Stefan Salvatore was in the parlor of his house, anxiously pacing back and forth.

"It's not right. It just can't be." Stefan murmurs under his breath as he continues to anxiously pace.

He's so focused on his train of thought, he doesn't even hear people walk in.

"It just… it just doesn't make any sense." Stefan hesitates then speaks what's on his mind.

"What doesn't make any sense?" Elena's voice came from behind him, causing him to stop pacing and look at her, realizing that Damon and Caroline are with her.

"The name." Stefan claims cryptically then takes a sip from the glass of alcohol that he's holding, concerning the other three as well as confusing them greatly.

"What name?" Caroline decides to ask, very concerned by her friend's behavior.

"The name." Stefan just repeats his cryptic words then downs the rest of his glass and pours himself another.

"Can you specify, brother?" Damon recommends before thinking and decides to make a snarky remark.

"Preferably before I classify you as 'mentally unstable'." Damon adds quickly with a hint of snark in his tone causing Caroline and Elena to roll their eyes at him.

"It just doesn't make any sense." Stefan keeps speaking cryptically and Caroline just sighs heavily in annoyance.

"Just spit it out, Stefan." Caroline demands as she hates when people don't get straight to the point.

However, Stefan takes her words literally and spits out his drink back into his glass, which causes Caroline to face palm.

"Not literally." Caroline murmurs under her breath as she shakes her head with her one hand still on her face.

"Stephen. The name makes no sense." Stefan finally reveals the name that he doesn't get and the other three look at him in confusion.

"What about the name makes no sense?" Elena wonders curiously as she tucks a lock of hair behind her ear.

"The pronunciation. It should be pronounced like my name, Stephen." Stefan says, pronouncing the name like his own.

"I mean, everybody knows that in the history of 'ph', it's pronounced as an f. Even in the name Stephanie, it's an 'f' sound. Why the hell is it Stephen and not Stephen?" Stefan is clearly anxious about this as he pronounces the same name differently causing the three of them to be both concerned and thoughtful.

"So, this is what's been keeping you awake at four o'clock in the morning?" Damon looks concerned at his little brother's behavior as he realizes what time it is.

"Yes. It may not be important but it's still keeping me awake. It… it makes no sense, Damon. I just want it to make sense." Stefan starts to tear up at the fact he doesn't have answers or reasons as to why the name is pronounced the way that it is.

"Um, okay. Uh, well, I'm going to head back to bed. Get some rest Stefan." Damon advises then makes his way upstairs to his room.

"It should be pronounced how my name is. Why isn't it?" Stefan looks between the two girls expectantly, praying that one of them might have an answer.

They just exchange looks, unsure of what to say or do, then look back at him, not having any answers as they simply shrug in confusion then head up the stairs to go back to sleep.

Stefan turns around and faces the fireplace, looking at it intensely as he contemplates his thoughts, unsure of what to do about this late night observation.

Realizing that he just doesn't know how his brain works, Stefan downs the rest of his drink and sighs, looking glum by his lack of answers, before placing the glass on a table then finally heading upstairs to try and get some sleep.