybe this could change the whole way that Hell functions!"

She moved her gaze to the blood-red sky.

"Maybe...we could get rid of the Exterminations entirely."

"That's some wishful thinking, but I suppose that could happen down the line."

Charlie nodded emphatically.

"As long as I can still snort cocaine and fuck all the demons I want, I'll go along with whatever you wanna do with this hotel, sweetie." Angel Dust piped up, having eavesdropped on the conversation.

"Well, as long as you don't do those things in the hotel, I don't have a- Oh, hold on."

Charlie was interrupted from her sentence by her ringing Hell-Phone. She dug it out of her pocket and looked at the receiver.

"Oh, it's Stacy."

"Who?" Angel inquired rudely.

"One of the Royal Secretaries. Since there's so much that has to go through the royal family, we have several secretaries that handle the small matters."

"Damn, I should've realized I wouldn't care anyways."

Charlie answered the phone.


"Princess Charlie, we have to inform you that a massive object has just impacted near Imp City, and the resulting blast has caused the destruction of over 40% of the city."

Charlie's jaw dropped.

"WHAT?! How did that even happen?!"

"We don't know much about it yet, we'll update you when we find out more. For now, your father and mother have asked that you keep close to your bodyguards and stay within the city."

Charlie sighed in exasperation. Despite their being the rulers of Hell, Charlie's parents were often doting and caring of her, almost worrywarts when it came to her health.

"Will do. Thanks, Stacy."

"Stay safe, love."


Charlie stashed her phone back in her pocket, and was immediately bombarded with questions.

"Somethin' bad go down?" Angel asked with an excited grin.

"Yeah, what was that?" Vaggie inquired.

"When are we gonna spruce up the hotel?" Niffty asked excitedly.

"Hold on, guys, one at a time!" Charlie exclaimed, bringing her hands up to calm everyone. "Apparently, something happened near Imp City, a large, er, object or something hit near the mountains and caused a lot of damage to the city. I don't know the full details, but we'll find out soon enough, hopefully on a broadcast from the news."

"Sounds like we'll be waiting for the big news at the bar." Husk grumbled, making his way back to the hotel as he took a swig of the bottle in his hand.

"Gotta agree with the gramps for this one." Angel asserted. "I feel like somethin' fuckin' awesome is about to go down, and I wanna see what's comin'!"

Seeing that everyone was heading back to the hotel, Vaggie turned to Charlie, waiting to see what she would do.

"Might as well." Charlie said. "We're going to be waiting to hear what the news has to say in the first place."


"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!"




Theodore didn't dare look back. He kept running, only focused on getting away from that...that monster.

He hadn't a clue about what the hell even happened. From what he could remember, he was driving in with the news crew to document the aftermath of the explosion. Being the cameraman, he had to keep his eye trained through the camera to record everything.

As soon as they arrived…


He looked back at the site where everything had gone so wrong, hearing gunshots, explosions and screaming. It reverberated in his head as he kept running.


In the time he had to escape, he caught but a single glimpse of the monster that had wreaked massive havoc.

He had seen the futuristic, green armor coated in blood; the menacing shotgun he held in one hand and blasted the news reporter in the face with; The dark-orange tint to his visor, which only barely revealed the rage-filled eyes of some human underneath the helmet.

That single sight had filled Theodore with terror. But the worst thing about this whole encounter was that, when that thing had blasted the head off of his co-worker, Theodore had witnessed her soul descend into the lower levels of Hell.

That was a fate far worse than any death that could be brought upon the demons of this level of Hell. Theodore was already going through the bitterness and shitty situation that was being in Hell, but as he and the other demons here were only on a very light level, he was absolutely sure that the lower levels held far worse in store.

And if this monster had the ability to send demons to the lower levels of Hell…

He had to tell someone. Anyone. Get the word out that this fiend was on a rampage.

The mountains, which were now in shambles, formed irregular rock formations that Theodore felt was substantial cover to hide in as that monster passed by. He began to weave his way through the crumbling boulders, all the while hearing the resonating gunshots, explosions and screaming that echoed from the crash site.

If I could just get through this stupid fuckin' maze of rocks, Theodore thought to himself in panic.

Finally he reached what seemed to be the end of it, seeing Imp City in the distance.

"Oh, for once in my demonic life, thank God-"


Theodore felt nearly all of his bones shatter as a crushing force came from atop, sending him to the ground screaming in agony. Through the pain and suffering, he managed to crane his head up slowly, noticing a large boot had been firmly placed into his spine. He followed the limb up to the body, and then to the head, and by then he was filled with horror-

To see that same, green-armored monster standing over him, shotgun in hand as he reloaded.

Theodore felt the terrifying epiphany that he was going to be ultimately, hopelessly annihilated, without any chance of escaping alive. He knew that no amount of pleading or crying would spare him of his fate.

"You…" He managed to mumble, as his lungs were quickly filling up with blood. "You're…the real...demon."

The armored titan standing above him said nothing, reloading his shotgun, then placing the barrel against Theodore's head.



Theodore was shocked to find he had not died yet. He looked up to find that the man had taken the shotgun barrel off his head, and leaned down to pick up Theodore by his neck, bringing him face to face with his helmet.

No words were spoken, and Theodore was left to stare into the visor of this horrific being.

He's distracted, he must be!

Theodore felt that, if there were a time to try and fight back and maybe even kill this bastard, now would be the time. Slowly, he reached into his back pocket with one of his hands, grabbing his pocket knife and readying himself to aim for one of the leather neck pads to stab through.

And, in a moment, he whipped it out and-


The demon didn't even have a chance to yank out whatever he was going to pull from his back pocket before the shotgun blew off the entirety of his head. The armored menace threw the body aside with contempt, and fixated his gaze on the city beyond.

And his eyes were filled with rage.






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