Kahlan looked back and had a strange feeling. She was dizzy and didn't know what was going on. It had been like this all the time since they had left the Castle of Lyonhall. It was more like a power. A power that tried to seaze her from within. She knew it, this power had touched her one time before. Was it now the second time?

"Kahlan, are you okay? You don't look good."

"Ah, I'm fine Richard, I'm fine. It's just… I don't feel like myself right now."

Zedd looked at Kahlan worried but then turned his head sharply up. He looked at the sky, which was still blue, but got fast darker. It had a certain menacing shine. The clouds gathered from beyond the horizon and were like drawn by a magnet above them.

"What the…?" Zedd frowned and looked at Richard and Cara, who stared at the sky. Kahlan held her head and started to shake.

"It's... the time… again", Kahlan murmured in a low voice.

"What? What time?" Richard ran at Kahlan and held her on his arms.

"I knew it's going to happen. It's the magic, the... sooner or later. Richard, please come here."

Kahlan grabbed Richard to her.

"Remember these words Richard. Remember!" Kahlan gasped. "I… am… not what you are going to see. I am not….that."

Kahlan looked like she was on the verge of collapsing, her eyes were almost in tears. Richard looked at her.

"Kahlan, I don't understand what you are saying."

"There... is a connection, of all confessors, to a realm that we are not supposed to speak of and it makes us… sometimes… turn into… No!"

Suddenly the sky turned fully black. Richard didn't hear Kahlan's words. The storm raged on. Zedd smelled something burning in the air. It was a strange smell, not typical and he almost recognized some cries in the air, but it could have been just his imagination.

The storm reached rapidly its full power. Rain hit them hard and it was difficult to speak one to another. In the middle of everything Richard looked up at the sky and saw a red flash. The lightnings seemed to strike through strange clouds with sharp edges and he knew the image would stay in his mind.

The storm was over as suddenly as it had apparead. Richard looked at his companions, everybody soaking wet. Zedd squeezed drops out from his hair and Cara looked like she could kill somebody.

"Kahlan? Are you okay?" Richard asked, smiled and turned to Kahlan.

Kahlan's look and voice made him step back.

"Never been better." Water dropped from Kahlan's black beautiful hair but she didn't make a single gesture to dry herself. "You should know it."

"Do you want that I…", Richard started, well confused by Kahlan's behavior.

"I've got to go. Now, I'm wet, I've got to go", Kahlan said looking at Cara.

Cara shook and Zedd and Richard were startled by Kahlan's words.

"Kahlan, what…, hey, where are you going to… should we just continue and the sun will dry us, okay?" Zedd said.

"I need to go. I want a moment for myself okay? You will meet me in the town again. I think so."

"Hey, Kahlan", Richard spoke as friendly as he could. "Shall we not go there together? We are soon there in any case."

"I said I want to be alone for a moment. Is it not clear?"

Kahlan took her things, looked determined and started to march on. The trio looked at her and had to accept the situation.

"We will catch her soon again", Richard said.

"Yes, but if it will be soon...don't be sure about it", Cara said. Her face was serious, but there was a certain anticipation on it. "Be careful Richard." It looked like Cara would have wanted to say something more to Richard.

Kahlan walked until the others couldn't see her any more, started to shake again and took a small path off the main road.

When she was sure that she couldn't be seen, she collapsed on the ground.

Meanwhile, the trio continued their walk.

"Cara, I saw how you wanted to say to me something. What is it?" Richard turned to Cara, feeling confused and unable to clear his mind about the change in Kahlan's behavior. "She doesn't do this often."

Cara turned her head down but looked quickly at Zedd.

"I…", Cara hesitated and marched on. "Maybe it's nothing and we will see see her soon again in the town. I hope so."

"What, maybe it's nothing? And you hope so? What if it's something? What is it? Cara, what is on your mind? What is it that you don't want to tell? And what Kahlan whispered to me before the storm, it was strange." Richard got visibly worried.

"Oh Richard...", Cara felt pressed but then calmed herself. "Oh sorry, I don't think I should… tell about this."

"If it's about Kahlan", you should.

"Okay Richard. But don't get mad at how things are, if they are how I fear."

Cara sighed and started to tell what she thought was going on. Long time ago at People's Palace, when Cara was still being trained, she had heard and seen things related to confessors. These things happened, Cara explained, because of distortions in magic, because of remainders from uncompleted spells. These residuals of spells affected especially the stronger people, like wizards, confessors and leaders. It's as if the distorted magic forced people to turn from their normal state of mind to their opposite.

"The good turned bad and the bad turned good", Cara continued, "Darken Rahl wanted us to believe that this was not a usual thing to happen. But it was known that it happened, more often than expected."

"So wait a second", Richard interrupted Cara. "You mean that Kahlan might be now the opposite of herself? And what happens then? And how long time does it take that she turns back to herself?"

"Nobody knows how it really goes. It seems that a sufficiently strong event would influence the person in question to bring her back to herself."

"And if this doesn't happen, the person is not changed back?"

"That's true, Richard."

"Cara, you are right. I can confirm it's so how you have understood it", Zedd said. "But Richard, I think you are the key here. You have the strongest connection to Kahlan. And if somebody gets her back to her normal state, it must be you."

Richard's face turned bleak and for a short moment he fell into serious thoughts. Then he raised his head.

"We must find her as soon as possible. Come on, what are we waiting?"