Humba Wumba was waiting around in Showdown Town, humming to herself as she noticed a portal opening up, with a humanoid cat emerging that she didn't recognize.

"Humba surprised at colorful cute chick popping up." Spoke the human shaman with her hands on her hips. "You are-"

"Honey." The cat said, her yellow colors complementing her red dress as she giggled. "I heard from a bear and bird around these parts that you happen to be pretty stinky. I kinda like that!"

Humba felt her stomach rumble as she bent over to let out a fart that started high but ended on a low deep pitched note, with Honey giggling even more as she ended up breaking wind as well.

"Humba quite relieved to know that you don't mind passing gas. Would cat want to stick around like stench?" Humba suggested, beginning to fan the smelly air she crafted.

"And how!" Honey exclaimed while fanning with her tail, the girls continuously farting about as they enjoyed their pungent presence with each other.