So here's chapter two. Hope you enjoy. Just a clarification in case I forgot to mention it in the chapter one author's note. Henry and Sierra were raised by Pan during the curse, so the flashback in this chapter, Dad is referencing Pan, not Baelfire.

Chapter Two

"So first, Mom and Dad are going to go down, then us." Emma explained. "Like this," Baelfire allowed Emma to take his arm as they walked down the first few steps. He had been with Emma for a while, but this was the first big royal event he had been invited to be a part of, and it was the Christmas ball. "And then the dance."

Baelfire frowned. "Are you sure that's the best idea?"

"What, the dance?" Emma looked to Baelfire. "You're not still nervous are you?"

"No, it's just…" He glanced away as he felt Emma's gaze on him.

"Bae, lying thing remember?" She smirked as she pulled him down to the landing, and then pulled him close, putting her arms around his neck. "We've been practicing for months. She glanced down to where Baelfire already had his hands on her waist. "If you were dreadful, you wouldn't even have this position." She had shared dances with enough below par partners and knew many that barely knew how to begin a proper dance. She then stepped back and curtsied

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Baelfire replied bowing. "But we've never done it in front of people."

"Stop it," Emma said. "You'll be fine." She returned with him to the first position. "You'll see,"

Baelfire began the dance with Emma as she hummed the song, and found his concerns disappearing at least for the moment as they spent this time in each other's company.

"So you'd never danced before?" Sierra asked.

The bell above the door to Regina's rang as someone else entered the restaurant. "Who are we talking about?"

Henry turned to see Emma, some bags in her hand.

"Baelfire was telling us about the Christmas ball and that he never danced before," Roland said.

"Thanks," Baelfire mock frowned in Roland's direction.

Emma nodded. "Oh, that was an interesting day."

"It was," Baelfire chuckled.

Henry flipped through the book trying to find the story Neal was telling.

"Henry," Emma noticed Henry's face looked a bit flushed.

Henry looked up quickly. "Huh? Oh, sorry. Hi," He greeted Emma.

"Hi," Emma said. "How you been Kid?"

"Okay…" Henry replied, not looking up as he had found the page. He studied it, noticing three other figures in the background.

"Look, it's Rumplestiltskin, Snow and David!" Roland pointed, having noticed that Henry had taken the book and was looking at a story. He studied it closer. "Was that the day?" He turned to Emma and Baelfire.

"Oh god, we did have an audience." Baelfire said looking at the illustration. He then looked to the bags Emma had placed down. "What do you have there?"

"Well, Mom picked up a few things since it's almost Christmas," Emma pulled out the contents of the bags, some light necklaces, reindeer antlers, a Rudolph nose elf hats and Santa hats.

Roland eagerly grabbed for the Rudolph nose and antlers and a necklace of Christmas lights. Sierra more cautiously grabbed a pink elf hat. Henry, both adults noticed, looked at the items strewn across the table, not making a move.

Sierra looked at Henry, grabbing his hand under the table and squeezing reassuringly, knowing the look.

Henry was five years old. It was almost Christmas and the teacher had taught them how to make Rudolph costumes out of construction paper. Henry came out of school wearing his taped on red nose and the stapled brown paper crown with antlers sticking up. His dad was outside the pickup line, and had grabbed him without a word taking him to the car. It had hurt Henry's arm badly, and tears stung his eyes. Didn't his daddy like his Rudolph costume? Once they drove home, zig zagging a lot, Daddy had pulled him hard again, up the stairs, inside straight to his bedroom slamming the door so loud the floor shook.

"What the goddamn hell are you wearing?!"

"I'm Rudolph the red nosed reindeer Dad…" Henry said. "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose…" Henry began to sing the song to demonstrate

"Rudy The Who?" His father then pulled the nose hard so it came off his face and slammed back into it, the paper hitting him under the eye as it shot back.

"OW!" Henry screamed as he felt the stinging like a paper cut on his finger, but on his face.

"Get this goddamn joke off right now and into the trash!" His father demanded.

"But Dad...I like it, it's fun." Henry cried. "It's mine, I made it!"


"No!" Henry shouted back.


"Now it's more than your nose that's red you stupid boy." His dad then ripped the nose as the string snapped dropping it to the ground at his son's feet. He pulled the antlers off none too gently ripping and crumpling them in his hand leaving the pieces in the same spot before he left the room.

Henry held his cheek curled onto the floor as he cried.

A/N: And so Baelfire is nervous about the dance he and Emma have to do at the Christmas ball, and Emma has noticed Henry is off as well.

Next chapter, we get some parental moments and some pushback as in the Enchanted Forest, Emma decides to share a less nerve wracking Christmas tradition with Baelfire.