AU: Ryan Wolfe is a visiting investigator there to visit Special Agent DiNozzo.

Authors Notes - CSI: Miami and NCIS crossover. Set in Season 4/5 of CSI: Miami and Season 2 of NCIS.

Disclaimer: I don't own either of the tv shows mentioned. Just a fanfic.

"I'm here to see Special Agent DiNozzo." The brown haired man, clad in a navy colored suit with a white dress shirt, said to the receptionist. The woman nodded as she picked up a visitor's badge and gave it to the CSI. Ryan clipped it to his suit and was told to head on up. He thanked the lady and made his way to the elevator, pressing the button to the bullpen where Gibbs' team resided.

Tony and Kate were sitting at their desks, bickering as usual while McGee ignored them as he furiously typed on his computer. The agents were stuck with a day of paperwork with a shortage of cases that week. None of them were really interested in it so they'd got it out of the way first.

When Ryan Wolfe exited the elevator, the eyes of other federal agents turned to him. He felt a little isolated as he was the only one there that worked for a county as opposed to the federal government. Anthony hadn't noticed his younger cousin's arrival as he continued to through paper balls at Caitlin who kept telling him off. Ryan wasn't in the least surprised his cousin was still flirting. The cycle never really ended. But he was sure that Special Agent Todd was his future wife. They were meant to be, in his personal opinion.

Gibbs was confused by the stranger in his bullpen. But he had eyes much like his SFA's which gave him an idea of who he was there to see. Kate glanced over at the young man and then back at Tony. "Do you know him?"

Tony smiled. He stood up and walked over to his cousin. "Long time, no see, Wolfie." "I thought we agreed Nathaniel was 'Wolfie', DiNozzo?" The older man pulled Ryan into a hug. "Nope." Wolfe hugged back, not at all flattered by the teasing he thought was long overdue. With all the time that had passed. Ryan was the youngest of three boys and in his family, being the last addition, was always called 'Wolfie' or 'Wolfe cub'.

They pulled away and everybody stared at them. Including Kate. "I feel like I've seen you before." Ryan nodded. "I'm a forensic scientist, better known as a CSI, for Miami Dade Police Department CSI." This caught the attention of Timothy McGee. Maybe this guy would have a little more sense of order than his unknowing colleagues. Both Kate and Tim properly introduced themselves to Ryan - only to be interrupted by Abby.

"Hey guys- who are you?"

"Ryan. Ryan Wolfe. You're Abby, a forensic scientist?"


"Hah, me too."

Abby's eyes widened. "You're a forensic scientist?!" It had been so long since anyone in the same profession had visited NCIS from afar. This visitor made Abby excited. There was so much she could show him. Tony didn't want to lose his cousin to his friends like that. He was far too easy going in getting to know everyone. "Abby - this is my cousin, Ryan. Ryan, this is Abby Scuito. Forensics."

The two shared a hug and Abby realised she wasn't much shorter than him. Taller than him even. "How tall are you?" Ryan pursed his lips. "Umm.. 5'10?" All three agents looked up. He was shorter than McGee, not much taller than Kate and pretty much shorter than Abby in her 6-inch heels. Anthony grinned. "Guess you didn't grow much." Ryan rolled his eyes and mouthed something to him in Italian.

Tony gasped at what Ryan had mouthed to him. "You always had an attitude, Wolfie."

"How about I show you my lab? You'll know how it works."

"I do." He confirmed, leaving the bullpen and following Abby.

Tim and Kate didn't even know Tony had family. "Thought everyone in your family was estranged?" Tony nodded. "Yeah, except my young cousin who moved from Boston to Miami. The kid is smart. That's why he has successfully become a police officer and scientist in his early twenties." The younger agents listened carefully to what he said, mainly because it was him not talking about himself and they were interested to know about this man they had met.

"So how many languages does he speak?"

"English, Italian, Spanish, a bit of French.." Tony's voice trailed off as he tried to think of what else.

Tim actually thought Ryan Wolfe had an intelligence about him. He was a smart man, who took pride in his appearance and how he presents himself. Ryan doesn't hold off from greeting people who want to greet him and seems so genuine. DiNozzo probably didn't see him much because he lived in Miami, FL. It's a flight there. He was also able to speak a few languages which was quite entertaining in itself.

Kate hadn't expected to not be so weirded out by someone who knew the SFA. But she still wanted to know what he said to Tony before Abby dragged him away.

"What did he say in Italian?"

DiNozzo sarcastically laughed. "He said I was a jackass."

"Well, I like him already." Tim commented, getting back to work on his computer.

"Same." Kate added, picking up her book and reading it. That left Tony thinking what his cousin had done to win over his colleagues. Was it his aura? Or his personality? Maybe how he came across. Tony didn't really know. He wasn't just there for a visit though. Ryan was actually due at a conference, as he mentioned on the call he made to the Italian before he flew over to Washington. He'd taken the day off to come to NCIS. Yet it seemed like there was more he had to say. Something he wasn't saying.

"Your Mastect is pretty cool. That makes me miss mine in my lab."

Abby beamed. "Major Maspec likes you too!" Ryan chuckled as they left the elevator and headed back into the bullpen, only for something behind them to explode.

"Abby!" All three agents shouted.

He shielded the forensic scientist while everyone else ducked. Something was wrong. Really wrong. Once the damage had taken its toll, Ryan stood and helped Abby on her feet. "Thank you." That's when he saw a piece of tape with 'it's time to destroy this agency from the inside out' written on it. It reminded him of a crime scene he'd once processed. "Anytime." He muttered.

Ryan slipped on his latex gloves and looked through the parts, finding a battery. One that could easily have been made to send electric current through the device and cause a mini explosion. "This was no accident, somebody in here is gunning for us all. He's a serial bomber from Miami."

Gibbs, from the floor above, looked at the CSI. He appeared to know what he was doing and what caused this. "Ey Wolfe," he called "Do you know who did this?" Ryan turned around, holding the bit that was triggered to blow up.

"Yes sir, it was a bomber from Miami. He's been on the run for sometime. He leaves a small bomb at every crime scene, along with a piece of tape that's written on. That's how we got his name. His fingerprints. Obviously, I need to compare the fingerprints from our old cases but I'm sure we'll have a match. Tape preserves evidence and covers all ridge detail, so we should get something."

He nodded. "Do anything of you have any evidence bags?"

Abby pulled some fresh ones out of her lab coat pockets. "Always prepared." Ryan thanked her and took the bags, bagging each piece of evidence and using his sharpie to label them with the evidence number, his name, where they were collected and the date. Then he walked over to Tony's desk and asked for his camera. Tony gave him the camera. Ryan then walked back over and took photos of the damage and the piece of paper he almost missed.

All three federal agents were just standing there and watching. He was the only person acting professional in a room full of federal government workers. Ryan worked for a county. And yet he was the only one doing the investigating. If this was somebody from an old case of his, they might be out for him as being the lead CSI on a past case and the only person who could properly inform them on the case.

"Abby, you process the evidence. I need to ask Officer Wolfe some questions." Director Shepard said from the stairs.

Ryan nodded. "Meet you there, Abs." Abby nodded and went down to her lab with the evidence in her hands. He went up the stairs to the conference room with Gibbs and Jenny. Everybody else thought he was doomed. Others thought they just wanted to know what was going on.

"So, as far as I've heard, you're from CSI."

"Crime Scene Investigation. You're correct."

Jenny had heard the explosion and saw him protect Abby. For someone who was a police officer and not a navy cop, he sure did more. Mainly because he had more idea of what was going on. "Explain your case to me."

Ryan fully explained how he got Intel that their serial bomber was going after marines in Washington. How the evidence connected it to a bunch of crime scenes like that in Miami. Same M.O. It didn't change. How he was supposed to be at a conference in two days. Why he was in D.C. and his job. It then made sense how he worked so fast on the evidence and knew what to do. He was a professional.

"Are you authorized to shoot to kill?"

Wolfe cocked his eyebrow. "Yeah?" Jenny smiled. "Good. You're going to be part of NCIS for a bit. We need you to help us find the man who did this.. if you're willing to help?" Ryan fixed his posture. "More than willing." Gibbs was quite impressed. He'd not at all stammered or struggled to answer their questions. Whoever trained him had done a good job on his confidence. Most people couldn't speak properly to his face. "Great. You're going to get your serial bomber. But first, we need a name."

"Killian Henley! You were right!" Abby exclaimed, rushing in through the doors. "It's the same man who is connected to six crimes in Miami and matches the prints from the case file." This was good they had the right man.. but it also meant they were needing to find this serial bomber before anyone else got hurt.